Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Impact Implosion for September 8, 2016 - #DELETEorDECAY

Well, it is time once again for us to see the craziness that goes on in the Hardy household with Delete or Decay. Yep....home invasion has never been more wacky (except for Home Alone of course). We also got to see Broken Matt Hardy show off his personal zoo with most of the creatures being vessels for great people and then of course in that personal zoo is the spot monkeys. But outside of Delete or Decay, we had the revelation of the Impact Grand Championship (and its complete convoluted tournament), the set up of Mike Bennett vs. Moose at BFG, Maria facing small consequences for the way she won the Knockouts Title, the continuation of Allie eventually turning face with being bullied, and the EC3 vs. Franklin press conference. 

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