Saturday, August 1, 2015

Birdemic Photoshop Contest Result

Well, sadly only one person sent me Photoshops (5 actually) so while I would like to thank Gustav D. Richlen, I am disappointed that I gave 7 days and no one other than Gus sent me pictures. Don't know when I will be doing another one of these because I don't know if there is a good opportunity to do this. So let's show those pictures from my favorite to least favorite.

Brock Lesnar can't believe he has been put into a smaller body while Triple H is extremely upset his head has been put on a woman

These two seem to be fine dancing with each other for this Photoshop, knowing that even their clustered show Evangelion is handled much better than Birdemic

For Dave Bautista, he is doing the "NOOOOO!!!!!" yell while knowing that this basketball may not hold a grudge, it has other interests instead.

Vince Russo thought it would be funny to have a picture from a movie in the future as a prize in one of the four boxes from the infamous San Francisco 49ers Match thanks to his time machine, but Booker T here is not amused, while like much of what Vince Russo did, the average audience member in the crowd didn't get it.

And the winner is...

Rod finally got his dream to have his backyard filled with solar panels for the entire community and Natalie is so proud to see them living the dream that they dance in the backyard, not knowing that they are too damn close to the solar panels that the sun's reflections will burn them sky high.

Thanks Gus for the pictures and I really wish more of you participated.

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