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Monster Crap Inductee: Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Monster Crap Inductee: Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Yet He Never Got To Meet The Muppets

The Friday the 13th series has always been known for its inventive ways of killing people and its hockey-masked killer, Jason Voorhees. However, the films have also been known for taking concepts from previous movies and adapting them into their own. Director of the original film, Sean Cunningham, even stated that the reason he and screenwriter Victor Miller made the movie to rip off John Carpenter’s Halloween.

In the series, the formula was to kill very horny teenagers using Jason’s mother in the first movie and using Jason Voorhees in all of the other movies (except for Part V: A New Beginning because we know Roy the paramedic was the killer in that one) Like I said before, the only thing innovative were the kills and not the plot.

Friday The 13th used the Carrie ending to scare audiences before the end credits. Friday The 13th Part II basically copied entire scenes from Mario Bava’s A Bay of Blood (also known as Twitch of The Death Nerve). Friday The 13th 3D of course used the 3D angle which has been used before. The films continue as so and now we talk about the film that I will be inducting, Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Now notice they name and take note because there was another movie 5 years earlier that you would expect because besides the title, the two films don’t have anything in common…..even with genres.

Yep…..They Took The Title From The Damn Muppets.

That kind of makes things interesting for me because of all the horror movies out there, you had to take the title from a Family Comedy. Horror Films and Family Films are on two different ends of the spectrum as far as genres are concerned.

Well, enough with that rant…..let’s get to the reason as to why we are inducting this movie because I know of several people who like this movie and for one, I think it is my second favorite Friday The 13th film. Well, the answer is that just like The Giant Claw, this film is so bad that you have to love it. So without further ado…..let’s get to this movie.

We begin this movie with the opening credits and while I love the song (The Darkest of Night), I have to say that this opening credit sequence doesn’t look anything like a Friday The 13th film.

Hell, if it wasn’t for the title screen, I would have thought I accidentally got a vigilante revenge film instead. You get shots of Manhattan with punks listening to their giant boom box.

A Shot As If We Are Supposed To See The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Instead Of Jason Voorhees.

We also get a dumb-ass business man complete with umbrella walking into a dark and murky alley only to get mugged.

This Is For Being A Complete Moron.
They steal the guy’s wallet, take the cash out of the wallet, and throw the rest of it into a canister full of toxic waste…..complete with rat.
Gotta Respect People Who Say They Love New York After Seeing This Crap.

We also get a disgusting diner and people entering the subway. You see drug dealers taking drugs and then a shot of the Statue of Liberty, basically telling you that this is New York City and why the hell would you want to live here. This whole segment is kind of very biased if you as me.

We then go underwater and come out on the small lake known as Crystal Lake. Now a lot of people have asked where Crystal Lake is, and if this movie and part 3 have told you anything….it is that Crystal Lake is somewhere in New Jersey. We see a boat passing by on Crystal Lake and of course inside the boat is two kids making out. Basically this song has gone out to the seniors of Lakeview High School, who will be graduating and making a trip to the wonderful city of New York. The radio announcer says that and apparently, he did not even look at his own city because according to this film, New York sucks.

Their Names Are Jim And Suzi, If You Must Know. Basically, I Call Them Dead And Deader.

The guy puts the anchor down and apparently, it is near an underwater power line. While Jim is telling Suzi about the legend of Jason Voorhees, the anchor breaks the power line, which causes electrocution and guess who happens to be on the power line???

Yep, Jason Freakin’ Voorhees.

Like Part VI: Jason Lives and others films like Frankenstein, nothing wakes a dead man faster than electrocution. The power line busting causes the power to Camp Crystal Lake to go out and Jim is coaxed by Suzi to check out what happened outside.

Suzi doesn’t hear Jim and goes outside to check it out herself. When she gets up the stairs, she is started by….

Jason Voorhees?

No, it is just Jim deciding to scare Suzi by dressing up as Jason and jokingly stabbing her with a fake retractable knife. Jim then apologizes for being a major ass and promises never to pull a prank like that again. After that, the two continue making love….not knowing that the actual Jason Voorhees has taken the hockey mask and a harpoon gun.

Locked And Loaded.

Suzi sees the actual Jason and the love making stops as our two lovers are now being stalked by our killer. Jason shoots the gun and barely misses Suzi (despite the fact that he is like 5 feet away from them), who proceeds to run away. Suzi gets the head out of there through a window while Jim just sits there in complete fear. Jason punishes Jim for his foolishness by stabbing him with the gun and then taking it out with his intestines hanging. You know, that would have been believable…

If The Supposed Intestines Weren’t Already On The Gun Before He Even Gets Stabbed.

Jason takes the harpoon and decides to go find Suzi. Suzi runs and decides to hide in a secret hatch instead of you know, swimming for it. Jason finds her in the secret hatch and since she is cornered, she has nowhere to go but be stabbed.

You Know In Jason’s World, No Means Yes.

Now before I continue, I guess I should talk about the man who is playing Jason Voorhees, Kane Hodder. This would actually be Kane’s second time under the hockey mask (he played Jason in Part VII) and this film would mark him as the man who played Jason Voorhees the most because everyone else before this had only played Jason Voorhees once. There will be more on Kane Hodder later.

The next day, there is a ship ready for the people of Lakeview High to go from Crystal Lake, New Jersey to New York, New York. Now, here is the problem with this. I took some classes and know that a lake is a body of water with land surrounding all of it. Now how the hell a cruise ship got into Crystal Lake, let alone is able to get out of Crystal Lake so they can reach New York is never answered because it can’t be answered. You can’t go from a lake to The Hudson River or The Atlantic Ocean….sorry, you just can’t. Anyone who went to school would know this and thus, this defeats the whole purpose of this supposed plot.

A car pulls up and we are introduced to our female lead, Rennie…and her teacher, Miss Van Deusen. Oh yeah, and Rennie’s pet dog named Toby.
From The Look On Toby’ Face, We Can Tell That He Doesn’t Like This Idea One Bit.

Van Deusen gives Rennie a pen that was used by Stephen King as a graduation present and of course, Rennie doesn’t look that impressed. Van Deusen tells Rennie that she is the best student the teacher has ever had and that if there is anyone who can make use of that pen, it is Rennie.

We Then Get The Obligatory Hug Sequence Without The “Awww” Reaction From A Studio Audience.

We then see our deck hand see a bloody boat that no one else notices and he immediately reacts that everyone on board is doomed. You know, if everyone was doomed…..why the hell did you not quit and get off the boat?

I Have No Brain Whatsoever, So I Will Stay On Board And Keep Telling Everyone That They Are DOOMED!!!

Van Deusen is confronted by Charles McCulloch (who is played by soap opera star Peter Mark Richman) about Rennie coming on board the ship because he is her legal guardian and he doesn’t want her on board the ship for reasons we will find out later.

Don’t Mind Me, I Just Got The Role To Play The Film’s Jerk.

Charles busts on Van Deusen (her first name is Colleen) for not being on time for a trip that was essentially her idea. He also tells Colleen that Jim and Suzi never showed up, which she tells him that they probably would rather explore each other than New York.

We then meet Admiral Robertson, his son Sean, Sean’s best friend Miles and Chief Engineer Jim Carlson. The Admiral is apparently trying to groom his son to be the leader of a ship like himself, despite the fact that Sean really doesn’t want to. He gives Sean a present of his old gear and relinquishes command to Sean for the moment. Jim asks Sean what he wants to do, Sean tells him what he wants to do, and still gets ragged on for forgetting to sound the International Maritime signal, followed by making a security broadcast warning other ships that they are under way.

Meanwhile, Jason Voorhees Decides To Become A Stowaway.

The ship leaves the dock and we hear some crappy new wave music while people are dancing in the ballroom as well as other games. Now look at most these kids because you will never see them again throughout the rest of this movie. Yeah, this movie had major problems with keeping continuity with the number of people they had.

Sean and Rennie meet up and apparently there is some sort of love between the two as they talk and flirt with each other. Sean gives Rennie a necklace and she is actually more impressed by this necklace than by the pen Stephen King used in high school. Of course, Charles does not approve of these two seeing each other as well as not approving of Rennie being aboard. He tries to get her to get off the ship, but she refuses…explaining that she needs to know what scares her so much and why.

Meanwhile, they are being shot on camera by Wayne, who is also shooting J.J. playing guitar (badly I might add). J.J. reveals that there is a place where they can get concert hall echo and tells Wayne to meet her down there. Wayne tells her that he will be there later, but first he has to do something for Tamara. J.J. tells Wayne that Tamara is only using her, and his excuse is that she is sexy. J.J. tells Wayne that so what, her guitar is sexy too. Umm….it’s not the same thing, girl.
J.J. goes down to the boiler room and starts playing (even worse than before) guitar. How do I know she is playing badly? When she stops playing the guitar, the song still plays for a few more seconds. I also should note that she isn’t even singing the song.

Milli Vanilli, Eat Your Heart Out.

She sees Jason behind her and tries to run away, but when she gets down the stairs….Jason is already there and smacks her over the head with the guitar so hard, it is enough to kill her. This is the first of many times where Jason Voorhees suddenly teleports to where he needs to be.

Luckily, Jeff Jarrett Never Learned Their Guitar Smashing Skills From Jason Voorhees.

Rennie decides to get changed and she sees a vision of Little Jason Voorhees through one of the windows.

Unfortunately the dog sees this as well, which means that this isn’t very good way of showing that it is an illusion if the dog can basically see the same thing. The illusion ends and Toby decides to leave the room.

The next scene, we see a boxing match going on between Julius and some other guy.

Through a window, we see Tamara and her friend Eva as Tamara is talking about how attractive Julius is. Julius knocks the other guy out and smiles for the ladies. The two of them then decide to give flirting looks towards the Chief Engineer who is just passing through. He sees the looks on the two and smiles as he leaves.

The two then decide to do coke, but are interrupted by Rennie….who is looking for her dog. The two haven’t seen her and when she leaves, Tamara calls Rennie a “narc”. Rennie still looks for her dog, not knowing that Jason Voorhees is nearby. Don’t worry; Jason doesn’t go after her yet.

Back in the room with the two girls, the girls almost get caught doing drugs by Charles. Charles tells Tamara that he will be coming by her cabin later and she better have her biology project ready or he will make sure she does not get to see New York. Tamara thinks that Rennie told on them and mentions that rumor has it that she is a little bit afraid of the water.

In the sauna room, the boxer who got his ass kicked by Julius goes into the sauna to relax. He has a towel over his head so he thinks Julius has come into the room with him when in fact it is Jason Voorhees. He offers that the two of them go hit on the girls later and how does Jason react to this guy’s proposal??

With A Hot Rock To The Heart, Of Course.

Outside the ship, Rennie and Colleen are talking about her thoughts on being aboard. However, Tamara walks by and bumps into Rennie so hard, that she falls overboard and into the water. Tamara says it was an accident and Sean comes into to save Rennie from drowning. She sees a vision of young Jason Voorhees again, this time trying to drag her deeper underwater before Sean is eventually able to save her.

Tamara laughs at what she has done, but Eva is disgusted by what she has done and leaves. Charles comes in and gets his niece back into her cabin, while telling Colleen and Sean to stay away from her. The deck hand continues his rants about Jason Voorhees coming back and Charles completely dismisses him. Rennie then tells Charles to just leave her alone and she just runs off. Rennie goes to the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. Another illusion occurs with the sink dripping with blood and little Jason tries to drag her into the mirror.

I Think The Illusion Should Find Better Ways Of Asking Rennie To Help Him Than Grabbing Her By The Neck.

In Tamara’s room, Charles comes by to see what her biology project will be and boy does he ever get a surprise.

Yep, She Is Seducing Him By Painting Organs On Parts Of Her Body.

She tries to make out with him and what we find out that this was an orchestrated plan to blackmail him with the help of Wayne and his video camera. She now has the tape and Charles makes a few threats before leaving. Tamara tells Wayne not to worry about his threats because with the blackmail evidence, he won’t do anything. Wayne tries to ask Tamara out, but Tamara kicks him out of her room.

Meanwhile, while the ship has somehow gotten into the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the storm, we are clued in once again to the fact that Jason Voorhees is actually still on the ship. Tamara decides to take a shower, but after she is done, Jason breaks in and after a small struggle; Jason kills her by stabbing her with a piece of mirror glass.

In the ship’s bridge, Jason grabs a spear and while the Admiral is away, Jason stabs the Chief Engineer with it.

The Admiral comes back and finds the Chief Engineer dead, but does not notice Jason is nearby. When he goes look over his body, his throat is slit by Jason…who apparently is strong enough to slit the guy’s throat with the end of the knife not used for cutting.

Oops…..Wrong End.

Of course, for some strange reason….Rennie and Sean are going up the stairs and find the bodies of Sean’s dad and the Chief Engineer. Sean makes a broadcast and asks for everyone on the ship to come to the bridge. Sean also tries to call the coast guard, but Jason rips the communication wires out. Several people come to the bridge (notice that the people on the boat has significantly shrunk) and are shocked to see the two dead bodies.

The deck hand comes back to talk about how Jason Voorhees is going to kill them. Charles is now convinced that our crazy deck hand is the killer and tells them that corpses don’t walk. The deck hand talks about Jason coming down the river, when they were in fact on a lake and there is no way a lake can go to a river. Julius then talks about how these dead bodies are real and that he doesn’t care who is the killer is, but they have to find the killer before he finds them. Charles tries to say that he is still in charge, but Julius gives us the classic line.

Julius: School Is Out, McCulloch!!

Oh this line is just too easy for me to make fun of so I am going to leave it to Alice Cooper. Alice, if you please.

School’s Out For Summer!!

Thanks Alice. Anyway, McCulloch tries to regain control verbally, but fails. Rennie tries to drop the anchors at Sean’s advice, but McCulloch stops her and says that dropping the anchor in the middle of a storm is a horrible idea.

Eva tries to tell Tamara about the announcement, but finds her body in the bathroom. When she tries to tell the others, she runs into Jason Voorhees, who gives chase. Eva runs into the ballroom and once again, we see the many teleportation moments of Jason Voorhees as he teleports several times through the room, before finally grabbing her by the neck and strangling her to death.

Jason….That Is Not How You Ask Someone To Dance.

The 5 guys who decided to go after the killer are now in a room and get to choose their own weapons. Julius takes a gun, Wayne takes gun as well, Miles takes an axe and quite frankly, the other two guys are not important so we won’t even acknowledge what they take. Wayne goes down into the boiler room looking for J.J. He gets surprised by a bunch of steam that causes him to lose his glasses. One of the two guys I won’t even mention shows up and because Wayne doesn’t have his glasses…..he shots and kills the guy. Wayne still has his camera so with the camera; he is able to see what he did. But he doesn’t get too much time to regret what he has done as towering over the dead body is Jason Voorhees.

Hi Mom.

Jason knocks over the camera and begins his chase of Wayne. While going down the stairs, Wayne trips over the guitar and finds J.J.’s body with a head wound that would kill anyone.

It Is Safe To Assume That J.J. Got More Than A Concussion Here.

While mourning over J.J., Wayne is grabbed and thrown into a control panel, electrocuting him to death.

The electricity causes a fire and Jason just so happens to be kind enough to sound off the nearby fire alarm.

Hey, I May Be An Undead Homicidal Maniac. But I Follow The Fire Alarm Codes Just Like Everyone Else.

Back at the bridge, Charles explains that he has sent Rennie back to cabin and busts on Sean for trying to keep the ship on course, because he is the son of a ship captain and he can’t do it fast enough for Charles liking. Sean gets the ship back on course and Charles doesn’t really care. When the fire alarm gets sounded, Charles grabs a flare gun and goes to find and shoot the deck hand, who he suspects has something to do with this whole mess. When asked about the fire alarm, Charles asks the question of if we really know that there is a fire or did someone just pull it to cause panic, the same kind of panic that is caused by suggesting that Jason Voorhees is alive and aboard this ship. He then leaves as the fire continues to grow in another room.

Miles is on the outside still searching for the killer, while Jason Voorhees is following him. Miles finally sees Jason Voorhees and tries to put up a struggle by attack Jason with his axe.

Nice Try, Kid.

Jason then throws the axe away and Miles starts to make a run for it. Julius sees the axe fall near him and tries to see what is going on. Miles decides to go up a nearby ladder and Jason just stands there.

Nah….I Don’t Feel Like Climbing That Ladder Yet.

Miles is able to climb pretty high off the ladder while Jason is still just looking at him. When Miles stops, Jason is magically able to climb up the ladder fast enough to reach him and throw him onto some spikes, which impales Miles.

Julius goes looking for Miles, and finds his dead body. Jason appears and throws Julius into the ocean.

Man Overboard!

Back in her cabin, Rennie looks into her window for a minute and when she turns around, she sees another illusion of childlike Jason Voorhees shivering.

Even In Her Visions, Jason Voorhees Is Retarded.

Well, her fear is only heightened when the actual Jason Voorhees breaks through the window and tries to grab Rennie. Thinking on her feet, Rennie is able to escape by jabbing Jason Voorhees in the eye with the pen that Stephen King used in high school.

The Powers Of Stephen King Keep Jason Voorhees Stunned For The Moment.

Rennie gets out of her room and meets Sean, who tries to lead her away from the cabin. An explosion happens in the boiler room and that causes the whole ship the rumble.

Not That Type Of Rumble, Michael.

Colleen has a few kids follow her and stay in the restaurant. Of course, you won’t have to worry about going back to get them because these kids are never seen again. Charles is in the kitchen and runs into the deck hand, who grabs a knife and runs away.

I Know This May Look Bad, But I Am Not The Killer. However, You Are All Still DOOMED!!!!!

Sean and Rennie go down the stairs to the hallway and find out that water has gotten into the engines. An alarm is sounded and Sean says that they should get everyone off the ship. They are then besieged by a giant flow of water coming out of the engine room, but are able to hang on and not get swept away. Charles comes in and starts blaming Sean for the entire situation they are in. Sean retorts that this is all Jason Voorhees fault and that as captain’s son, he is taking over command of the crew. Colleen goes to break up this argument and tells everyone that she has lowered the life boat. Sean tells them all to go onto the ship, but when told about the people Colleen left at the restaurant….. Sean tells us that there is no more restaurant. I’m sorry, movie….was there something you forgot to tell us?

Well, we will never know because the people decide to get off the ship and onto the lifeboat. But before they get on the lifeboat, they run into the crazy deckhand…who falls over and dies because of an axe on his back.

Well, I Guess There Goes Charles’ Assumption That The Deck Hand Is The Killer.

They all get on the lifeboat. Julius comes out of the sea and onto the life boat, which means the black guy has not died in this movie just yet.

Oh Yeah, I Forgot To Mention How The Dog Got On Board. Well, That Is Because This Movie Never Told Us That Either.

They are able to row away from the sinking vessel and while they are rowing, Charles is once again at it by giving grief to both Julius and Sean because they are not rowing fast enough. Despite the fact that he isn’t doing a damn thing, he feels the need to criticize other and mention that he doesn’t want to drown on this boat. Umm….Charles, you can’t drown on a fully intact life boat. You may end up starving to death, die of thirst, or die of hypothermia, but drowning is something you won’t die of at this time. While rowing, they come across a great surprise to them.

They Reached New York City.

Everyone is happy as they get on board and despite being happy, Charles still gives everyone grief for picking a poor place to dock.

Of Course, Jason Has Also Been Able To Reach New York As Well.

Jason gets out of the water and the first thing he notices when in New York simply stops him in his tracks.

Meanwhile, in an alley, the survivors are stopped by two gang bangers who rob them.

One of the gang bangers takes an interest in Rennie and when the dog barks, that gang banger tries to shoot it, but is stopped by Rennie. The shot misses the dog, but it scares the dog off and we won’t see the dog again for a while. The gang bangers decide to take Rennie and drug her through a syringe. When one of the gang bangers tries to rape Rennie, Jason Voorhees stabs him with the syringe.

The other gang banger sees this and shoots Jason, but the bullets have no effect on this undead killing machine. Jason grabs him and rams his head so hard into the pipe that the pipe is broken and the gang banger is dead.

Rennie is able to get away from all of this and meets up with Sean. She tells Sean that Jason is in New York and they both decide to run.

Meanwhile, Julius gets to a nearby phone booth and tries to call the police, but Jason puts a stop to that by destroying the phone booth. Julius runs to a top building and when he runs into Jason on top of said building, we get one of the most memorable parts of this whole movie. Julius decides to box Jason Voorhees. He punches Jason Voorhees in the face several times, which since he is hitting the mask….his hands end up bloodied. Jason just plays rope a dope until Julius can’t punch him anymore. Julius then decides to tell Jason to give him his best shot. Of course, Jason is more than happy to oblige and Julius loses his head in one shot.

Mike Tyson Ain’t Got Crap On Jason Voorhees

Colleen and Charles are able to find a police officer and they meet up with Sean and Rennie. Charles still doesn’t believe that it is Jason Voorhees, but that all changes when they get into the police car, find Julius’ head, and Jason kills the officer right in front of them.

Cop Killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The group decides to take the police car and drive away. And once again, Jason Voorhees is able to appear out of no where so they run his ass over. Rennie then sees an illusion of young Jason and since she hasn’t gotten enough road rage out of her system, she tries to run him over as well. But being that this Jason is an illusion, she crashes into a wall. Charles, Sean, and Rennie are able to get out of the car, but Colleen doesn’t as the car explodes.

Apparently, She Likes Her Corpse Well Done.

This explosion and fire near the water causes Rennie to remember why it is that she is afraid of water. When she was younger, Charles told her a story about Jason Voorhees try to take those who can’t swim underwater with him to drown and then, he throws her ass into Crystal Lake. Rennie now confronts Charles about this and Charles tries to make excuses for himself. Sean has seen enough as he and Rennie leave Charles behind while Sean tells Charles to stay away from her.

Jason wakes up from his run in with a car and goes after Charles, who is nearby. Charles runs into an old building, but somehow Jason has already teleported into the building and throws Charles throw a window.

How this is at all possible is anyone’s guess. But Jason comes down from the building and grabs Charles. Charles is then dunked into a can of toxic sewage and is drowned.

Sean is able to talk to Rennie and they have a tender moment. Of course, this tender moment is ruined by Jason Voorhees coming into the scene as loud as possible. The two try to run into the subway and while they open the door, Jason Voorhees has other ideas.

Jason Voorhees Is Above Opening Doors.

Rennie and Sean get on a train because apparently in New York, you don’t need a ticket to ride the subway. They think they have avoided Jason, but much to their dismay….Jason has teleported himself onto the train. Jason chases the two through the train and the situation forces Sean to hit the emergency break switch to stop the train so they can escape. Jason follows the two, but is jumped by Sean and Jason gets electrocuted by the tracks. The two make it up to Times Square and are enamored by all of the bright lights.

The two think that this whole nightmare is over, but their relief is stopped because Jason Voorhees is still alive and out on the streets. Rennie and Sean run past a bunch of street urchins listening to their boom box while Jason decides to get a little confrontation by destroying the boom box as he walks by.

The street urchins threaten to cut Jason Voorhees with their blades, but Jason just reveals his face and they just run away.

This Guy Is Ugly…..RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the filthy diner we saw at the beginning of this movie, the two enter and Rennie tells the waitress that they are being chased by a maniacal killer. All the waitress has in response is………

NY Waitress: Welcome to New York

Jason busts in and this pisses off the chef who tries to confront Jason, but gets thrown through a mirror for bothering him. Interesting part about this scene is the cook is played by Ken Kirzinger, who would later replaced Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason. Basically, a lot of Jason fans make commentary like this during the scene.

Take My Job, Will Ya???

Jason then continues his chase with the kids as people in the diner decide to run away. The run out back and when they seem to be cornered, they are able to go down through the sewers.

Unfortunately, The Turtles Are Nowhere To Be Seen.

While running through the sewers, they meet up with a sewage worker who tells them that the sewers are going to be flooded with toxic sewage pretty soon. While going through the halls, the worker is attacked and killed by Jason Voorhees with a wrench.

Jason is about to kill a knocked out Sean, but Rennie throws some toxic waste on Jason’s head. It burns so badly that Jason takes off his mask and reveals his face. Now remember in Part VII when the make up for Jason’s face looked really scary?

Yeah, Jason Looked Scary As Hell.

Well, apparently they didn’t have the same guy doing the make-up so the big reveal of Jason’s face is a bit………..what’s the word………..


And yes, Jason is doing the jerk off sign for some reason. Rennie is able to stun Jason so she and Sean can try to escape through a ladder. However, Jason grabs Rennie’s leg and tries to drag her down. Unfortunately for Jason, it has struck midnight and the toxic sewage is now going to be flooding the area

And All Jason Can Do Is Spit Out Water.
Jason gets decomposed by the toxic waste, but the last scene of him is kind of weird.

Yes, For Some Reason….Jason Is Turned Into A Boy.

Now some would say that this is just an illusion, but it is apparent that both Rennie and Sean see the same thing so what the hell? You couldn’t afford enough money for Jason’s rotted corpse so you had to throw the boy out there to be the corpse. Pretty bad payoff, if you ask me.

Anyway, the two get back up to the city where they appear to be stalked by Jason again, but instead….it is the dog. The three celebrate as “The Darkest of Night” song plays and we get the credits….signifying that this movie is over.

Now before I get to my opinions, I should note several things about this movie. One is that this would be the last movie done by Paramount. The box office numbers were really poor and at the time, this was the lowest grossing movie involving Jason Voorhees with $14.3 million dollars domestically.
That Would Only Be Broken By Jason X, Which Was Basically Jason Voorhees In Space.

Paramount would sell Jason Voorhees to New Line Cinema, who also owned Freddy Krueger….while still holding the rights to the previous eight films. Apparently this film and Part VII were really gutted by the censors and thus many of the scenes happened with no explanation. Paramount has been known to have a really bad reputation when it goes to their treatment towards horror movies and despite the deluxe editions coming out, we may never get the complete cut that the makers of these films really wanted us to have.

Now for the people acting this film, you would think that this film would hurt most of these people. Well, it did not as many people don’t have a hard time finding work. Kane Hodder would continue to do Jason Voorhees through two more films until he was replaced by Ken Kirzinger (who played the chef in this movie and was Kane Hodder’s stunt double) in Freddy vs. Jason (the move itself was met with a lot of controversy). Kelly Hu (who played Eva) ended up being Lady Deathstrike in the sequel known as X2: X-Men United. While Jensen Dagget (who played Rennie) hasn’t done much work since 1999, she still looks really good for being somewhere in her mid-40s. Scott Reeves made it big a few years later as Ryan McNeil on the Young And The Restless. Fred Henderson and Saffron Henderson (who played Chief Engineer Carlson and J.J.) ended up doing very well as voice actors. In fact, Saffron Henderson does the voice for young Gohan in the English dubs of Dragonball Z. Martin Cummins (who played Wayne) had a big role in Poltergeist the Legacy. Needless to say, this movie didn’t really hurt too many people, unlike most of the movies I induct do.

Now for my opinion. This movie is hilariously bad and quite frankly, I love it. This is to me, my second favorite Jason Voorhees film made (only behind Part VI: Jason Lives). Jason Voorhees is seen as an unstoppable monster that just keeps coming and coming. Sure there may have been poor choices in………….most of the movie. But it is those scenes like Julius getting his head punched off or J.J. getting her head smashed into by a guitar that make this movie unforgettable in my mind. Yes, by this time Jason Voorhees was becoming a joke. But he was a good joke and good jokes seem to be getting harder to come by these days.

Now, since next month will be the birth month of the United States of America. I am feeling very patriotic and what can be more patriotic than…….

A Belgian Bad-Ass Trying To Play An American Bad-Ass.

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