Friday, May 31, 2013

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for May 30th, 2013 (The Dead Crowd Returns)

Sometimes you miss some good things watching Impact. This time, to coincide with TNA Impact moving their start time from 8 pm to 9 pm, I missed from what I hear a very good interview on Thursday Night AMP with one Devin Sturgis (the guy in the pimp suit who was interviewing Lex Luger when he did his infamous "I Don't Know" promo) and what do I get for it, a rather bland episode of Impact and a very bad go-home show for one of the companies four live PPVs. Although as we show with our preview of the PPV, the card does not look too good also. In fact, I am actually looking forward to the Chikara iPPV on at the same time (it will be the one I am watching despite my TNA duties) and several of the taped TNA One Night Only shows. Click here to listen as we talk about this week's Impact (as well as some news).

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