Sunday, April 12, 2015

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for April 5th, 2015 & April 11, 2015

Considering all the crap time it took to record the April 5th show (with constant audio problems and stuff), it is rather fitting that I post both episodes right here since they were released on AngryMarks on the same day due to issues.

The April 5th show was one of technical issues despite the fact that we had to talk about two shows since we had missed last week due to Mike being at an independent wrestling show. While I did enjoy the first show we talked about, I could not say the same for the second show we talked about with crappy drawings, a screwy finish that could have been easily fixed, commentators arguing over random crap instead of calling the match, and matches being not as good as their previous encounter.

The April 11th show was a bit more interesting as we talked about the One Night Only PPV: Hardcore Justice, which had some rather stupid weapons like a rubber chicken, a selfie stick, and Gummy Bears (seriously). We had Josh Matthews slowly regressing into the WWE persona of his, which is annoying for everyone. And well, the matches weren't that great for the most part. Then we talked about the Impact of that week, which was actually an okay show as we had a triple threat match for the world title, a segment to set up next week which will be for the vacant tag titles, a Rising vs. BDC match, and a decent #1 contendership for the Knockouts Title match although that match should have been given more time. And finally, I decided to review the wrestling dog movie known as Russell Madness and trust me, it is worst than it sounds and it sounds bad to begin with.

Click Here For The April 5th Show

Click Here For The April 11th Show

or you can listen to the April 11th show on Youtube

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