Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for April 5 - Big Money Matt vs. Drew Galloway

The episode known as Revenge was actually really good, but nothing that put it over the top so it got a B in that department. Both matches with the Hardys were good despite the world title match not being that long. We had a good street fight between Lashley (or as I call him Franklin and the Pope that basically was a squash, but hey it was still better than the one done by Brock and Ambrose at Wrestlemania (yeah, I think that Mania sucked this year). We saw more passion and personality out of Mike Bennett in his entire time in TNA. And we saw Trevor Lee give a shit during a segment he was in. The only problem I kind of had was with the women's match and that issue was with how Jade winning her first Knockouts Title was not played up at all while instead focusing on Maria and Gail Kim (Maria did hit Gail with the belt). 

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