Saturday, March 14, 2015

Monster Crap April 2015 Induction Poll

Well, it seems that that worm Seth Drakin is almost done with the Leprechaun 4: In Space induction so it is time once again for the poll so you fans of his can decide what I subject him to next. Like the usual, I have ten films for you to choose from and if one film gets a vote, but doesn't win, it will be in the next poll that isn't special. Here are your choices of his next poison.

Spider Woman: Death’s Web (2005)
A Not Known Thai Horror Film That Should Have Never Been Made For Many Reasons

Night of the Living Dead 3D (2006)
Night of The Living Dead Gets An Unneeded Remake (Because There Was Already A Good Remake Filmed)

Countdown: The Sky’s On Fire (1999)
Just As Fun As Stepping On A Burning Bag Of Crap

Bats: Human Harvest (2007)
Only Your Snores Will Escape

Pumpkinhead: Ashes To Ashes (2006)
This Film Should Have Been Burned Before Release

Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002)
Another Terrible Hellraiser Movie…But This Time, We Have Ashley Laurence Returning To The Series For One Film

Gamera vs. Gaos (1967)
“Full Of Turtle Meat” Gamera Faces A Vampire Bat That Shoots Lasers

Batman & Robin (1997)
The Worst Batman Movie Ever

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999)
Robert Rodriguez Fun Vampire Film Gets A Bloody Awful Sequel

The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)
Before The Smurfs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, And Several Other Cartoons Were Allowed To Enter The Real World With Terrible Results, We Got Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Poll ends on March 21 at 12 AM

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