Friday, June 1, 2012

Seth & Mike's Impact Implosion for May 31, 2012 (TNA's 8pm Middle Finger To The Fans)

As you could guess, I HATED this episode of TNA. Not once, but twice did TNA say fans effect decisions and both times did they find some way to give the fans the middle finger. When a majority of the fans picked Jeff Hardy to face Devon, the match ended with one of the other choices interfering and causing a double DQ. When 82 % of the fans wanted TNA to sign Joey Ryan in their Gut Check segment, TNA said for Joey Ryan to hit the bricks because of their own personal bias. Slamiversary is a ppv to celebrate 10 years of this company existing and what better way to show this by main eventing the show with the world champion defending the belt against a guy who at this point could use a colonoscopy. Oh their is more BS that this company decided to use, but overall...........I would recommend that you skip this episode of Impact because for the first show of this new live., 8 pm format.....I would want my time back.

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