Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Impact Implosion for April 19 - Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

With news of the new investors and other things going on, you would think TNA would put their best foot forward. You would be completely wrong as this episode is mostly a set-up for next week's show being subtitled Sacrifice and this episode being the one that finally made me give the dreaded F to. Seriously, this episode had so many problems like a 9 minute ladder match, hostage taking in 2016, Al Snow winning a match in 2016, the X-Division Title Match being just pointless and done with no care at all, Mike Bennett seemingly falling back on his promo skills, and finally, a sloppy I Quit Match with no real ending. TNA better hope Sacrifice is as good as it is projected or we are not going to have a fun April at all. 

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