Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ring the Bell for March 13, 2012

Hosts Ciara, Seth Drakin and Xtreme Tony return to discuss Monday Night Raw, TNA Impact, Ring Ka King, and much more!

The show did not start until after 10 pm and we had a lost show with no audience and no recording starring Frank Vaughn, Ciara, and myself where we talked about me being a drunken asshole yesterday (because I was writing my The Thing prequel induction which you will see in the weekened) and I think by the end of the actual show, I apologized to producer Kev, who he and I got into a bit of a spat. Anyway, we had an actual show where we talked about the shit that went on in wrestling. It was a fun and interesting show.

Too bad we wont get to ever hear that lost show that lasted 30 minutes, but then again.....shit happens.

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