Sunday, April 26, 2015

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for April 25th, 2015

Well, this episode was another double header show as we missed last week and like last time we did this, one show was good.........and the other one was terrible. And the sad thing is it was in the same order as last time with the first show being the good one and the second being the bad one. But the even more crazy thing about this show........was many people actually liking the second show. Look, I understand giving TNA a low standard, but then there is stuff where if you watch and take notes on the show, it is completely bad and even worse with the low standards that EVEN I give TNA.

Another thing that did happen, but was obviously edited out was a few minutes into the show, my mic went out. And I'll tell you when it happened, it was during when we talked about Destination America's apparent bullshit going on with TNA.

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