Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet The Newest Monster Crap Intern, Lady Maili

As some of you from twitter and those who caught part of my Monster Crap induction of Seed (2007) know, less than 4 weeks ago, I got myself a new dog (who I call intern) from the Stafford SPCA and her name is Lady Maili.

While her birthday is unknown, I do know these few things:

* She is three years old
* She is an escape artist (having to chase her four times, I would know this)
* She is very much a diva who wants to be the center of attention and if another dog is getting more attention, she is not happy
* She is up to date on all her shots.
* She is spayed
* Before she was spayed though, she gave birth to two pups, who were quickly adopted when they were ready to be on their own
* She is a Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix)

She has been very helpful during the last few weeks at getting me to exercise since I do walk her basically four or five times a day and I am a lot happier now that she is in my life.

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