Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seth's Odyssey #3: Fright Night Film Festival 2011

Well, it is time to talk about my trip to the Fright Night Film Festival that happened last weekend. It was 12 hours from where I live and let's just say, it wasn't enough for me to go back again.

We first talk about the hotel because that is where all my problems were at. As you all know, I travel with my parents and we booked two adjoining rooms with king sized beds for both. Unfortunately the hotel overbooked and all they had were two rooms with two doubles each. Oh and they weren't adjoining either. There was no internet in the room and I had to actually go use my parents modem to actually get something. The hallways, which housed half of the convention as well as a closed pool, were like a sauna and they were extremely hot. Everything was so scattered and crap, that I had a hard time finding the rooms where they were showing movies. There were barely any schedules available and no program which would have made things better. The only schedule you get is online, which is impossible since there really is no internet connection. So yeah, I would like to give a big FUCK YOU to the Fern Valley Hotel & Conference Center.

But let's get to everything else which was actually fun.

While going to get my first autographs, I met former WWE/ECW/TNA superstar Al Snow, who was there promoting his newest movie called Overtime. If you followed me on Twitter, you would know that I met Al several times and everytime he called me Grizzly. I actually wish I had actually seen his movie, but I ended up going to dinner that night with my parents at Tumbleweeds.

Before entering the main area of the convention, I saw this car with monsters in it and a wagon in the back with skeletons.

The first autograph I got oddly enough was the autograph I came to this convention to get, which is that of one of my favorite directors and the director of my favorite film of all time (The Thing) in John Carpenter.

While in line, I met the Creepy Kentuckian (from Deadpit Radio) as well as several other members of the Deadpit Radio fanbase, who all thought the same thing in getting the John Carpenter autograph very early. I told John that The Thing was my favorite film of all time and he appreciated that I had so much love for that film. I was also lucky enough that they actually allowed me to get a photo of John as he signed the picture that I had chosen.

Getting back to the hotel, I also bought a Predator mask for nearly 60 bucks. Guess what I will be wearing for the trick or treaters this Halloween. Normally I would not spend 60 bucks on masks, but this is two masks and it just spoke to me.

When I headed out after recharging my inner batteries at the hotel room (I did that a lot), I saw these two before going back inside and as you know, I always take pictures of people in costume so I took a picture of these two.

I also saw this guy and could not resist getting a picture of him. I would like to say that this guy's mask looks like a zombie pirate who was on some strong drugs. Either that or he is WWE's The Undertaker 50 years from now.

As I headed towards the vendor area, I saw these three mannequins and I took pictures of them. The last two are part of a display that promotes a haunted house attraction that is being opened a few miles from the convention. I did not go to the haunted house as I think I had no desire to do those again at that time.

The horror hosts from the Horror Dungeon (which is in Indianapolis) had some awesome costumes and I was so mesmerized by that laser gun that they had. Too bad I live in an area of Virginia where we have no horror hosts because I would so be down with watching a horror marathon down here, even if the films were edited (I didnt mind when Monster-Vision did it).

Before entering, I saw this dude in an awesome ass devils outfit complete with makeup. I asked for a picture and he gave me this pose while I was taking it.

I took a picture of this great looking portrait that costs 300 dollars. While I did not buy that, I commented how I would buy that if I had the money. She thanked me and gave me a postcard for her art company.

This is a great model of what I believe was the Alien Queen in her nest. Holy crap was that thing huge. If I had bought this, I would have no idea where I would put it. I complimented the vendor on that model, but I don't know if he heard me.

The casket car looks really awesome and I was able to get this picture with the people not noticing.

In Case None Of You Knew, I am a proud NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I went to the celebrity section, only a few celebs were there and one of the ones who was there was Donald Gibb, who played Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds. Not the biggest fan of those films, but you know damn well I use that "NERDS!!!!" so many times that I had to get his autograph.

I went to the Deadpit table on both Friday and Saturday. Great guys and I spent 40 bucks on 3 CDs and a DVD of theirs. Really nice guys who were planning a wedding for Uncle Bill (on the left) at this convention, but sadly his fiancee got ill so the wedding has been postponed. Some people are telling me they also did a live commentary to a Danny Steinman film (Danny Steinman was there). I don't know if it happened and if it did, I missed it because at midnight on Saturday, I was asleep....getting ready to leave in a few hours at 5 am. Listening to their Myspace sessions as I write this Odyssey.

It took 2 times to get a pictures of a these Halo Marines because of the goddamn glare from the sun. Wonder how they feel about Halo 4.

Saw this Michael Myers dummy tied up and ready to be buried alive. Well, Michael Myers couldn't be any more worse luck since Rob Zombie made that terrible remake and that hideous sequel. It remains to be seen how that upcoming Halloween 3 will do for Michael Myers' legacy.

I headed back at the hotel room when I saw this Storm Trooper from the prequels.. I don't think he will be pleased to know that I am inducting Episode One next on Monster Crap.

I saw this lady in a Supergirl costume and you know me, I had to get a picture. No......she didnt have to do anything for me to take the picture.

Before I eventually went to my hotel room to recharge, I saw that Margot Kidder was available for autograph and to get a picture with her. She was very amused with the picture I chose for her to autograph, espescially the axe. For those of you who are wondering, that picture is from the original Amityville Horror. For those also wondering, they were out of Black Christmas pictures.

I went to dinner at Bungalow Joe's Bar & Grill with my parents. While the noise did not help my mom (who was sick), the food was very good. We took home a box of their chips and ate all that we ordered (it was delicious). I then headed to bed after taking my medication.

I came into the main room Saturday and immediately I saw the horror hosts from Atomic Age Cinema hanging around talking. I tried to take a group picture, but I missed one guy so I took a second picture with him. Like I said before, this is why I wish there was a local horror show in my area because characters like this always put a great warmth in my apparently cold heart.

Ah Fred Olen Ray, the man who I have many apologies towards. I originally was planning on getting an autograph of his and I was going to watch the premiere of his film called Super Shark. Well, immediately with the scheduling of his film on Sunday at 1 pm (I left for home at 5 am), I was not able to see his latest film. I was also sadly not able to get his autograph because besides this opportunity, I did not see him at all. Oh well, I at least was able to this photo with a man who has films that I know will make it on to my site. Fred, I promised to get an autograph from you and if our paths cross again at another convention, you can bet I will try again to get your autograph.

Two people dressed as characters from Star Wars, a woman dressed as an Amazon, and a woman dressed as a girl scout. What a random mix of people who were selling Star Wars memorabilia.

Near those people is a guy in a Death Star uniform. Luckily he was able to not be on the Death Star when the rebels attacked both times.

I saw that Michael Beihn was giving autographs and before I got his autograph and picture, I listened to a conversation between him and Kane Hodder and they were talking about how it had just come down the wire that Amy Winehouse had died. Michael Beihn was a really nice guy and we talked about the cane that I was carrying around thanks to my MS and he had a stroke recently.

Trust me from someone who has had strange problems that you know your brain is doing is a very scary experience and knowing more people who have had scary experiences that involve your brain, they can tell you the same thing. I should note that I was not alone in having a cane as I saw plenty of people who were walking with one.

EDIT: I am being told that I might have misheard Michael Beihn as he might have been talking about the choke out scene in his directorial debut "The Victim" where he passed out and he felt like he was having a stroke. I apologize if I might have put words in Michael Beihn's mouth that he didn't say. That can definately happen with me.

I then met the great Larry Drake and while he didnt have any pics of his role as the crazy in the Santa siut from the "And All Through The House" episode of Tales From The Crypt, he had plenty of pictures of himself as Bubba from the very underrated made for TV horror film Dark Night Of The Scarecrow. It just got released on DVD so I would recommend anyone who hasnt seen that film to track it down and watch it. You won't be disappointed.

Near Larry Drake's table is this very strange egg with creature feet in it. This is from a 1974 film that I have not seen called Dark Star. They were going to play it with several horror hosts riffing on it at midnight on Saturday. I might have been tempted to see it, but at midnight Saturday......I was dead tired so I went to bed.

Now I did see one film that I have no pictures for and the only reason I saw this was because it was playing when I finally found the room that plays the films. That film is called Absentia and if it wasnt for the small moments where I was like "What???", I would give this film a glowing review. It had really good acting from people who I had never heard of and their great chemistry with each other. The effects were actually not that bad and were used very sparingly and as little of it is on camera as possible. Because of those small things that made me scratch my head, just left me with a feeling of dissapointment.

I saw some podcasres with a masked lady who was dancing so I figured I'd take a picture. I was kind of tempted to dance myself.

I have no idea who these people were supposed to be, but it was strange enough that I had to take a picture.

Guys dressed as the Ghostbusters.....luckily for them, neither Gozar nor the Marshmallow Man were around at this time because dear lord, I will be running if those guys had to cross the streams. Also thankfully Slimer wasnt around because I did not need to get slimed in the clothes I was wearing.

Oh no..........ZOMBIES!!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!!!

Very attractive lady. I dont know what she was dressed as, but it was definately different.

Nice makeup for half of your face. Looked really good.

This guy was in full Jason Voorhees costume and I was finally able to get a picture of the guy while in the room with all of the celebrities.

This lady in the Silk Spectre II costume was another person I saw several times before I was finally able to get her picture.

The only autograph I got from that sauna that housed most of Fandomfest was from Boba Fett. So for those fanboys, I do have an autograph of Boba Fett.

I got Edward Furlong's autograph and despite some people having not good experiences, I had a great experience with him. We talked about how hot it was. It was extremely hot outside as you could guess.

This was taken during my last journey towards the Fright Night Film Fest room. These ladies are really good looking I must admit.

MORE ZOMBIES...........RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, she is at least eating some chicken so we are okay.

The final autograph I got was from the Soul Man himself, 80s icon C. Thomas Howell. I also got my picture taken with the man. He was a really great guy to meet and I almost feel bad that I will eventually have to induct several films that he has directed, but they are films from the group that never stops giving me material in The Asylum.

This was the final picture I took with this guy in a makeshift knight outfit.

So yeah.........I went to bed that night and at 5 am, I headed home. It has taken me several days to recover. I probably won't be doing this convention again unless I live closer to it. If I do a convention next year, it will probably be Monster Mania again because that Mariott at Hunt Valley would not have made my hotel experience miserable. I am taking nothing away from anyone who runs the Fright Night Film Festival as they had alot of variety, but this was way too scattered and overwhelmed too much to the point that it has taken days before I could recover physically.

I guess it didnt help that I was in the middle of an attack and was on steroids during the whole thing (which made me sweat more than usual (and the heat did enough of that)). I went through 11 hankerchiefs through 2 days, but my parents have also told me that despite going through the bourbon trail and having bourbon to bring home, they were miserable as well. So unless the hotel is better and I live closer to the place, you would have to pay me to return to the Fright Night Film Festival at this time.