Friday, May 24, 2013

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for May 23rd, 2013 (Will He or Won't He)

While we didn't mention our overall opinion on the show, I can say that I thought this show gets a C.  Crap like the Wes Brisco stuff, the commentating stupidity, James Storm's mystery partner revelation (that was clusterfuck segment), the short time given to Angle-Anderson, Suicide once again being not that good was equaled by the awesomeness of the AJ Styles' setup and final reveal, Mickie becoming the new champ (while showing hints of being a heel), and Sting finally deciding to continue to be at his best in a long time. We also talked about the continuing medical bills nightmare going on for a current wrestler (poor Zema Ion) and the astonishing fact that TNA to have a fitness app star JEFF HARDY (yes, the same one who has had a history of drug abuse, which you think would make him the worst person to talk about being healthy).

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