Saturday, May 2, 2015

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for 5/1 - Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young

Man, this live Impact may not have come soon enough because this last of the taped Impacts called Hardcore Justice...was probably the worst show and the first show I am giving an F to. While it may not have been the train wreck that the first hour of last week's show was, this show was excruciatingly boring, highlighted by a main event that I compared to the Capture The Flag Scaffold Match from WCW Great American Bash 1991. And the reason I compare it to that is it completely makes this Stretcher Match the easiest to win as all you have to do is put the person on the stretcher and  put straps on them when normal stretcher matches would have someone be put on the stretcher and stretchered out to a finish line. Even worse is that EY (#1 contender to the world title and heel who has been accusing  face champion Kurt Angle of ducking him) is facing champion Kurt Angle in a match that was announced as "Non-Title". And worst of all, Kurt Angle (champion and person Destination America wants to build around) loses this easiest Stretcher Match in history. 

There was some other stuff as well like Rockstar Spud's Cinderella X-Division Title Run ending at the hands of the BDC's group jobber Kenny King as well as the news that the TNA Tag Titles are cursed as the Hardys (who just won them) will probably have to forfeit them because Jeff Hardy decided to be an idiot and break his leg while doing dirt bike stunts. Oh and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins is now part of TNA Creative.

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