Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Shout Out To My Links And My Followers

Hello everyone, this is Seth Drakin on a small blog because today, I would like to do a shout out to my newly added links and the one follower (besides myself). Since this will be short, let's not waste any time and get to the shout outs.

Let's start with the follower.

Crater - You do great stuff on the Deadpit Message Boards and we have a good time speaking on the Deadpit Saturday Nightmares Chat. I am glad you decided to be the first in what I hope to be many followers. Oh yeah, and you have two blogs that while I may not have links to on my website, I will link to here.

Now onto my links.

Atop The 4th Wall - I sometimes like to here about comics (like most nerds do), espescially bad ones. Linkara here does really great work ripping these comics and finds stuff that my feeble mind would most likely miss. He does this in a hilariously way and I am more than happy to admit that I own one of the most awesomely bad comics known only as Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley.

Cinemassacre - James Rolfe is a huge internet star with his Angry Video Game Nerd character. However, he also does reviews on board games, halloween movies (when it is halloween season), and he even does his own movies. My favorite Angry Video Game Nerd review would have to be his most recent review on the crappy Godzilla games mostly because Godzilla always has a special place in my heart and I can feel his pain with those bad early Godzilla games that we sadly got.

Deadpit Radio - They truly are what they say they are in being the innovators of Horror Talk Radio. Once you get past their southern accents and the foul language, you will find that the Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill have a really good sense of humor. The guys really do know what they are talking about and have been able to land great interviews like with John Carpenter and George Romero. They really are consistant in giving you more than 2 hours worth of horror goodness.

Game Show Garbage - Alot of us love game shows (I know I do), but not all game shows are hits and more often than not, they end up really sucking. While there may not be much to the site right now, the guy definately has some fun allowing us to relive past blunders in Game Show history. Also the inductions are long so you know you will have fun.

I-Mockery - Where do I even begin with the guy who runs this site? This guy has really great flash games you can play, he talks about his daily life (as well as the strange things he finds while he is on the road), and also reviews video games, comics, movies, and music. This guy does alot and it is always funny.

RamboRaph - He is still mostly on YouTube reviewing movies and stuff, but because YouTube has a bureaucracy that is a nightmare to deal with. Some of his stuff gets taken down due to certain companies being assholes. He has started this site as a safeground to keep the stuff he does that YouTube is too wimpy on keeping.

That Guy With The Glasses - Speaking of people who YouTube has run afowl of in the past. One of the most famous of YouTubers to be kicked off because of YouTube's bureaucracy is The Nostalgia Critic, who remembers the past so you don't have to. I wont get into why YouTube decided to chase this guy off because quite frankly, I dont know. But with the site he has now, he has been able to create other shows like Bum Reviews and Ask That Guy With The Glasses. Also he has a crapload of friends who he helps promote and I would not have known of a few of the people I am linking to if it was not for this site.

The Cinema Snob - This guy used to be a regular on YouTube as well and I even remember having a subscription to his YouTube Channel. Unfortunately, he did pissed certain higher ups off with one of his reviews and because of their bitching and moaning, he got kicked off. Luckily for us, he has saved all of his videos and now he has his own site where he is also allowed to do other shows like The Bruno Mattei Show, The Big Box and Public Domain Theater. He also does vlogs on what he thinks about certain newer movies coming out and all in all, he has a great sense of humor and a great love for all exploitation films.

The Spoony Experiment - A person who without the help of That Guy With The Glasses and The Cinema Snob, I would have never heard of. Spoony does alot for this site as well like talk about a bunch of stuff that is bad. He also has a robot next to him which impresses me alot because honestly, I can't build crap and I would love to have robots help me review some of these horid movies that I do review. Spoony is also a guy who can make different characters like Dr. Insano. Basically, I have a link here because he is very creative and funny as hell.

Wrestle Crap - And last, but not least....let's talk about the site that has been the basis behind what I do. RD Reynolds has spent years upon years talking about the very worst in pro wrestling. He has also written three books (all of which I own) and has a online radio show that while wrestling should be the main topic, they get into a bunch of other crap that goes on his and his co-host Blade Braxton's lives. He also has correspondents who do stuff like Re-writing The Book (a what if in pro wrestling), Someone Bought This (which talks about what crap pro wrestling tried to get us to buy), Jobber of the Week (Blade Braxton salutes those that are hired to basically make the other guy look good), Weird World Of Wrestling (Madison Carter talks about the strange and bizzarre things that have happened in pro wrestling), It Came From Youtube (Something Blade strangely found on Youtube) and Burgan's Gimmick Table (Derek Burgan has some funny ideas that he likes to share with the world). Now RD Reynolds barely does inductions anymore and he has found a perfect successor in Triple Kelly who has been doing most of the new inductions now. But yes, this site is quite a blast.

So yes, those are my shout-outs and I hope you all check the guys I have on my links out.

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