Friday, October 4, 2013

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for Oct. 3rd #HulkHogan Leaves

Well, you shouldn't be surprised that Hulk Hogan does end up leaving at the end of the Impact episode and this is supposed to be the way his character is written out of the show since his contract is expiring and word is he has no desire to re-sign. If you are wondering why Hogan was allowed to leave the way he did and not put anything over on his way out, it is because TNA (being the geniuses they are) gave him creative control of this. Now while I did say it was executed better than I thought it would, the fact that Hogan did this proves once again what I have said since day one, which is Hulk Hogan only cares about Hulk Hogan and once he bleeds a company dry of caring, he will walk away and make them look terrible. Vince McMahon never did this and that is I guess why Hogan is okay in WWE. But there were other stuff that happened so listen to the show.

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