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Monster Crap Inductee: Leprechaun Origins (2014

Monster Crap Inductee: Leprechaun Origins
2014 GINO Award Winner


I should be surprised this won considering this was not in my Top 10 of worst movies of the year nor would it probably be in my Top 20 if I did one. However, considering everything this film had going against it (WWE Films replacing well-beloved Warrick Davies for their midget named Hornswoggle and making this film “serious”), I am absolutely not surprised to know that a terrible film involving wrestlers and the biggest wrestling (screw that Sports Entertainment tag, Wrestling is one of the words the company’s initials mean) company in America would win by a large margin with many of the people who read this site being known wrestling fans as well. So let’s talk about the genesis of this film.

In 2012, WWE Films (who I had featured previously for its first entry See No Evil, which had a sequel come out this year that was better than the original) and Lionsgates (known for the Leprechaun franchise as well as having several other films being featured on this site) decided to team up and one of the first projects announced for this team up would be a reboot of the Leprechaun series. Sadly but not surprisingly, they would not be bringing back Warrick Davies (who from what I gather, would have jumped at the chance to do another Leprechaun film (he loved doing those after all)) and instead cast WWE’s resident little person who dresses like a leprechaun Hornswoggle (whose original name in WWE was Little Bastard) as the title character.

Hell, They Even Released This Teaser Poster With Hornswoggle Acting As The Evil Leprechaun.

And for 2 years I had talked about the idea of this film being made and for two years, nothing happened (even though they said it would be out last year) so I thought it was a dead project, but nope…in 2014, I saw Hornswoggle’s face saying the film would be coming out in August for a limited one-day screening (so they could be get passed that Wallmart loophole of only having films that made some theatrical release being on their shelves). We even got a damn trailer for it and you basically only saw blurs of the creature, which was rather weird since I was wondering why in the hell would you make a Leprechaun movie and hide the Leprechaun. It was only after I watched the damn movie that I found out why, but we’ll get to that.

Let’s talk about the cast and crew. First they would get Hornswoggle to do this in what you would be presumed would be his first time in a movie, but then in 2014, you saw Hornswoggle was in the movie Muppets Most Wanted, which WWE never once promoted when it was in theaters that one of their guys was in it. By the way, Hornswoggle had never seen any of the other Leprechaun films and refused to see them while making this film so his performance could be his own.

Then you have the director…finalist of the Fox reality show On the Lot, and former child actor Zach Lipovsky, who was a visual effects supervisor for most of his time away from being in front of the camera and his last movie was the 2013 Straight to SyFy Channel film Tasmanian Devils, about you guessed it…giant killer Tasmanian Devils.

Which Since I Havent Seen The Film, I Can Only Surmise This Is What The Damn Thing Looked Like In The Film (Yes, I Know What Real Tasmanian Devils Look Like….Thanks For Ruining The Damn Joke)

The rest of the crew is filled with people whose identities I’ll reveal later as one is funny as hell. One I will mention is the role of the Irish older lady named Mary is played by Mary Black, who you might remember from that horrible Fog remake.

Yep….She Was The Lady Who Was Too Busy Watching Jeopardy And Got Killed By The Fog Coming Out From The Kitchen Sink

She was also in the Wicker Man remake, which makes me wonder…why she would accept any role in a film that is a remake or reboot of some kind. I guess she thought third time was the charm, which sadly for her….it wasn’t.

Anyway, without further ado…let’s get on with this Leprechaun: Origins.

We start this film with two young adults running in the woods. They then enter brushes where we can see them, but we can’t see what is chasing them. And if you are from Ireland and noticing these plants might not be in Ireland, don’t worry…it’s because they filmed this in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The guy gets dragged into the grass and we only hear his screams with sounds of him getting killed. The girl then decides to do the stupidest thing possible and hide in the grass, just standing there while the guy gets eaten. And as you can also see the camera is shaking like a mother fucker for no reason. Then the guy jumps in and reveals how messed up he has become because of the monster.

He tries to ask for her help before he gets dragged back by the creature. It is at this point that she finally starts to make a run for it once again and we see what she is trying to reach.

This Strange Rock

But as you can guess…..she doesn’t make it and the creature kills her.

We then get the title.

And I start to wonder for a film called Leprechaun, why in the blue hell are they so insistent on hiding the creature. I mean, we all know what a leprechaun is and we all know the studio seems proud of their creature so why not show it off? Could it be that this studio is you know, lying and is not proud of the creature???

We then have shots of “Ireland” that we should know is Ireland with Irish music playing. By the way, this film originally gave the Leprechaun the name of Lubdum, but once making the film…they decided to just call him The Leprechaun. We then meet our four main characters who are hitching a ride on the back of a truck carrying chickens.

There Is Sophie & Ben

And The Other Two Are David & Jeni

You might the know the actor playing David as the same actor who played Mark in Freddy vs. Jason, who was one of the few people in that film actually killed by Freddy Krueger and not Jason Voorhees, who Freddy gets pissed at for stealing kills. The chicken truck driver shows him the way to the village and when asked if he can take them there, he refuses. You know, when people who will to take you to town won’t go all the way, maybe that should be a warning. But since these are basically kids in their early twenties, they just pay the guy and be on their way.

They walk passed the rock we saw earlier and head to town. They even ask what the hell the rock is as we see it is carved with symbols and such. They say the village is only 300 years old (like that is brand new for some reason), but they say it has housed some of the oldest Celtic artifacts. They then pass by this bearded gentlemen who just stands there and looks at them.

Hi There Bearded Man

So they enter the village and go to the local pub. Sophie looks at the book and thinks there must be mistake and her so called boyfriend Ben says the only mistake we made is trusting her with their last weekend in Ireland. As you can already imagine, this guy is a dick.

When they enter the pub, they get looked at by the patrons. They ask for four pints and the nice lady named Mary gives it to them.

Hey, If You All Don’t Finish These Drinks, I’ll Take Them. I Mean, I’m Going To Need To Drink To Continue This Film. Last Time You All Saw Me On Monster Crap, I Got Disentigrated…By A Freaking Fog.

Anyway, Sophie is apparently the smart one and just drops that she might not enroll into Berkley for her Master’s, which shocks the others. She then says that with her boyfriend going to Harvard that she might decide to check out the East Coast for a while. Jeni is especially unhappy as she remembered Sophie wanting to get her Master’s in History at Berkley’s since she was two. They of course talk about wanting to find places to visit in this little town and this interests the man named Hamish.

The actor playing Hamish here is known for being a voice actor who normally replaces original voice actors of parts when they are no longer available. But you may know him most for a role if you a fan of Saturday Morning Cartoons.

He Voiced Grounder From The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog.

He talks about some Irish place that translates to Stones Of The Gods and says they need to visit them. He says that they are these stone sculptures in a cave that are said to be the oldest known artifacts in all of Ireland. They ask why they haven’t heard about them and he mentions you will never hear about them in any guide books because this town likes to keep its secrets. Since there is sinister music playing as this guy is talking, you can assume that Hamish over here is a bad guy. Although, it is also safe to assume that when you cast the guy who played Grounder as him.

He then tells them that it is a seven hour hike from the town, but they can stay in one of the cabins that is on the road. Jeni then jokes about what is not to like to be in a Cabin in the Woods. Yeah, nice of you to reference a better movie. Ben then gets pissy about this being just a day trip and doesn’t want to spend the night in this area.  But he gets out-voted by everyone else so they decide to take Hamish up on the offer. Hamish then says he will call his son to pick them up and take them to the cabin. When his son gets there, Hamish introduces them to him.

What’s Not To Trust About This Guy?

During the drive, the son (whose name is Sean) is rather unhappy that there is four of them because he thought his father said there would only be a couple of them. Hamish then says four will be fine, despite not even bothering to tell his son that four is still a couple of them. David wants them to turn up the radio, but Sean says no. Sophie asks about the stones and Hamish says he has no idea what the symbols on the stones mean as those stones have been there longer than the town. Hamish also mentions that the town was made when they found gold in the cave and created a mine, but the cave collapsed so the town is what it is now. Ben sees the gold watch Hamish has on him and mentions that times must not be that tough. Hamish notices what he is talking about and says that a guest gave that to him. David notes it is a Rolex and says that the guest must have liked him to give him a Rolex. Hamish says that the guest really appreciated his hospitality.

So they get to a house and Sophie talks about it not being that bad.

Sean then says that is not where they are staying. It was where they lived before the mine collapsed. And then they reach the actual cabin.

Meh, Not That Bad Either

Of course, the curious thing is there are pad locks on the outside. Sean mentions that they have to guard against break-ins and squatters using the place. There is some noise being made and Hamish grabs a shotgun. They shoot at it and then Hamish says that there are a lot of wild boars in these parts. They then get the young ones set up. As they are setting up, David jokes that he didn’t bring his Rolex. Hamish laughs it off and says there is a lot of other things he can steal from him if he wanted to, before laughing it off as a joke before the two Irish people leave.

Once outside, Hamish takes off the watch and leaves it on the side of the house, I’m guessing as some sort of sign since he has those shifty eyes. Night falls as Sophie thanks Ben for agreeing to do this and Ben just gives a nod while he is reading. Sophie then asks about her coming to the East Coast and if he has given any thought to it, which Ben says that it sounds interesting. She then strips for him, but not enough to show nudity. Also, Ben is cold so nothing happens as far as sex goes.

Meanwhile, Jeni and David are having sex….well, they would be, but David falls asleep.

Really? You Couldn’t Even Finish Your Beer Or Have Sex? You Just Had To Fall Asleep? Now, I May Not Have Had Any, But I Don’t Really Think I Would Be Falling Asleep During Sex. Too Much Action For Me To Be Tired.

Even Jeni can’t believe this. After they have all fallen asleep, Jeni is awakened by some noise. As the noise continues, she is scared by it. She then looks outside and a jump scare of something running by happens. Jeni wakes everyone up and tells them that there is something outside. David tries to explain that is why they call it the woods with wild animals. Both guys laugh it off as Sophie tries to comfort Jeni. David decides to try and check, but he finds out and tells the group that they have been locked inside. We then see the Rolex that was left is taken by the creature outside.

Jeni is now scared and is going near the fireplace.

That was of course a bad move because the creature comes through the fireplace and rips out her earring.

I’m Sure That Hurts Like A Mother Fucker

As Jeni leaves that area, David looks in and gets scared by the creature.

As everyone starts running around, trying to escape the room. We only see the creature’s movements from its point of view.

Movie……You Are Not Jaws! Stop Trying To Act Like Jaws!

And Even That Movie Did That Because It Was Freaking Forced To Because The Damn Mechanical Shark Had Problems Working!

Anyway, the people try to barricade themselves into a single bedroom and attempt to keep the creature out. The noise stops and they think the creature is gone so they try to look under the door to check.

I Would Like To Thank This Movie For Doing These Extreme Quick Cuts So It Could Be A Pain In The Ass For Me Took Take Pictures.

Sophie screams and says that she saw a foot while the creature continues to try and force itself in. The creature then stops banging on the door and instead teleports to breaking the window and entering the room.

I’m Not Kidding You When I Say This Is The Best Shot I Could Of The Creature Breaking The Window

They try to separate themselves with the creature.

If You Ever Wondered Why I Kept Calling This Creature A Demonic Mandrill In My Talk Of The Film, These Picture Comparisons Explain.

See, the creature looks like what would happen if a mandrill became demonic and lost its freaking hair.

Or I Could Have Said It Was Gollum On Steroids. But Considering The Company That Made This Film, That Joke Would Have Been Too Freaking Easy.

So anyway, they get the bed over the creature and get out of the room. While Jeni is wondering how the hell they are going to get out of here, Sophie looks at the fireplace and realizes it is actually a tunnel.

I Honestly Don’t Know How Any Person Could Have Missed That.

So they go through the obvious, yet secret tunnel and they almost all get out fine, except David (who was of course last) gets grabbed and injured by the creature.

They get David out and close the door and we get the same scene of them barricading the door while the creature is trying to get in, but since they are kind of outside….they can jam the door shut for a few minutes and try to make a run for it. While running, Sophie explains that the people who gave them this room tried to lock them in their so that creature would get them. Ben then says that they must be assuming they are dead. Really now…you are assuming that they would just go through all the trouble of locking you in there for the creature and then just be on their way, assuming the creature did its job. Yeah, if this town has survived for 300 years and has probably done this a lot, that isn’t happening.

An idea is then given to go to the house they passed before they got to the cabin and check to see if there was a phone. You can kind of guess the problem with that situation immediately because as mentioned earlier, the house had been abandoned years ago. Kind of need electricity for that phone to work and I doubt anyone would still be paying the bills to keep electricity going to the house. They run for it as David with his injured leg falls and only Sophie decides to actually run and help him. In fact, Sophie throws the lamp and creates fire as a way to keep the creature away from David.

They tried to enter the abandoned house (which takes some time because it is of course boarded up), but a miracle falls as someone left the key nearby and it falls on the ground so they can open and enter the house. They lock themselves just in time before the creature gets in. After the creature eventually gives up, they search the place. Sophie flips on a switch and yes, the house does in fact have electricity.

Well, Now That Is Just Fucking Impractical Of These People

Seriously, you have a house that no one lives in that you never use and yet you have electricity for the damn thing. They then search for a phone and that search somehow leads them to the basement (because if they don’t have phone in the main level, they are sure to have a phone in the basement). In the basement, they are horrified to find tons of thrown together clothes, proving they were not the first people they did this too. Ben then uses one of the shirts as a tourniquet for David’s leg wound.

Then we see that the evil Irish bastards that put them in this trap are actually in their trucks and haven’t just assumed that they died (Gasp!!). Meanwhile, Sean has problems with his father Hamish being okay with doing this deed. Another man Ian comes over and Hamish thanks him for showing up, which Ian says no problem.

Hamish says Ian is here because he is not sure his son has the stomach for this nonsense. Sean says we can just leave the village and Hamish says you don’t just leave your home just because times get tough (well, you did leave that one house when times got tough, but what do I know?). Hamish then says you fight for what is yours around these parts. Sean says they are innocent people and Hamish says that they are not innocent as they are outsiders.

Not Those Outsiders. Those Outsiders I’m Sure Sean Would Be Okay Sacrficing

He says they came here of their own free will and the bad guys are just giving them a push in the right direction.

Back in the basement, Ben still tends to David’s wound as Jeni finds a bunch of glasses, which once again signifies that they are not the first people these townspeople have done this too. Now with the Irish lads, Ian believes that it should now be enough time for the creature to have done his work so they decide to go over and clean up after it. In the car, Sean says there didn’t have to be four of them and Hamish tells him he knew there was going to be a day where he would need to help them and now is that time. Sean then reveals that this wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t so greedy and taken all its gold from its cave. Then Hamish says that maybe if they increase their offer, they can buy themselves some lenience for the next time.

Back at the basement, Sophie finds an open book (left by the plot fairy) that explains that the creature out there is a Leprechaun.

Yep…Instead Of A Fun Loving Character From Previous Films That Is What Real Leprechauns Look Like, We Get The Bastard Child Of An Elf & Pumpkinhead As Our Leprechaun.

It also reveals that the stone is basically a boundary and if you pass the stone, the Leprechaun can no longer go after you. They also say that the cave housed the gold which they mined (meaning they stole). It also reveals that until the debt has been repaid, you have to make amends with sacrifices. Jeni then reveals that her earing was gold, which might explain why the Leprechaun grabbed it. Hamish, Sean, and Ian go to clean the cabin up, but then they realize that there are no bodies which means the people must be alive, which means the Leprechaun hasn’t fed so they run to try and get the group. They then see that the lights are on in the house so they know their planned sacrificial lambs are there so they run over there.

The Irish guys enter the house and the outsiders know they are here with their footsteps. Ben realizes there are weapons, which I could have said was there a while ago and they decide to grab them. Sean comes down and sees them. The others come down too and Hamish says good job to Sean for finding them. Ben tells the two to drop their guns and seeing as the two have guns and the four have blunt objects, Hamish declines. Hamish wonders how they got out of the cabin and Sean says that maybe this group has earned their freedom. Hamish says no to that because the Leprechaun will immediately will come to the village.

Suddenly shots start firing elsewhere and the two gunmen decide to leave their victims alone as they tend to Ian, who obviously was firing the shots.

No, Seriously….They Leave Them Tied Or Guarded So They Don’t Get Away. They Just Say “Stay There” And Expect Them To Stay There.

Okay, they do lock the basement door so they can’t get out, but you know damn well they can still get out or at least hide and sneak attack you when you come back for them. Hamish goes outside and only finds Ian’s gun and some flares.

Oh and even dumber reasons to just lock the damn door, Sophie has a freaking axe and she decides to use it to break down the door.

Makes You Wonder How These Guys Got Away With This Scheme Of Luring Outsiders To Their Deaths For So Long.

But then again, Sean is waiting and points his shotgun at them. But Sean has a conscience and he just lets the group go. They run out of the house and try to steal the truck, but the keys aren’t around. Sophie says that they just got to run to the stone so they run. Hamish eventually finds Ian in the garage…

Ian Seems To Have Been A Bit Impaled

Of course, he wakes up and with his last dying breath, he tells Hamish the Leprechaun is behind him and Hamish turns around and starts shooting. He then breaks a window and gets out of the garage. Of course with quick cuts and screams, the Leprechaun kills Ian. Our protagonists runs to the road, where they see a car coming up and get them to stop.

Hey, It’s Bar Maiden Mary

They explain the situation and Mary decides she wants to help. They think they are finally home free, but surprise, surprise…

Even Vince Russo Would Call This A Lazy Swerve

The car doors are open and the group is forced out of the car. After some talk, Ben and Sophie tries to fight them off, but they get knocked out. We see Sophie wake up and notices that all four of them have been tied to some trees.

As they struggle with their binds, they hear noises that tell them the Leprechaun is near. The Leprechaun now sees all four of them tied up and starts to wonder which one he should go with first. One of the things I notice is how bad the camera is with how blurry the film is at times. The Leprechaun then grabs Jeni’s tongue and rips out the gold tongue piercing she had.

I Guess This Film’s Lesson Is Never Have Gold Piercings Or A Leprechaun In Name Only Will Come By And Rip It Out Because They Need Their Gold.

This pisses off David who starts taunting the Leprechaun with insults so the Leprechaun does the natural thing.

And Slice Open His Stomach

Of course because of the Leprechaun’s sloppy slash, David’s ropes are also cut. David starts running away which everyone thinks is him leaving them, but David actually has other plans.

Namely Grabbing A Conveniently Left Behind Machete And Freeing Jeni. Then Distracting The Leprechaun As Jeni Frees The Others.

After everyone is freed, Jeni tries to save David, but the Leprechaun is on him like a bad habit. Ben and Sophie grab Jeni and they all flee as the Leprechaun kills David. Sophie then has this line of dialogue with Ben and Jeni.

Sophie: We have to go back to the cabin.
Ben: Why?
Sophie: Because we’re going to kill it.

So they go back to the cabin and Sophie explains her plan. She leaves a piece of gold near the cabin and says someone is going to be outside hiding and the people inside will lure the Leprechaun to come in through the fireplace with that gold, where they will be ready to kill it. Of course that person on the outside also has to lock it from inside as well. Yeah, me thinks this plan will go badly.

And yet somehow, they decide to get Jeni, the person most likely to fuck this whole thing up, to be on the outside and lock it inside. Everything seems to be working with Jeni hiding under the house, but the Leprechaun has other plans. The Leprechaun decides to grab Jeni and place her through the fireplace, where she gets an axe to the face by Sophie.

Complete With Some Horrific CGI Blood

So yep…Jeni is now dead and the Leperchaun now has more food. Sophie is of course completely distressed that she just killed someone she knew since they were kids. So with that plan going kaput, the two survivors decide to do the actual logical thing.


They also see a truck and try to steal it. Sophie falls and Ben (showing he cares about himself more than others) still runs towards the truck, refusing to help. Luckily for Sophie and unluckily for Ben, she is able to recover and get into the truck with Ben, where she calls him out on that shit he pulled a few seconds ago. Meanwhile, the Leprechaun is on the outside trying to get in like one of those monkeys at that old safari that used to be at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Yeah, They Sadly Closed That Part Where You Can Use Your Cars To Drive Through And Now, You Have To Ride In A Park Owned Vehicle.

They see the body of Ian and realize that the keys to the truck must be on him which means someone is going to have to go outside to get them from Ian’s cold dead hands. Ben offers to get the keys, but Sophie grabs a flare, giving it to Ben and says he has to distract the creature while she goes and gets the keys. So they put the plan in place and it doesn’t work when the creature doesn’t fall for it, but at least they are both still alive to try their next plan, which is to get to the farmhouse.

At the farmhouse, the Leprechaun finally grabs Ben and he tells Sophie to run and leave him behind and she finally does. The Leprechaun then kills Ben by ripping out his spine.

Leprechaun Wins…...Fatality!!

That’s My Fatality, You Unoriginal Bastard!!!!

Of course being the cliché horror movie character Sophie may be, she runs upstairs and tries to escape out a window, because as every slasher movie ever has shown us, that is such a great idea. But the window doesn’t open so she is stuck upstairs and has to hide in a small crawlspace. She cries realizing how screwed she is.

I Never Should Have Read That Book About Cliché Characters’s Escape Plans That Failed And Thought They Would Work For Me

The Leprechaun’s vision sees a handprint on the door to the crawlspace. All seems lost for her, but Sean shows up and shoots at the creature.

Sophie gets out of the crawlspace and sneaks away as Sean still shoots at the creature. She finds Ben’s dead body, but then has a shotgun pointed at her face by Hamish who has her put her hands up. Sean comes down and Hamish tells him that he has done good. Sean tells Sophie that he is so sorry, but then tells her to run. Then Sean turns his gun towards his dad.

Hamish asks what the hell he is doing and Sean says he is tired of being part of this. Hamish tells his son that he has always been a fool and Sean talks to him about being a murderer. Hamish then tells his son to just shoot him if he wants to. Hamish then grabs at the gun and he and his son have a tussle over it. In the struggle, Sean pushes his dad down the stairs. The Leprechaun comes out and Sean thinks about shooting the creature, but allows the creature to kill his dad.

Good-Bye, Irish Grounder

At Least You Weren’t Beaten By A Hedgehog This Time.

Sean cries over the loss of his dad and over this whole experience. Sophie runs into the truck and tries to get it started. She does get it started, but while driving….the Leprechaun decides to hitch a ride.

Going My Way???

She tries to get the creature off the car as the creature just tries to get in. As the creature gets on the roof trying to break the windshield, Sophie hits the breaks and the creature flies off the car thanks to inertia. Of course, either she didn’t have her seatbelt on or the car didn’t have airbags because she hit the steering wheel, which causes her to be busted open.

Unlike On WWE Shows These Days, This Movie Will Not Be Halted So Sophie Can Get Those Scars Fixed Up Before The Movie Continues.

So she tries to recover from smashing her face on the steering wheel and it takes a few minutes to do. She sees that the creature is up and she tries to start the car in an attempt to run it over, but the car won’t start. So she now has to make a run for it to the rock. The sun rises and we see Sophie run through a graveyard that we saw earlier in the film with the two people from the beginning pass by before getting very close to the stone. She trips over a backpack that was never picked up.

Those Crafty Leprechauns Are Leaving Backpacks For People To Trip On For This Exact Reason….Or It Is Just There Because The Main Character Needs Something Inside It.

So Sophie goes through the backpack (it’s the latter, it seems) and…

She Finds Some Gold Coins

I Want Me Gold!!!

Sorry, I get in the habit of thinking that’s the Leprechaun, but I am wrong because obviously…

This Is A Leprechaun. (Sarcasm)

Anyway…Sophie does that line that was done in the first film.

Sophie: Fuck You, Lucky Charms

Hey, What The Hell Did I Ever Do To You???

Joking aside, I also have to make this mention.

A Kid Saying That Same Line Said It So Much Better Than A Grown Woman

So she throws the coins in the air, which distracts the Leprechaun so she can grab a nearby conveniently placed knife and slice the creature’s head off.

Sophie then runs towards the rock even though there is no point running since the creature is dead. As she gets to the rock and touches it...


She hears grunts that the Leprechaun made and continues to run as the grunts continue to signify that the one she just killed was not the only Leprechaun there. And with that bit of sequel baiting, that’s the end of the film. Oh and during the 13 minute end credits, they try teasing some stuff that leads to nowhere, but another repeat of a past scene. So yeah, nice teasing that leads to nothing, you stupid, stupid film.

At the time this film was released, the last time we had seen Hornswoggle (who played the Leprechaun) was a few months before where his wrestling character as a heel with the jobber stable 3MB (who still had an awesome theme music) losing his hair, after he a hair vs. mask match vs. another midget in a bull costume. He had since been in a Gator suit as the mascot for the short lived jobber tag team of Slater Gator. Basically, unless there is some miracle…I don’t know how long Hornswoggle will last as part of the WWE roster.

Zack Lipovsky somehow got to direct the live-film adaptation of Dead Rising that is coming soon. Melissa Roxburgh (who played Jeni) will be in another WWE Films production as the Olivia Tanis in the next Marine movie (which will be starring the Miz, who will be the first Marine to return for a sequel). Brendan Fletcher (who played David) will be returning for the Uwe Boll Rampage series in Rampage 3. Garry Chalk (who played Hamish) will be in the Disney film Tomorrowland, although his role is not known at this time.

So my thoughts on the film are this: Despite it not being on my worst of the year list, this film is bad. And watching it again, it just got worse. I’m serious when I tell you, I would love to know where they got these camera because these are some of the worst cameras I have ever seen as far as the focus goes. This film at times freaking blurs so often and with so many jump cuts, you can barely tell what is going on at times (especially with many of the kills of the Leprechaun himself). The CGI blood splatter that we see is crap. The Leprechaun suit looks terrible (as I have mentioned many times in my comparisons with demonic animals and spawns of other horror movie villains). I really do feel bad for Hornswoggle because even with the crap in this film and the fact that he doesn’t get to speak, he tried so hard with what he had and like the same thing he is dealing with in WWE, it all ended up like crap.

So if you want an enjoyable Leprechaun film, just watch Leprechaun 1, Leprechaun 3, or Leprechaun In Da Hood. You can also watch Leprechaun 2 because despite hating that film, it is still better than this film. But after having seen Leprechaun in Space and Leprechaun: Back In Da Hood, I cannot say this is the worst Leprechaun film. However, I will take Warrick Davies 100 times over Hornswoggle as my Leprechaun any day of the week.

So with the 2014 GINO Award winner done, what is the next induction?

Well, We Are Going Back Nearly 20 Years For The Next Induction With A Film That Began Hatred For A Certain Director Who Had Made Great Films Like Falling Down & The Lost Boys.

I know what film you are talking about and this is a film I have wanted to induct for a while because I believe the man who played Batman, played him the worst.

It's Batman Forever.....Till Next Time

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