Sunday, August 13, 2017

Impact Implosion for 8/10 - Lashley, Low Ki and Lee!

Another day, another Impact that is just standard. Then again, I should be thankful for satisfactory shows as this tapings has not been that good and sadly that goes for a lot of the shows that have been booked by Jeff Jarrett. It really seems like Jeff very much has a opinion of himself that he needs to be reminded how great he and his family is. We also get stuff like Gail Kim being back and immediately inserted into the Knockouts Title picture, Grado still being a nefarious asshole trying to take advantage of a woman who isn't in her right state of mind just so he can stay in this country and he is the good guy, Veterans of War proving to be the biggest idiots in the world for coming out alone in a street fight when they know there are 6 members of LAX and they will use all of them to keep the tag titles, you have Alberto La Mierda and the less said about him would be best, and finally you still have this Trevor Lee with the stolen X Division Title storyline. We also had me basically recapping an argument I had with Foolkiller on Twitter because he didnt like an International Exhibition Tag Match as it had no story to it, not realizing that there has NEVER been a point where every match had a story to it. 

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