Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Monster Crap Fantasy Football Bet

Okay, apparently NegaSeth has told me that he wants to speak to me so what is it?

 Ah Yes...I have asked you here because I have quite enjoyed seeing you squirm while you induct Monstroid and yet, I have more that I want to do next summer.

No, no, no.....we are not doing this again.

We will do whatever I want, but I am a fair man and I will give you a chance to deny me my opportunity to give you 5 more bad movies next summer.


I see that you have a fantasy football team this year and have always done so. Well, I have a fantasy football team too this year so what do you say we make a bet.

Fine with me, so what will be the rules?

The rules will be that each of us play in different leagues and the one team that gets the farthest in the playoffs...wins. If that is the same, it will be based on records. And if that is the same, we will go with points scored.

Fine, but we already know what happens if you win so if I win, I am picking next summer's 5 films and it will be films I like.

Sounds fine with me......

Good, now if you excuse me, I.....

Hold It Right There!!!!!

Porno Pete??? What the hell do you want?

I have a fantasy football team as well this year so I am including myself into this bet.

Sigh.....fine, I'll add you. But I will have a fourth team eventually and if that team wins, the fans will pick the films for next summer.

Hmmm......interesting. I accept this little addition and I would love to see what Porno Pete has if he wins.

Glad you asked, if I win......the films for next summer will be films from MY film library. Which means it will be enjoyable to see Seth have to Mr. Censor on those.

Grrrrrr....Fine. Then the bet is done and every week of the Fantasy Football season, we will have updates on how we are doing. This conversation is over!


  1. I am eagerly waiting for Brazil world cup 2014 and i am surely going the event of Brazil. I hope it will be the best event i have ever seen.

    1. Wrong football. I was talking American Football and this bet ended in January.