Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016 GINO Award Poll (10th Annual)

It's 2017 and 2016 has sucked for a lot of reasons and bad movies are one of them. We have 24 nominees that I cannot say do not deserve induction. Here are the 24 films that can be inducted.

Battle For Skyark
A Boring Mundane Film That We Never Even Go To Skyark

Cabin Fever remake
I Hate The Original Cabin Fever A Lot, But They Somehow Were Able To Make The Remake Worse

You Don't Even Need To Read The Book Because They Wiped Their Ass With It To Make A Generic Zombie Film Trying To Pretend To Be Something More

Demon Tongue
Some Of The Most Unbelievable Acting Is Shown In This Film That Only Shows The Demon Tongue Once

Flight 7500
You Get To See Why A Movie That Was Teased To Be Released In Theaters In 2012 Finally Gets Buried Straight To DVD Or Video On Demand In 2016

An All Female Ghostbusters With Two Women That I Do Not Like To See Act Directed By A Man Who Directed A Film I Do Not Like (Despite A Lot Of People Liking It) And Surprise, It Is The Script That Sucks

Gods Of Egypt
One Man's Passion Projects Becomes A Nightmare In This Complete Mess And Box Office Bomb

Meet The Twist To This Boring Movie...You'll Understand If You See It

WWE Films Gives Us A Film That Tries To Merge The Exorcist With Inception And Fails At Both Aspect

Independence Day: Resurgence
Roland Emmerich Goes Back To The Well Way Too Late For A Sequel To Be Worth Anything And When He Couldnt Get Everyone Back, He Replaced Them With Worse Options

I Wish To Invoke The Top 10 Worst Movies I Saw Rule On This Found Footage Film With Everyone Yelling And Screaming At Each Other 

Max Steel
Just Like Jem & The Holograms Last Year, Some Person Decided To Make A Movie Out Of A Nostalgic Property And Basically Spit In The Face Of Those Fans At The Same Time

Norm Of The North
Who Decided To Put This Animated Film Starring Rob Schneider And Has Horrible Animation In Theaters???

Nine Lives
How Did They Get Such A Cast To What Essentially May Be A Big Budget Version Of A Talking Cat???!!!

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies
A PG-13 Zombie Film That Sadly Only Bores You With The Zombie Stuff (Not The Pride & Prejudice Stuff)

Ratchet & Clank
Fans Of The Game Will Be Insulted That Even The People Who Made The Game Would Make Such A Terrible Movie Based On Their Own Source Material

 The 5th Wave
We Continue The Attempts To Make Young Adult Romances Out Of Alien Invasions And Just Like The Host, It Fails Big Time

The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty
I Fell Asleep Twice Trying To Watch This Film And In The End, The Main Point Was To Try To Make Sleeping Beauty A Villain

The Darkness
An Autistic Child Unknowingly Causes Evil Demons To Haunt This Family And Yet Everyone Else Somehow Find A Way To Almost Be Worse Than Him

The Disappointments Room
This Film Should Probably Have Stayed In Relativity Media's Own Disappointments Room

The Forest
A Horror Movie About The Evils Of A "Suicide Forest" Is Made Boring With No Scares And Every Predictable Thing Happens

The Other Side Of The Door
A Crappy Movie With Terrible Jump Scares Is On The Other Side Of This Door

The Wild Life
Look At Robinson Crusoe's Face. That Is How The Real Fictional Guy Would Feel About This Film That Wants To Focus On Some Dumb-Ass Animals For "Comedy" Instead Of Mr. Crusoe Himself

Yoga Hosers
The Second Part Of Kevin Smith's Craptacular Canadian Trilogy And The Only Thing I Can Hope Is That Moose Jaws Could Be Good So At Least One Of These Films Could Be Good Because This Isn't It. 

Closes on January 14, 2017 at 12 AM

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