Friday, August 23, 2013

Seth & Nick's Impact Implosion for August 22nd, 2013

Yeah, like you heard last week.....Mike Poulin (my usual co-host) was once again unable to make the show due to prior obligations so co-host of the Smackdown Rundown, Nickolye co-hosted the show this week in his place. Not much to say about this week's Impact other than that it was a C- and apparently everyone was ripping on Taz's commentary this week. Newsflash folks: I have had to listen to him almost every week on Impact and even on PPVs ruin what should be normally a good show and this is not even close to being his worst job on Impact. It was bad, but not bad enough that everyone is going after when they weren't going after him for WORSE (do I really need to remind people what he said on the One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion show?) So yeah, we will talk about Taz's BS a little bit, but mostly the show had good matches with bad outcomes and bad matches with good outcomes so take what you can get.

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