Tuesday, January 21, 2014

AMP Raw Reaction #149 for January 20th, 2014: BATISTA RETURNS

I finally decide to end my WWE Raw boycott (that lasted several months starting in September) and I end up also hosting this show because Glove Up And Shut Up co-host Peter H and myself sub in for the usual co-hosts of Angry Tensai and Big Vic to talk about Raw. This Raw of course had the return of The Animal, Batista. It also had John Cena looking for payback and we got that numbers video not once, but twice to hype up the Royal Rumble since this was the go-home show.

I will also have to talk about the elephant in the room that happened to those who listen and that is we forgot to talk about the two tribute videos for Mae Young, who passed away recently. The videos were interesting as they were voiced over by Stephanie McMahon herself and you knew they were treated with great care. My thoughts on her passing today are the same as when I gave them on the Impact Implosion. I may not have liked Mae Young's WWE run, but even I admit that for what she was willing to take and did take, she earns all my respect for being one tough woman. So Mae Young, you will be missed.

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