Saturday, May 13, 2017

Seth's Odyssey: Monstermania March 2017 in Cherry Hill, NJ

Originally I was going to do this in April, but due to the MS attack and the recovery causing me to take time to recover, this was put in the back burner. So much so that the mustache in these pics is no longer on my face as I shaved it off. 

On March 2017, I went to Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ and sadly had to stay in a Holiday Inn that was a few miles away instead of at the Crowne Plaza hotel where the event was being held itself because the hotel was full. This will probably be the last time I do this and probably the last time I do Cherry Hill because of the hectic nature everything was at this event. Also before the show, Ric Flair cancelled so I did not get any autographs from the Four Horseman (or Lita for that matter as when I got to her table, I didn't have enough money for her prices). But let's not talk about the bad as there was a lot of good at this event.

It was day 1 and my mom (who drove me to and from the event) and I were met with a scattered by dangerous (as it was hard to see) snowstorm. In fact, it was even more dangerous as I forgot my ticket originally so she had to go back and get it (I have endlessly apologized for that). And during the crazy situation, I saw these photo opportunities for me.

This Guy Waited Too Long For The Convention To Start

Demonic Priest......RUN!!!!

There Are Zombies Here. Of Course There Are Zombies Here.

So after that crazy situation, I went in and immediately went to get John Cusack's autograph.

It took a long time as he came late and then about some time in, he had to do those photo ops, and then got back to signing autographs. While I am sure it was for charity, his autographs were $70 and the photos with him were $80 and there was no combo deal for the two.

Trust Me, That Is John Cusack. He Had On A Cubs Cap And Bandanna So He May Be A Bit Sensitive If His Hair Starts Disappearing

After that autograph that took nearly two and a half hours to get, I just wanted to take some photos before I continued on.

The Nurse And Pyramid Head From Silent Hill. Luckily, We Aren't In Silent Hill So They Can't Kill Me. 

This Killer Clown Will Probably Be Better Than Pennywise In The New It Remake. 

This Ghoul Has A Hoodie On. He Better Be Careful Going Out At Night.

Then I Met Wilfred Brimley. You May Know Him From The "Diabeetus" Ads, But I Know Him More As Blair From John Carpenter's The Thing.

I Then Also Got To See On Night One Louise Fletcher And She Also Didnt Have A Combo Deal So I Had To Take A Picture Of Her Signing My Autograph As Well. 

And That Was All For Night One. I Was Going To Get Doug Bradley's Autograph As Well.....But I Was So Tired, It Just Wasnt Worth Standing In A Long Line Again.

Now onto Day two, which is the long day of the three day event.

Whoever's Leg That Belonged To Now Knows Now To Never Mess With A Mole Man

Better Watch Out For This Guy

I Wonder What This Guy Plundered. 

I Think The Motel Hell Is Nearby. 

Nice Masks.

This Guy Might Want My Face As A Mask.

The Doug Bradley AKA Pinhead Autograph Still Took Some Time, But It Was Worth It This Time. 

It's Rare For A Celebrity To Have Done This. But Kristy Swanson Taught Me How To Do A Selfie On My Phone. Also, You Knew I Had To Get The BB From Deadly Friend 8x10 To Autograph 

Cool Costume...I See A Part Leatherface There.

Yep....This Is My "I'm About To Get Killed By Jason Voorhees And I Don't Care" Face

I Sense Some Big Trouble At This Convention

Of Course A Walking Dead Character Was Going To Show Up. 

McCready!!!! Be Careful, But I Hear There Is A Thing At This Convention.

Great Scarecrow Costume And The Jaws Of The Mask Move As Well. 

Just Saw A Creeper Kill A Guy (Not Really). 

I Hope The Police May Be Nearby Since You Know, We Have An Escaped Undead Convict Here.

I'm Afraid To Ask Where You Ladies Got That Blood From...Oh Wait, One Of You Has A Pig's Head So That Must Be Pig's Blood. Hey, As Long As Carrie White Isn't Nearby. 

I Hear "It's Hip To Be Square" Is Playing At This Hotel. Just Not In The Lobby So Don't Kill Me.

Who You Gonna Call For Your Ride?

I believe at this point I went to lunch, but I came back later on in the day for another go.

Look At The T-Shirt I Got From Fright Rags. Unfortunately, I Think It Already Has A Hole On It.

We Have Another Prisoner Escape And Well, He Seems To Be A Clown And Plans On Committing Some Jolly Good Murder.

I'm Going To File A Complaint As This Hotel Seems To Have One Giant Roach Problem. 

Mighty Cthulu Has Arrived (PS, Nice Puppet That Looks Personally Sewn Together)

Surprisingly, I Didn't Need Special Sunglasses To See This Alien.

Yes, We Can Have Female Ghostbusters And Not Make A Crappy Movie Out Of It. 

Enjoy Some Captain Spaulding's Fried Chicken And Gasoline. Just Don't Piss Off The Owner Or Things Won't End Well For You.

Oh No...It's The Witches From Hocus Pocus. Hey, Just As Long As One Of Them Is Not The Nostalgia Critic, We Will Be Good.

Sometimes Even Vampires Just Want Some Chinese Food.

DEATHSTROKE??!! What Are You Doing Here???!!! 

Hey Pogo The Clown...Hope Their Isn't A Skull In That Bag. And No, I Will Not Be Part Of That Special Trick You Have.

Yikes....I Have A Feeling This Crossing Guard Did Not Have A Good Day.

Finally Got To Meet Lloyd Kaufman (& Some Ladies Who Hung Out With Him)

And What Do You Know? Just After Meeting Lloyd Kaufman, I Met Sgt. Kabukiman. 

What A Lovely Couple.

What Happened To Your Face?

Still Have Not Seen The Lords Of Salem Yet

Hi, Munsters. 

Flesh Eating Bacteria Is No Joke...Even Demons Can Suffer From It.

What Is This Karnage Thing That Sucks So Much, Mr. Mohawked Clown??

You Don't Always Need To Bust The Ghosts. Sometimes, You Can Be Friends With The Supernatural Like This Ghostbuster Is With This Demonic Were-Rabbit. 

What A Nice Guy Freddy Kruger Is.

Hello...Ladies. One Of You Might Need That Wound Taken Care Of,

Nope....Still Have Not Seen Lords Of Salem.

Grrrrr...It's The Wolf-Man And No, I Did Not Check If This Wolf-Man Had Nards. 

More Evil Clowns. This One Has A Stuffed Animal That Looks Evil. 

I Should Have Known That A Mad Scientist Would Be Here.

It's Batman And I Think He Has A Nose Bleed.

Blade From Puppet Master Grew A Few Sizes This Weekend.

And Kato Blows Us All A Good Night For Night 2.

I was planning on coming back for the Costume Contest that was going to happen later that night, but between the walks and the ride back to the Holiday Inn with my mom, I decided it was best to just call it a night.

Now to Day 3.

I Get To Meet Jason From Friday The 13th Part IV. I Wonder If He Knows He Will Be Killed By Corey Feldman.

This Was A Great Costume; I Think It Was A Fox/Wolf Hybrid With Horns. Nothing More I Can Say About This.

Nick Castle, The Original Michael Myers. Jason, Freddy, And Michael Are On My Autograph Collection. 

More Awesome Masks. 

Looks Like She Has A Nasty Headache. Might Want To Get That Taken Care Of. 

Barbara Crampton...She May Have Been In That Movie Chopping Mall That I Inducted In Monster Crap, But Great Actress. 

Peter Maloney, Who Played Bennings In John Carpenter's The Thing. Luckily, His Hands Are Normal This Time. 

I Think I Had A Photo With Dean Cundey, But Sadly I May Have Deleted It From My Phone. Oh Well, I Got His Autograph Anyways...Even If This Photo Has The Autograph Being Sideways.

Pennywise The Clown...Either Having A Scary Face Or Showing His Disdain For The Pennywise In The Upcoming Remake.

Well, This Is Definately A Wolf With A Bit Of Car In It.

And with all of that, my mom and I went home. Like I said, I had a fun time, but like all conventions, I did need to rest. And sadly, the multiple sclerosis happened the week afterwards. And with that all said, so ends another Seth's Odyssey.

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