Monday, November 14, 2016

RIP Tom Neyman

1934 (?) - 2016

As many of you who are huge fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 may have heard, Tom Neyman passed away on Saturday at the age of 80. He may not have done much (on IMDB, his acting credits involve one film that is already out), but he will always be remembered as The Master in the classic bad movie known as Manos: The Hands of Fate, which was the seventh film that I ever inducted into Monster Crap. It was a long time ago since I inducted that film (10 years basically) and back then, I really lampooned the film and wondered why it was considered a cult classic. Sadly, I was not really knowing of the idea that a cult classic could be a movie considered one of the worst films ever and I was new to this site. I also made a lot of jokes about The Master looking like Frank Zappa and Freddie Mercury.

I was very inexperienced and while I can still say that I really need someone riffing this movie for it to be watchable, I can easily say that it is not close to the movies that I consider the worst (aka films that have pissed me off). While I always will say that my favorite character and I'm sure the one most people love is Torgo, the sidekick who acts like he is completely high off his ass (he was) and had a strange way of speaking, I can say that my second favorite character was the Master and Tom (from what I have heard) always seemed to be in good spirits about the legacy of the film and filmed a sequel called The Master Returns (produced by his daughter, who played the little girl in the film...which if you consider how Manos ended, is creepy). It sadly has not been released yet, but when it is, I am sure I will watch it and give my thoughts on it.

But besides the point, it is a sad day to hear that this legend in the bad movie world is no longer with us and I sadly will never get to hear in person from him, what it was like to make such a film. I give a heartfelt condolence to his friends and family.

You will be missed.

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