Friday, November 14, 2014

RIP Francis "Uncle Frank" H. McCarthy

1965 - 2014
It has been two weeks now since it has happened and floored my family. On the night of November 1 (the same day as my brother's birthday), we were informed that my second youngest uncle (by only a few months) Uncle Frank, had passed away at the age of 49. Unlike what happened with Poppy this year and Uncle Don before I even started this site, I did not have several days or months warning that this was going to happen. It was just completely sudden and out of the blue. It was until days later that we found out that he had atherosclerosis (if you don't know what that is, look it up because I really am not in the mood to explain that one) and an illness caused a blockage in the arteries, which caused him to die. 
Uncle Frank I cannot lie and no disrespect to any of my other uncles, was one of my favorite uncles. When I was new to computers, he introduced me to the awesome game that was Doom, still one of my favorite PC games. When I was a huge fan of Godzilla (and I still am), he would be able for Christmas, get me a few issues of G-Fan, the official magazine for Godzilla fans. When we had to stay at my grandparents house while a fire happened at my parent's house, he introduced me and my brother to his playset of Planet of the Apes toys, which we had fun with.
Now Uncle Frank may have had many problems (like he had a disease that caused him to lose all his hair and honestly, he was a bit of a hoarder (something that my grandparents are still trying to clean up)), but he was always kind and always knew how to have fun. He also was a cat person and adopted several cats (some feral) and even fed more stray cats that came by. He also surprisingly to all of us, was a person who did Zumba and while I say Rest in Peace to an uncle only 19 years older than me, I give you this video of him doing Zumba with his friends (you may notice him as the one with the pink boa).
Uncle Frank, you will be most assuredly missed. 

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