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Seth's Odyssey - Monster Mania October 2015

It's been a long time since I have done one of these so let's have a Seth's Odyssey as I was at Monster Mania in Hunt Valley once again in way early October. It is still held at the still nice hotel, although I believe they changed ownership since last time I believe it was a Marriott and now is a Wyndham. After some heating issues, a bit of a rest to get ready for the long show, going to Carraba's for a lunch/dinner, and getting some stuff at Wegman's, it was time to head down.

While waiting in line for the show to begin, I saw Michael Myers. Thankfully, he doesn't cut in line or we would have had issues and I probably would be dead.

The show begins and I had to wait nearly an hour in line to get the autograph of the man named George Romero.

While he was signing the picture, we talked about the monster from the Creepshow story The Crate and the monkey from Monkey Shines.

Then after that, I got the autograph of the star of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch and of course his great role in Night of the Creeps.

Being that I had a Wegman's bag to hold the autographs and whatever else I got, Tom Atkins told me that he loves Wegman's, but sadly there isn't one where he lives.

Afterwards, I went downstairs and I saw some more stuff that I had to take pictures of.

Hello, pirate. What booty did you get this time?

This butcher sadly does not have a meat cleaver available so I guess this hatchet will do.

That nice mask has a shirt on so at least he will be warm when it gets cold down here. Oh, and nice hat.

This doll spins and spins if you get near it.

For those of you asking, yes.....that hair is real on that creature's head is real

A very nice sculpture of that creature that was burned in John Carpenter's The Thing. Thankfully, it isn't the CGI mess from the Thing prequel.

Those killer spheres from Phantasm in the middle of two syringes that Dr. West uses in Re-Animator.

Then I got the autograph from Terry Kiser who was Bernie in Weekend At Bernie's.

And yes, those are same glasses he wore as Bernie in that film. Do the dance of the dead man!!!

As I was heading back, I saw a few more people and things who I felt needed their picture taken.

Nice mask and a cool ass Gremlins model.

Sadly, these masks are not on mannequin heads so you don't get to see the complete awesomeness of them although I still say they are awesome.

Aww...a blood sucking vampire! I need to hide in my room!

Took a rest and then went back out.

On my way back, I met Chatterer from the Cenobites. I thought he was alone, but I was wrong as you will see later on.

Awww.....cute couple.

Two sisters looking at things. Cannot for the life of me remember what they were dressed as. If you two are reading this, I apologize for not remembering what you were dressed as.

Would have gotten Zach Galligan's picture with this, but he was charging extra for it so no thanks.

A picture so liked by the shop keeper behind them that he asked me to email it to him. What kind of asshole would I be if I refused?

Dee Wallace was really nice and the story of the 8x10 that she autographed was that during the filming of Cujo, the director, the guy rarely used as Cujo (most of the film used actual dogs who were very loving as I was told), and her took this funny ass picture. In a world of 8x10s being a picture of the film, how could I pass on this gem that shows even casts of horror movies can have fun?

Then I waited for Meg Foster at her table because she needed to take a cigarette break and I talked with the security person at her table about Keith David sadly not being able to make it and he revealed he was supposed to be at his table, but when he couldn't make it things changed. Meg Foster finally came back and apologized for the delay, but I was alright with it since while she may be famous, she is still a human being with needs like the rest of us.

Of course I chose a picture of her as Evil-Lyn from the Masters of the Universe movie starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella (Note to self: someday I need to induct that film). Would have chosen a picture of her from Leviathan, but alas...no such 8x10 was there.

Then I waited in what was a long time to a guy who has been in several inductions on this site, Matthew Lillard.

Chatterer showed up and this time, he was with Pinhead (trust me, that was Pinhead even if the picture isn't that great). Thankfully no chains and hooks showed up to skewer people.

Then, I finally got up to Matthew Lillard and since he was charging extra for a photo, I passed on one. I will note that he was very happy when he got to see parents would bring their kids to see him.

While doing this, we talked about one of the films I inducted onto the site and his first ever film Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College. You would hear about actors who find low budget shlock like that as an embarrassment that they wouldn't talk about. Not Matthew Lillard. He has no problem talking about that film since as his first film, that was the film that got him his Screen Actor's Guild card.

It was late and with me deciding not to watch any movies. I decided to head to bed and go to asleep, with more activities to come the next day. The next day begins and after a quick small breakfast, I continue my Odyssey.

And when I head downstairs, I run into Blade from the Puppet Master. Hey, I have your picture hung in my room with Charles Band's autograph. What more do you need, man?

Hey, nice mask from the great Italian movie Demons. Hope that mask doesn't cut you. Lord knows we don't need Demons running amuck.

I want to apologize to this lady here, I don't know if she is Elvira, Vampira, Morticia Addams, or someone else. I forgot to ask.

These two are part of a group called Dead Dollies and of course we will see some of them later at the costume contest.

Went back to those masks from earlier with sticks and now they are with mannequin heads so they look perfect.

Finally went to the autograph room and decided to get my last two autographs of the show.

Despite the planned reunion of my favorite film (John Carpenter's The Thing) having more members planned to be here, only the actors who played Windows and Fuchs were able to attend and as planned, I got both their autographs.

As I headed out, I found the Silent Hill Nurse, a bloody woman with a stuffed rabbit (sorry if I can't name what she was supposed to be), and Sam from Trick R' Treat. Trick or treating in Silent Hill might be a bad idea.

I then attended the Tribute To Roddy Piper (who was supposed to be here, but sadly he died a few months before the show). David Keith was supposed to be apart of this, but like I said, he had a movie so it was just independent director Rob Dimension, Monster Mania promoter Dave Hagel, and actress Meg Foster instead. Was a very emotional and touching tribute to the man.

Hey, I got to meet Harley Quinn.

Oh no, Jamie Lloyd from Halloween 4 & 5 has grown up. Thankfully she didn't kill me and then ended up mute after it.

I headed back to my room and then headed out for some BBQ in a great place called Andy Nelson's BBQ. It was delicious and I can't recommend this place enough. After that, I went home and took a nap (as good BBQ would do that), before I continued.

More people in costume that I forget what they were dressed as.

Captain Marvel.....what are you doing here?

More and more masks!!!

It's one of Immorton Joe's brides. I see this is what they do now that they are free from him.

Why so serious? I rarely am serious to begin with.

People from the worst hospital ever are coming to get you.

Your weekly neighborhood skull salesman is here to sell you some skulls, fresh from the morgue.

These two were made for each other.

It's one of the ghosts from that not good 13 Ghosts remake and the original costume of being the Horse Reaper.

Hi, Scarecrow with a sledgehammer.....I'm sure I will see you later.

You might need to see a doctor to get that knife in your head checked out.

I then went to The Thing Reunion.

Despite it being only Fuchs and Windows (while Nauls and Childs were not available), this was actually a really nice Q&A.

Holy shit this was awesome. The people in this room decided to have a projector behind this glass door so that when you were outside the room, you would see these creepy images moving.

After looking at those doors for so long, I moved back downstairs and saw these fine gentlemen from the old days who may or may not be the dark ancestors of Blue Man Group.

This creature is obviously having fun here and is enjoying a nice beverage.

So since to only two things left to do for me was to see the Costume Contest and watch John Carpenter's The Thing at midnight, I went back to my room to look at the goodies I also got on this day.

A bootleg DVD that has all three Star Wars prequels with the Rifftrax on them. Probably the only way to watch these wretched films.

And an awesome Pizza The Hutt shirt. I heard that guy ended up eating himself.

Well, it was time to wait for the Halloween Costume Contest so I got to take a few pictures before I went in.

A 9 year old kid as Jason Voorhees....this is just too cute not to take a picture of.

These people were all apart of that Dead Dollies group that is of course on Facebook Here.

Mutant Zebras!!! Well, that's......unique

Are you ready for Freddy???

Let me hear ya scream loud for Ghostface!!!

Time for the Costume Contest.

I got my seat.

First category was for Best Costume for People 14 and under.

Contestant #1: Harley Quinn....no not the one from earlier

Contestant #2: The Nurse from Silent Hill that I saw earlier.

Contestant #3: The Jason Voorhees kid from earlier.

And the winner is....

The Jason Voorhees kid.

Next was Scariest Costume.

Contestant #1: Scarecrow with a Sledgehammer

Contestant #2: Michael Myers

Contestant #3: Ghostface

Contestant #4: Older Michael Myers

Contestant #5: Freddy Krueger

And the winner is:

Scarecrow with a Sledgehammer!!!

Next category is Most Original Costume...

Contestant #1: Killer Bunny

Contestant #2: Uno the Cyclops

Contestant #3: Ash from Evil Dead.

Contestant #4: Liv From IZombie

Contestant #5: Mutant Zebras

Contestant #6: The Dead Dollies

And the winners are:

The Mutant Zebras!!!

And finally, we have the category of Sexiest Costume (and both contestants are from the Dead Dollies group).

Contestant #1: Zombie Ariel

Contestant #2: Clockwork Orange Chick

And the winner is:

A tie!!! They both win!!!

Well, that ended the Costume Contest.

Sorry, Zombies....but after watching John Carpenter's The Thing at midnight, I gotta head to bed.

So I did just that and I then headed to bed. Next mourning, I went home and that was Monster Mania. I had a great time and hope to come back again.

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