Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blog Talk Radio Decides To Be Scrooges

As you all know, there has been a huge travesty committed by the folks at Blog Talk Radio, who have decided that starting February 1, 2011 unless you pay a premium rate of 40 dollars per month, you will be face huge restrictions for your podcast.

* 30 Minutes Maximum
* Not Allowed To Air On Prime Hours
* Only Allowed 3 Drops

As alot of people know, this is not possible for both Angry Marks and Superfriends Universe and their podcasts. Now both sites have decided to do two different things. Angry Marks have decided to create their own network so Ring The Bell is safe. However, Superfriends Universe will probably cancel all its free podcasts unless things change so that puts the NFL Football FanAddict in huge jeopardy. If you want to help Superfriends and keep shows like my show, QCW Radio, and of course......The Superfriends Show, go to this link and the head of Superfriends Universe Big D will tell you what to do.

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