Saturday, February 10, 2018

Impact Implosion 2/08 - What's Next for Austin Aries?

Good news is this show was better than last week's drizzling shits. Bad news is the show is still bad and more in a sloppy wrestling way. Boy did we have some bad botches on this week's Impact like confusion as to who is legal in a tag match, not being able to sell for the Unprettier, and not being able to sell for a Double Team DDT. The main event was good though despite that Double Team DDT botch and Sonjay Dutt seemed to have a tiny bit more life in his commentary than the guy he replaced in JB. We also got fashion faux pas in Hania's debut against Amber Nova as neither woman look good with what they were wearing. Oh and Aries (despite having the top belt) says he is not signed with the company. 

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