Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion Taped July 17th, 2015

Sorry for this being late. I completely forgot to post this show that was taped last week. No show this week due to rather personal matters in our producer's life. You might have noticed there was not an episode for the Impact before this one and that is because while we taped one, our producer's computer crashed so that episode was lost forever. Because of that, this episode is unintentionally covering two episodes of Impact.

Now talking about the episode and I have to say, oh boy was TNA a mess that second episode we covered. And oh boy is this Hernandez situation really screwing up these TNA shows and unfortunately, they are going to continue for a few more weeks because of what they taped and because of that, we also lost MVP so the Beat Down Clan is dead, which makes the Rising having to disband because they lost to the BDC rather pointless now. And yet there will still be a Bound For Glory this year in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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