Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 GINO Award Nominees are up

Because I have to mention this every year, GINO means Godzilla In Name Only (the name alot have given the American version of Godzilla) and the GINO Award is given to the worst movie of the year involving what I deem to be a monster or monsters.

This year we have had alot of cinematic travesties involving monsters and while some I so want to nominate (like the remakes of Clash of the Titans and A Nightmare On Elm Street), but I have to go with films that are universally crap and not crapped by a small majority of people. So sorry to those who think those films are deserving of a nomination, but there were worse films out there. But there were also some straight to DVD attrocities as well and some straight to SyFy channel abominations that I had to deal with so let's just get to the 15 films that are nominees.

2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams
A Sequel To A Really Good Movie That Really Involves Several Missing Actors From The Original & Is Really Bad.

Alone In The Dark II
An Unneeded Sequel To A Uwe Boll Film. Since House Of The Dead & Bloodrayne Have Sequels, Why Not This One.

Full Title In My Opinion Is How To Piss Off A Spirit Bear & How To Bullshit Your Way Out Of Its Mauling Wrath

*Sigh* The Twilight Nightmare Continues With This Entry

Furry Vengeance
I Really Did Not Want To Even Give This A Chance Of My Eyes Even Seeing This Abomination, But Since We Already Have Animals Causing Mayhem In The Past, I Guess I Will Have To Suck It Up With This

Jonah Hex
You Really Have To Try Extremely Hard To Piss Off Everyone With This Film & Jonah Hex Did Exactly That.

Mega Piranha
Since The Asylum Found Deborah Gibson And Put Her In A Stupid Monster Movie, They Had To Dig Up The Other Washed Up 80s Teen Pop Star And Put Her In A Monster Movie As Well

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus
Who In The Blue Hell Demanded A "Mega Shark Vs." Sequel?? Not Only That But Who Said It Needed To Star Steve Urkel From Family Matters???

My Soul To Take
It Takes A Extreme Fuck Up On Wes Craven's Part For Me To Not Put The Nightmare On Elm Street Remake On This List & Put A Film From The Director Of The Original One As A Nominee.

Road Kill
There Are So Many Killer Vehicle Movies Out There That You Would Have To Do Something Extreme To Make People Turn Their Heads, The Only Thing That This Movie Did That Was Not In Other Killer Vehicle Films Was Make It Extremely Boring.

From The Guys Who Made Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem Comes A Really Bad Independence Day Ripoff That Stars Turk From Scrubs & Miko Pressman From 24.

The Last Airbender
I've Tried For A Long Time To Avoid M. Night Shyamalan Like The Plague And With A Film So Bad As The Last Airbender, I Can Avoid Him No Longer.

The Rig
Another Film In The Long Line Of Awesome Covers, Shitty Movies.

The Traveler
What The Hell Has Happened To You, Val Kilmer????

Vampires Suck
Some Directors Should Stop Making Movies.

And those are our nominees, voting ends on January 8, 12:00 AM ET.

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