Friday, August 1, 2014

Monster Crap Request Thread

Alright....October's induction poll is looming and honestly, I don't have any special ideas to use as a topic to nominate films so once again as I did a few years ago, I am going to ask you, the fans to give me requests on what to induct. Also as you can see on the side, I am torn on one film so you can vote on whether or not I should nominate that request.

1. Film must not have come out this year
2. Film must be available on DVD
3. As usual, it must have some type of monster in it (although as I have shown, that can be a very broad term for something that is either supernatural or something that is deformed or something that is cybernetic or something that despite something that should kill normal things, it doesn't kill this), but I will be the one to determine that.
4. It can't be something that I already have scheduled for future induction and looking at my list, that is small so don't worry about that.
5. Also cannot be a sequel to a film where the original hasn't been inducted and well, it should be inducted first.

Right now, I only have 3 films requested so here and there is a poll for whether I should nominate this fourth request so here are the places you can make requests.

1. This post (just reply)
2. The thread on the FAN Message Board
3. My twitter page

I will ultimately decide on whether something shall be nominated so make good choices.

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