Monday, July 2, 2018

Impact Implosion 6/28 - Three D's Without the Dudleys or Guy Fieri

I normally drink when I have to deal with a show that gets an F. However, since we missed three weeks and we covered three weeks (with all of them getting a D grade for one thing or another), I needed to drink. Here we have three shows that all were unsatisfactory. The first seeming to be fine, but a final segment which reveals the attacker, yet had the stupid moment of having a guy walk 16 steps away from the rest of the group in a straight line (with no door or hallway walls to block what is happening) before attacking the guy he arrested and revealing himself....was just too stupid for it to stay a C. The second having a killer opening match, but the rest if the show falls flat afterwards. The third never really gets going, but it isn't F worthy so it just gets a D. Best thing we had on that third show was making fun of Rich Swann's hair since he has a bald forehead yet the back has dreadlocks. So this might be a longer than usual episode, but it is an episode where you get to see us trying to make a good show despite getting very little to work with. 

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