Thursday, September 1, 2016

Impact Implosion for August 25, 2016 - The Implosion Returns!

Well, it has been three weeks since we did our last show and we have 3 Impacts to cover so this may be our longest show to date. You get more of the wackiness that goes along with the Hardys (now with the Decay also involved). You get more of "um...that guy is here now" in Aron Rex (Damian Sandow from WWE). You get more of disgracing the mid-card titles of your own company with Franklin The Turtle (Lashley for those of you who dont get the joke nickname I have given him). You get more of The Gail & Maria Show featuring the rest of the TNA Knockouts (we even accidentally stumbled upon a new joke nickname for Marti Belle). You get more of Billy Corgan switching between doing what is best for the company and just being a complete dick. You get more of Rockstar Spud wanting to murder a man for forcing him to wear braces as that man make fun of him for having braces. Get more of two guys who are have huge problems with each other, but are okay with some fun pool time and drinking whiskey. 

Oh crap...I might have said too much. DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!!

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