Saturday, January 1, 2011

NFL Football Fan Addict 1/1/11 - The Final Countdown

Seth Drakin and Robthemany break down week 17, and discuss NFL news. And the next time you tune in, we will be talking about NFL playoffs. What time is it???? What time is it???? It's playoff time.

Yes folks, I lost the bet and while no one emailed either of us with suggestions of crap I might say, Rob was more than gracious to find something for me to say as payment for losing our fun little wager. This may have been one of our craziest episodes and my favorite, because with this being the finale to one of the most bizarre regular seasons in recent history, we of course have some bizarre situations that could happen at the end of this season. Yeah, it was really hard for us to keep straight faces during the whole show and I think there were several times were we even broke seriousness to just have fun. Sadly though, you will not be hearing Europe's The Final Countdown.

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