Monday, August 7, 2017

Impact Implosion for 8/03 - The Road to Destination X 2017

After being gone for two weeks and dealing with a rear-ending car crash the day before this was taped, Impact Implosion is back and we are still with these tapings. The show I had to watch on demand actually was a satisfactory show and has gotten my highest grade of these tapings in a C thanks to two really good matches. The show I watched live returned us back to D quality with one good match and a decent reveal as to who the newest member of LAX was, but not much else. The bad is of course this "Grado has to get married to stay in this country" storyline, La Mierda still being shoved down our throats, the X-Division Title storyline with too many plot holes you could fit a truck through it, and in the case of the show I saw live, the continued BS of the Grand Title Matches.

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