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Monster Crap Inductee: Rats: Night of Terror (1984)

Monster Crap Inductee: Rats: Night of Terror
No Mouse Trap Can Save You From This


The summer of my fun continues, even though like in February…my fun is someone hallow as my sports team once again couldn’t get it done in the finals (Damn you, Penguins for beating my Sharks). But let’s move on to the year of my birth and the country of Italy (where I was not born in) and we head to a director known for B-movie films in Italy in Bruno Mattei.

Bruno Mattei is a director who believed more in quantity and didn’t care if it was good or bad. In fact, he was known for shooting two films at the same time with the same sets and some of the same actors, but they would have somewhat different plots. And if you looked at IMDB, you would see several times where there were at least four films released in a year in the 80s. And several times, he was a person who blatantly lied about his films being sequels to successful films (like his Terminator 2 and Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws).

But luckily this is not a film that was shot in conjunction with another of his films (although they did use the same sets as Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In America). As far as the actors go, they are all Italian actors who mostly were very young and didn’t have much experience. Well, except for Ottaviano Dell’Acqua as he you might as the guy behind the heavy makeup in Zombi 2 or Zombie to the American fans.

Yep, He Was The Zombie From The Film That Is So Well Known That They Put Him On The Damn Cover Of Posters And Releases.

So let’s get this induction underway.

We begin with a shot of a canyon with a narrator talking.

Basically in 2015 (thank god I didn’t induct this last year or I would be worried), atomic bombs were dropped all over the seven continents (yeah, even Antarctica gets blown up)

To Be Fair, We Needed To Stop The Penguin Revolution Before It Ever Started

With the devastation caused people to be horrified and those people went underground. After that moment, every year will be called AB (After the Bomb), which will also be the period of second human race. A century after that, several men were dissatisfied by the system imposed on them by the new humanity, revolted and returned to live on the surface like their ancestors.

They Are Called Hippies

So this new race is really called the new primitives and the two communities haven’t had contact with each other in a long time since the new humanity is sophisticated and considers the new primitives to be savages. So we are now on the year 225 AB.

We then get a presentation of how desolate the surface world is.

Don’t Worry…That Isn’t A Corpse. The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavera Just Had A Bit Too Much To Drink And Passed Out In A Truck. Unfortunately For Him, That Truck Is A Piece Of Shit

And we get to see bikers who are part of the new primitives.

And We Also Get Our Title Card Out Of The Way As Well

The new primitives (in their crappy vehicles) go to a deserted city.

Oh Yeah, I Mention About The Fact That Bruno Mattei Liked To Use Many Pseudonyms (As A Lot Of International Sleazy Directors Used To Do) And The One That More People Seem To Associate With Him Is Vincent Dawn, A Name He Only Made To Satisfy His Distributers In Spain.

Anyway, we meet some of our new primitive gang.

Kurt (The Group’s Leader) And His Girlfriend Diana (With A Stupid Headband)

Chocolate (Who Gets The Name Because She Is Black)

Taurus, Who Likes To Ride His Motorcycle In The Back Of A Truck Just So He Can Have That Fun Moment Of Riding Out Of The Truck When It Stops. He Also May Be Kurt’s Best Friend

Video, Who Has A Sweet Ass Perm. Just Look At That Thing.

They find an abandoned bar and try to rummage for some left over liquor (even if it would be several centuries old). Video sees a rat and tries to catch it for food, but he fails. They find canned food which makes them happy so they don’t have to eat the damn rats.

The Guy Next To Kurt Right There Is Noah

This Guy Is Duke, Who Likes To Dress Like Napoleon And Is A Complete Douche

That Guy With The Triangle And Dot On His Head Is Deus

Duke Is Joined Eating Sugar By Myrna

They all celebrate the finding of this food (bad rationers), but that all stops when Myrna finds a dead guy in one of the beds and screams.

The Rats Eating The Corpse Would Like Myrna To Shut The Hell Up So They Can Enjoy Their Meal Like The Primitives Are Doing.

The rest of the crew sees the body.

Could You Sense By Their Reactions That Bruno Mattei Liked To Do His Films With Cartoonish Faces? Because He Did

Kurt tells everyone to stop screaming since this isn’t the first time they have seen a dead body. I would have also added that they act like there was never an apocalyptic event. Anyway, Kurt tells everyone that someone was hear who brought the food supplies and was murdered. Kurt then wants everyone to explore this shitty place.

Taurus is an asshole to the rats and Duke tries to act all cool with them as he tries to grab one and he gets bitten.

 Duke’s response to this.

Shoot The Fucking Thing With A Shotgun.

Several members then find a guy in a chair with his back turned and when they turn him around, guess what they find?

Of Course They Find Him Dead

Video decides to be a dick to both Myrna and Chocolate by scaring them.

Video laughs about this, but Chocolate puts a rifle to his face and threatens to blow his brains out if he does it again. Diana decides to impress Kurt with her new headgear as she found a hat, but there is a body also in that closet.

Come On, Diana…You Are Acting Like That Corpse Decided To Have It A Little Surprise Butt Sex.

Noah and Lilith go to check downstairs.

I Don’t Know Why, But Lilith Seems To Be Okay Dressing Like She Is A Magician’s Assistant

Kurt finds an old computer and decides to get Video to try and start up the damn thing. The girls encourage him with Chocolate implying she will sleep with him if he gets it to work as Video says it is a video game system. And surprise, surprise…Video gets the computer to work (to hell with this being a video game system). We then find out that this is a computer and Video laments about never being able to get to play a video game.

While the computer is on, Lilith and Noah find that downstairs houses a greenhouse with plenty of purified water.

Kurt doesn’t like all of this as computers and corpses make for a bad mixture. They find a text that says “Total Elimination Group” and Deus surmises that the group are now the corpses. Lilith comes in with her terrible dubbing and tells the group they have found strange and wonderful things, all the while acting like she just had an orgasm. Apparently, the group before them found a way of naturally reproducing every known plant, which means they have fruits and vegetables as food as well. Noah is still curious that with all this knowledge, how this group got themselves killed.

That night, the new primitives bring the dead bodies outside and cremate them.

Oh Come On, It Wasn’t Like Any Of Them Were Going To Becoming Monsters Like In John Carpenter’s The Thing. You Could Have Just Left Them Outside.

Oh, I Guess I Should Introduce The Last Of This Group In Lucifer. I Think You All Know The Reason Why There Isn’t Much To Talk About With Him. *Slit Throat Motion*

Afterwards, nothing like roasting some corpses gets some people horny and Video decides he wants Chocolate to pay up for that promise of sleeping with him if he got the machine to work. Chocolate decides to renege on the deal because she doesn’t feel like it. But she makes out with him and says to call that a down payment, meaning eventually she will do it. The nighttime corpse smell also gets the rats out onto the streets.

Or Guinea Pigs Painted And Dressed Like Rats. Hey, Those Were Bruno Mattei’s Words On A DVD Extra On How They Made Some Of The Rats, Not Mine (Even Though I Think They May Be More Gerbils Than Guinea Pigs. I Guess I Should Mention That I Have This Strange Allergic Reaction To Guinea Pig Fur So Keep Those Damn Things Away From Me

Of course none of the group can get to sleep because Lucifer and Lilith decide to have sex in a sleeping bag.

Taurus gets pissed off and tells the two to take their lovemaking outside so everyone else can get some sleep. The two have problems getting the zipper to the sleeping bag open, but after a few jokes about the two having these issues, Taurus helps them out. Taurus also mentions that it is calmness that helped him get the two out and says that it is a real virtue of the strong. So the two lovebirds decide to go outside and get down with their bad selves.

Meanwhile, Noah eats and orange and hears noise, all the while unaware of the rat looking at him.

You Bastard, I Was Saving That Orange For Tonight. This Means War.

Oh and in case you were wondering if this was a real Italian sleaze film that is still unrated in the United States.

Blatant Nudity…That I Am Censoring.

Lilith says that she is too tired after the sex so they can’t go a second round, which makes Lucifer so upset that he gets dressed and goes outside to be alone. Lilith decides to go back to sleep in the sleeping bag. As Lucifer is in the bar area, he finds an unopened bottle of alcohol and remarks that the drink is still incredible (even if it is several centuries old). While Noah is still in the greenhouse, he notices that rats are coming down the tubes.

And The Rats Infect The Water

Noah starts throwing the rats around for dirtying up the clean water that they have always wanted. Unfortunately, this pisses off the rats and they decide to fall onto him by a lot.

Or Some Jackass Stage Hand Decided To Dump Live Rats All Over This Actor (Which I Am Sure Is How They Legit Did This Knowing Some Of The Exploitation Cinema Crews Do Things).

Outside, Lucifer drinks and in his now drunken stupor, starts taunting the rats about wanting to have some fun with them and then says that if they are the only guests, then he wants nothing to do with them. Everyone else is asleep, except for Myrna who is going to be that person who gets nervous about every freaking thing. Lucifer loses his bottle of alcohol and decides to go down into the sewers to get it. And if Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has taught me anything, the sewer has a lot of rats in them and since you are not the Rat King or Splinter, then you are normally not going to be welcome down there, especially if you are drunk.

Death By Rat Dumping

Another rat decides that he is going to chew his way into that sleeping bag Lilith is in because he must be the pervert rat that needs to see Lilith’s bush.

*Singing* When A Rat…Loves A Wo…man

It doesn’t go over well for Lilith.


In reality, the rat is eating her inside the bag and Lilith is unable to get that zipper working so she is dead.

Probably Not The Best Face To Go Out On

Lilith’s screams wake everyone else up so they check to see what has happened. They find Lilith’s body and think that Lucifer did it by strangulation. Well, that is until a rat comes out of her damn mouth.

I Would Like To Remind You That There Are No Bite Marks Or Holes In Her And With The Way She Was Sleeping, That Rat Literally Ate Through Her Vagina And Was Able To Get Out All The Way Through The Mouth. That Is Why I Made All Those Sex Jokes With The Rat During Her Death Scene.

“Ooh…Nasty” Indeed, Tregard

Myrna freaks out thinking that the rats will eat everyone and everyone calms her down and assures her that rats don’t eat people. Well, that is until Noah comes to the room with rats eating him alive.

Sadly No One Said “Correction: Rats Do Eat People”

And instead of getting the rats off of Noah, Kurt decides the best action is to set his compadre on fire with the flamethrower.

You Saw No Other Option There, Kurt? None, Whatsoever? Okay, I Guess

Noah runs around while on fire and more concerned with the rats eating him before falling over dead. They go after him and Kurt decides to Duke shoot an already dead Noah to “finish him off”.

Oh Come On!!!

Myrna is going crazy asking why did they have to die and honestly, I have no idea why Noah had to die. I mean, I think they could have gotten the rats off of him easy and even though Noah wouldn’t have much of a face anymore, he would still be alive. Chocolate of course tells Myrna to get a hold of herself. Duke hears all the rat noises and calls on the rats to come out in the open by calling them afraid. Video wonders what happened to Lucifer and all of them decide to go back inside to look for him. Kurt has Taurus and Chocolate come with him so he can check the greenhouse. They suspect this is where Noah got attacked. Myrna goes even crazier and screams about not wanting the rats to eat her as she falls down the stairs.

Someone Really Might Need To Call The Wah-mbulence For Her

They then go back outside to still look for Lucifer. Deus finds him and tells the other that Lucifer is dead. Kurt gets mad and shoots the rats with his flamethrower.

Taurus also gives the group the bad news of them being stuck because the rats chewed through the tires of their vehicles.

Kurt Gives The Face Of Freaking Annoyance When Hearing This News

As they check on the bikes, Kurt overreacts and punches Taurus as he was apparently supposed to be watching them. Video has to play peacekeeper and tells Kurt that if they fight amongst themselves, then they will be rat food. Duke decides this is the perfect moment to blame all of this on Kurt because he is the leader, basically seeking the position himself. Chocolate plays peacekeeper this time and gets mad at the two for thinking about their pride first. So they all ultimately decide to board up everything and keep themselves inside till mourning.

Myrna again has a bit of hysterics over a freaking spider and Kurt has to slap some sense into her.

Video thinks the rats might be attacking, but Duke just says it is just Myrna going crazy. He also says that it will be better if he goes on guard duty and everyone else can do what they want. They get the place boarded up and Taurus wonders how the rats could have killed them. Myrna then asks why the rats would do this since they have done nothing to them. Nothing, huh? I guess being an asshole to them since the minute you got here was nothing.

This Was Nothing, According To Our Brain Trust Of Primitives

Deus says that their instinct to kill has been awakened, although there is no way to know how. Taurus talks about that back in his childhood when he was living in the mountains, the rats attacked their cave and they went after the supplies. He also adds that these rats are different as they don’t seem interested in food. Myrna agrees and Duke tells everyone to start talking about something else or you will start to lower morale.

Well, They Could Start Lying To Everyone And Say Morale Is High, Despite Everything Happening To Say That Is A Bold Face Lie.

Deus says that humans always think they are superior, even if there is a higher intelligence. He says that before the civilized world was destroyed, rats were made to live in the sewers under the great cities, but since it is destroyed and since the humans went underground, the rats went above ground and talked about reading that rats were in communities. If an outside rat showed up, they would soon kill it. So the idea is the rats are killing because they believe this group of humans are intruding on their community. The rats can tell an intruder by the smell of their urine.

Duke doesn’t believe any of this and thinks that whoever wrote that book that Deus read was writing it for people as gullible as Deus is. Kurt doesn’t think it is funny under the current predicament. Taurus then proclaims that even if the rats think they are intruding, the place is theirs and they are hanging onto it. Chocolate realizes they forgot to barricade a single window and since Diana is near that window, she gets attacked.

These People Might As Well Be On Fear Factor With All The Dumping Of Rats Onto People. Where Is Joe Rogan To Laugh At All Of This?

I Was Still In High School, Asshole.

Way to ruin my joke there, Joe. Of course unlike what they did with Noah, they actually decide to actually get the rats off of Diana. Was Kurt out of fuel for his flamethrower? They barricade the door and have to stop Duke from shooting at the rats. They lay Diana on the bed because she is covered in bites and may get sick. Chocolate tells Taurus to go downstairs and get some water so she can treat the wounds before they get infected. Taurus goes to get some water, but realizes that he forgot to bring any water before they barricade the place. Kurt then says that they will get some when dawn comes.

Chocolate then says that Diana needs the water. Kurt then wants Video to stay behind to watch the girls and everyone else goes with him to get the water. Duke doesn’t want to go out there so Kurt makes the decision to have Duke stay with the girls. Duke tries to have the others stay with him and have Kurt go alone to get the water, but the rest of the guys side with Kurt on this issue.

While the guys are out looking for water, Duke talks Myrna into siding with him and if they come back to help him keep the door closed. The other guys get to the basement, but realize the water has been contaminated.

Sorry, Guys…But We Rats Needed To Take A Bath

They decide to head back, but Deus tells them that the stairs are now covered with rats.

Kurt decides that now is the perfect time to use his flamethrower, but the flamethrower doesn’t work anymore. Geez…it’s almost as if using the flamethrower on Noah was fucking stupid. The rats start coming down in a preparation for an attack and Video tells Kurt that he needs to think of something. Kurt has Taurus give him his weapon so he can create a makeshift torch.

Kurt has everyone follow him in single file as they try to go up the stairs with the torch to scare the rats off. Most of them make it up, but unfortunately Taurus is attacked by the rats. Kurt wants to go save Taurus, but the others say there is nothing they can do so they all run, leaving Taurus to his demise.

The remaining three try to get back into the entrance, but Duke has convinced Myrna to help him keep them out and has a shotgun at Chocolate to keep her at bay while Diana is still weak to do anything. The guys on the outside realize that Duke has betrayed them as the rats start coming.

Or Toy Rats On A Cart

Chocolate gets the idea of lying to Myrna about a rat and Myrna freaks out which causes Duke to lose his weapon.

Never Trust Your Entire Plan To The One That Gets Scared Of Anything

Chocolate takes this moment to point her gun at the two and forces them open the door for the other guys. Kurt of course immediately doesn’t take Duke’s betrayal well.

Duke tries to plead for his life, saying he only did what he thought was best for the girls. Myrna pleads with Kurt not to kill him as Duke promised to save her from the rats and blames herself for listening to him. This of course works and Kurt decides to let Duke live.

Although He Does Kick Him In The Groin. My Old Pal, Demented, Would Approve.

He then yells that next time he won’t be so lenient and makes sure to put extra emphasis on the word “lenient”.

With the rats all outside just hanging around, Video just can’t stand being stuck in here and wishes to find Taurus. Kurt tells him that there is no point in going out there and to just stay cool. Chocolate says that Diana’s temperature is getting high and wonders how they are going to get it down. Kurt reassures them that it won’t be long before dawn breaks and maybe the fever will come down soon so they can make a break for it at daylight. Deus says the rats won’t let them leave. Duke says that means they will have to stick tight for a while and everyone needs is some guts. Okay…why is Duke still being allowed to speak after what he did? If this group was the least bit intelligent, they would have told Duke that his opinion no longer counts in the matter after what he did.

They start hearing screams and think that it might be Taurus. Kurt thinks they should do everything they can to help Taurus if it is him, but Duke snidely says that the boss is wanting to use everyone else as rats, resulting in Kurt grabbing at Duke’s throat. Kurt tells Duke that if he utters one more word, he is dead. They have a flashlight and check outside. Of course, the rats are still out there so the group goes back inside.

Kurt wants to call the rats bluff and do it alone, but Video says that would be suicide. Video says they are coming too so of course because they are not leaving Duke alone with the girls, everyone is coming with them except Diana so she can rest and be safer. They think the rats are ignoring the group so Video decides to go first just in case. After several minutes of careful walking and the rats mostly ignoring him, Video talks about how everything seems okay. Kurt has Deus go with the women and Kurt says that he will cover them from behind. Duke wants to go, but Kurt puts a gun to him and tells him to wait. After a minute, he finally lets Duke attempt to slowly make it to the other side. Deus, Chocolate, and Myrna get to the other side with Video. Duke also eventually makes it to the other side as well. Duke then makes a remark that if he is the judge, this will be the end of Kurt.

Kurt slowly goes towards the others through the rats. It is at this point the rats make huge noises which terrifies every one. Kurt tells them all to run. He is quickly able to get to the other side and rejoin the others. Duke once again decides to have Myrna help him betray the others. The rest find Taurus at the bar and call out to him, but of course…

It’s A Trap!!!

Yep…everything Taurus was doing was all the rats inside him moving his body around like a huge puppet (although I don’t know how they got him to scream). The body explodes for some reason and rats are all over the group.

A Young Michael Bay On This Day Learns That You Can Use Explosions For Anything Even If They Do Not Make Sense

Diana (despite her fever) comes out with the rest of the group and sees that Taurus is dead. Kurt comforts her, but realizes that both Duke and Myrna are gone and suspects betrayal again. They find out that Duke is in one of the vehicles still trying to get it to start (despite the lack of good wheels) so they go to stop him. But of course, Duke starts shooting at them because this vehicle seems to have a machine gun mounted on it.

Duke tells them not to come a step further as he and Myrna are leaving this place without them. Kurt tells him to leave Myrna, but Duke says he is no longer taking orders from him. The gun jams and the rest think this is a good chance to get at them. Kurt tells the two that they better come out and join the rest of the group, even starting a count to three. Duke then gets desperate as he has a grenade and Myrna.

Duke says they better cease firing if they care about her or they go boom. Video thinks Duke is only bluffing, but Kurt tells him that he isn’t and he is afraid they are going to have to play along with him. Kurt says they will put down their guns so Duke can make a run for it, but he asks that Duke leave Myrna with them. Duke says no to this agreement. The group puts the guns down, but a rat comes flying at Duke.

I Mean, The Rat Legit Flies Onto Kurt’s Shoulder. It’s As If Someone Threw The Rat At Him.

This causes Duke to freak out and throw a grenade at the rats in the vehicle…not taking into account that he and Myrna may be in the blast radius. They of course get caught in the explosion, Duke gets launches by it, and Myrna burns up as the vehicle catches on fire.

As everyone else ducks, Diana backs away slowly and silently.

Diana walks groggily slowly in the bar. Chocolate laments that Myrna died for her fears. Deus says that at least for them, this nightmare is finished. Kurt realizes that Diana is missing and wonders where she is. They run to find Diana and split up with Kurt going one way and everyone else going another. The search ends tragically as Diana goes to the second story to confront the rats alone. She calls them out and talks about how tired she is of all of this happening. She then slits her own wrists with broken glass so the rats can have food and hopefully leave the others alone.

Kurt discovers her body.

Kurt is affected emotionally by this loss and in his grief, starts shooting at the rats eating her. The others hear the gunfire and go to check on Kurt. Chocolate, Video, and Deus find Kurt in tears as he points them to his late girlfriend’s body.  They are also saddened by this tragedy as Deus reveals that Diana committed suicide by slashing her wrists. He also sees that Kurt shot her and wonders why. Kurt in tears explains that he was only shooting at the rats who were eating her body and laments that only four of them are left. Kurt finally says what they are going through is worse than being dead as the rats are stronger than they are. Chocolate tries to console Kurt by telling him not to think such negative thoughts as she isn’t ready to die yet and he is their leader so lead them.

More noises is made and the rats start coming out of the second story fireplace.

The four remaining primitives decide to flee back to the computer room. They see that the rats may have moved Lilith’s body into the room to scare them. Kurt has Deus help him get the body out of the room, which they do. Chocolate finds something the Video thinks may be a magic lantern.

I Would Honestly Pay To See A Genie Come Out Of That Thing.

But of course, it is not a magic lamp, but audio starts coming out of it. It is from a scientist and he talks about Operation Return To Light, which was a failure and the group never were able to get rescued. We then learn the operation was to overcome the damages from pollution and radioactivity and the failure was due to rats, which they thought were long extinct. But the rats populated the sewers of the big cities before the holocaust (when the bombs dropped) instead. The bomb caused a mutation that made the rats smarter as they attacked the group only when they took their protective gear off.

He theorizes that these rats were upset when they invaded their world underground as the humans had to do during the beginning, but they moved to the surface. He warns the people that hear this message to stay in that room as they will be safe there from the rats and there only hope for escape is if the other team reaches them. The person on the radio stops signifying his death as the last thing he says is the rats are coming onto him.

Kurt thinks that there are people like them still living under the ground, which is incredible. Yeah, didn’t the narrator say they were called the new humanity? I guess these primitives thought that humanity died underground. Deus says that it is obvious now that the rats have taken over the world. Deus thinks these rats want to take everything that once belonged to humans and supposedly they are intruding on what they now own. Video then asks Deus about that book he once read which said the enemy of rats were other rats and not human beings. Deus says that mutation must have changed that and that something terrible must have happened underground that pushed these humans to the surface.

Unfortunately, the place that was supposed to be safe for them was not safe at all as the rats have basically been able to break down the rusted steel door. Kurt tells everyone to get ready save their necks as the door won’t hold forever. Kurt tells Chocolate and Video to move that console and barricade themselves in. Kurt says he will try to stop the rats, despite the fact that it has been established that they can’t stop them.

Outside it is daytime and we see people in protective gear coming out from underground so maybe they may be saved.

The new group starts to smoke out the rats to death and the killer animals retreat from the new people here. Back to our main characters, Chocolate and Video have barricaded themselves while Kurt and Deus try to hold the door. Before asking why the rats are still attacking (because I know I will get it) you have to remember that this new group of people are being thorough so it will take time to get to them which is why we are seeing the rats still attacking them while retreating from the new people.

Kurt is crushed by the door while Deus gets eaten by the rats as he is pinned by Lilith’s body the rats were puppeteering.

Video wants to help the two, but Chocolate tells him that he will die to and he would also be going against Kurt’s orders. Kurt and Deus ultimately die as Video and Chocolate are trapped in that barricaded area. Chocolate wants Video to kill her with a sharp object she found. At rat goes after them, but Video stabs the rat with the weapon.

Video then realizes that most of the rats have just disappeared and they wonder what is happening. They notice and can feel the smoke, which is poisonous so they must escape. Video also tells Chocolate that obviously the men have come which is why the rats are gone. As they run towards outside, they are coughing heavily from the gas and they get to the bar before Video goes down on his knees. The humans come and see Chocolate and she is happy to see rescue as they take her and Video outside.

Unfortunately, her happiness changes when one of the group takes his mask off. Remember when they mentioned that something must have happened underground to cause these people to come to the surface? Well, something did happen and it changes everything.

The People Underground Are Rat People!!!!

And with Chocolate’s scream with the title reappearing and this awesome twist, this film comes to an end.

Despite being put in with all the other Mattei movies by the average person, most people have called this one of Bruno Mattei’s most watchable films. Geratta Geratta (who played Chocolate) would go on to her most known role as being the person who started the chaos that happened in Lamberto Bava’s Demons. Ottaviano Dell’Acqua (who played Kurt) and Massimo Vanni (who played Taurus) were real friends as overall, they would be in 9 movies together. But sadly, people do pass away and in this one, we have two who are no longer with us. Ted Russoff (who dubbed the lines for Kurt) passed away in 2013 at the age of 74 due to an auto accident. The other one would be earlier and that would be director Bruno Mattei, who died in 2007 at the age of 75 due to a brain tumor.

I love this film and don’t understand all the hatred for it. Yeah, the rats may be not really giving a damn and to that I say, they are freaking rats and I would rather have rats who don’t care really there instead of CGI rats like we would see nowadays. The actors may have over the top facial expressions, but that was how they were directed and it would be better than if they didn’t. The dubbing may be bad, but bad dubbing is normal for me and if you have seen enough foreign niche films, you would be used to it too. The make-up and gore is great and the plot is actually a solid one for the most part. The twist is really great and has been set up well. This is definitely the best of Bruno Mattei’s films and this is easily the best killer rat movie out there.

Now it is time for me to do a film from the 90s and boy, do I have one that people have wanted me to do for a while and others have wanted me not to do this film. But the majority of people find this film below average for whatever reason and despite me and plenty of people I know liking this movie, I must induct it and since before the death of Roddy Piper, I was going to do a Tim Curry month and wouldn’t you know it, Tim Curry is in this film. It also has Monster Crap alumni Ernie Hudson (Dragonball: Evolution), Carolyn Seymour (Mortal Kombat: Annihalation), Kevin Grevioux (Batman Forever), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (The Thing prequel), and Frank Welker (several films).

If you had not guessed by now with this being Monster Crap, here it is.

Yep…We Are Doing This.