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Seth's Odyssey: Wrestlemania XXVII

So I am creating a new segment where I will talk about my travels if I end up going anywhere. This time a friend Steven and I actually went to Atlanta for Wrestlemania weekend. So let's begin.....

We start this odyssey by going to the Omni and immediately realizing that we can walk to both the Hall of Fame show and Wrestlemania.

When Going To The Most Anticipated Show Of The Year, Always Stay At The Classiest Hotel Or The Closest One

Afterwards we go to the Hall of Fame show which was at 8 pm. Unfortunately, my camera was not that great so I was not able to get any good pics. But here are the cliff notes for me....

* Can't believe we had club seats which allowed us to actually see who was at the show and have a very good view of the stage.
* In front of us was a guy dressed as early Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and yes, he looked ridiculous. But you let it pass
* DDP, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, & Norman Smiley were in the audience
* Ted Dibiase started as the inductor of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and he teased dropping money from the sky, but went into his heel mode and laughed. The crowd loved it.
* In his inducting of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase talked about the loser leaves town match he had with Hacksaw that he lost (having a number of gimmicks involved) and..............all the while I was thinking "This must be a Vince Russo wet dream".
* Hacksaw Jim Duggan was loved by the crowd
* Hacksaw treated the 2x4 like a pet and it was funny
* Next up was the induction of Bullet Bob Armstrong and inducting him were his sons (one of them was The Road Dogg of the New Age Outlaws)
* They allowed The Road Dogg to do most of the speaking and it was awesome.
* Bullet Bob actually talked about how he first wanted to get into the business when he watched Gorgeous George in the ring. Really a great going back in time moment and you really knew the feeling Bullet Bob had for this business
* Next up was Laycool and the divas inducting Sunny. Crowd was not very much into these inductors.
* Sunny came out to a standing ovation. She talked about Chris Candido, Jim Cornette, & Smokey Mountain Wrestling. At the end, she teased maybe a WWE Comeback.
* Next up was the induction of Abdullah The Butcher which was done by Terry Funk. Funk talked about Abdullah's foreign weapon being a fork and saying that he forked me here, there, and everywhere.
* He also talked about how in Las Vegas, he would scare othere people by putting the edges of the poker chips in the ridges of his forehead and would wiggle them.
* Abdullah then comes out and it was very hard for walk as he had a cane. Abdullah had a very short speech and he had a fork with him.....wanting to give it to John Laurenitis (who is a very big executive as far as WWE Talent Development is concerned).
* Dusty Rhodes then came out to induct the Road Warriors and he was as enthusiastic as The American Dream always was (which is a lot).
* Paul Ellering & Animal came out. They brought an action figure of Hawk and talked about how they missed him.
* While Animal talked about his kids, all I had in my mind was "you don't fuck with Animal's kids" because all of them are pretty fit. (One of them is in soldier, another is an NFL Linebacker, & the third is a female ice hockey player).
* Loads of L.O.D. chants.
* Then we get the induction of Drew Carey into the Hall of Fame and everyone expected Bob Barker to do the induction, but was Kane.
* Anytime Kane shows up, you can tell that the crowd loves this man.
* He brings out Drew Carey and while Drew got initially booed, he took it like a champ and at the end of the day, won a few of them over.
* Finally we get the induction of Shawn Michaels and it is done by Triple H. Triple H then proceeds to do one of the funiest speeches of all time. He talked about how great Shawn was while digging at him for his "google eyes", his wacky early attire, his basic refusal to be like Hulk Hogan and hide the fact that he was bald, Shawn's walk, & Shawn Michaels being his road wife.
* Shawn came out and was humble as anything. However, there were assholes in the crowd who were doing catcalls like "You Screwed Bret", "One More Match" (Let the guy retire for god sakes), & others. Those people I wanted thrown the hell out.
* Shawn talked about what Undertaker said on Raw about HBK going into the Hall of Fame filled with regrets. Shawn said that when he initially left in 1998, that would be true. However, now with his wife, his kids, and his faith...........he could now go into the Hall with no regrets at all.
* After the speech, we had a special moment where Shawn hugged his wife and kids before getting back up where he was greeted by his backstage friends Triple H, Kevin Nash, & Shawn Waltman.
* After listening to a show with Bryan Alvarez, it became apparent very early on that my friend and I had better seats than he did and that really helps when reviewig a show.

Aftewards, Steven and I called it a night and went back to the hotel. The next day, we along with my parents went to the Georgia Aquarium where we all had a good time. I grabbed alot of pics for this one.

Before The Aquarium, We Took A Walk Around The Centenial Olympic Park, Which Was Fun

First off, we went to the Tropical Diver exhibit and these are the pics we got.

Next we went to the Ocean Voyager exhibit, which had the Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, & other sharks, rays, & fish.

Next up was the Cold Water Quest Exhibit, which had Baluga Whales, Penguins, & Sea Otters

Next up is the River Scout exhibit which has River Otters, & well as others

And finally, we have the Dolphin Tales where we got to see the dolphins.

After that, we all went back to the hotel. Steven and I saw this from across the balcony and a floor down. This banner has to be seen to be believed.

Then we went to the Georgia Dome for Wrestlemania, but before I bought a Randy Orton "Apex Predator" T-Shirt and we got there we saw a few people amused me.

We went into the Georgia Dome for the show and since my camera was not that good, I was not able to get any of the action. I was however, able to get a shot of the ring and a shot of the stage.

Like I said, I didnt get any of the action so I will have to trust on the cliff notes again.

* Our first match was a pre-Wrestlemania lumberjack match for the United States Title between the champion Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. This match was supposed to be on the show, but WWE decided it had better use of that time doing crappy segments, which you will hear about later
* The match went to a no contest so Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out and made a battle royal with the two participants and all of the lumberjacks. This match was won by The Great Khali so I have made the joke that the winner between Sheamus & Daniel Bryan is The Great Khali. Sad......
* The Rock came out for the opening and while some people were upset with the time this got, it proved once again that The Rock has the audience eating out of the palm of his hands.
* First match was suprising as it was the World Heavyweight Championship Match between the champion Edge (who had Christian in his corner) and the Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio (who had Brodus Clay & his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez in his corner). The Royal Rumble for years had been honored as the winner of it gets to main event Wrestlemania. Now while there have been plenty of times where they end up on the mid card, but never jerking the curtain so...........this really can piss a lot of people off. Edge won this match and then destroyed Alberto's car.
* The next match was Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes. This was my second favorite match of the show and this really told a story very well. I was actually rooting for Cody, but had a feeling Mysterio would win this match. However, it was Cody who won with the Cross Rhodes after a shot to Rey's head with Rey's own kneebrace....which was removed.
* Afterwards we have a crappy segment where Snoop Dogg and Teddy Long doing an audition for Snoop Dogg's tour. It was a crappy segment with Yoshi Tatsu & Chris Masters doing Queen's "We Will Rock You", William Regal's "Straight Outta Blackpool", & Khali and a woman doing Grease. Only two highlights to this segment. The first was Zack Ryder (who is awesome) singing Rebecca Black's "Friday" (which afterwards Roddy Piper showed up and smacked him in the head with a coconut), and Hornswoggle finally speaking after Snoop and Teddy left. Hornswoggle performed what may consider a good rap with the Bella Twins. However, I still believe this segment was fucking pointless. 
* Next up is an 8-man tag between Kane, Big Show, Santino, & Kofi Kingston (who replaced Vladimir Kozlov, who was attacked at Fan Axxess) vs. The Corre (Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, Ezekial Jackson, & Unified Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel). This match lasted shorter than it took for me to talk about it as 90 seconds in, Big Show pins Heath Slater to win for his team. This match should have been given more time as it was useless and all it did was bury the heel stable known as The Corre. 
* Next up was a segment between The Rock & Diva's Champion Eve Torres. Rock said he could make a Wrestlemania moment with anyone and the person who first appeared is Mae Young. Mae Young talked about wanting the People's Strudel (aka Rock's penis). Rock basically balked off of this as Eve escorted Mae away. The only good moment was when Rock basically had a face to face with his old rival Stone Cold Steve Austin. They two basically exchanged pleasantries and that was all. Useless segment and more time should have been given to actually having Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at the show.
* We then got an interesting match between Randy Orton and CM Punk. This was basically a predictable yet enjoyable match in which Randy Orton beat CM Punk with a RKO out of nowhere. This really felt like a match that would have been better off anywhere outside of a Wrestlemania as it seemed that they were just going through the motions. 
* We then had another segment with The Rock & Mean Gene Okerland. We then met who was supposed to be John Cena's #1 fan, Pee Wee Herman. This instilled groans into my view as this is what constitutes as more important that the US Title Match. Rock basically turned Pee Wee Herman into a member of Team Brng It instead of being a member of John Cena's Team Fruit Loops. 
* Next up was a match a lot of people were looking forward to and that is Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger in his corner). Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee and what should have been a really short ass kicking of one of the most hated men in wrestling Michael Cole. Unfortunately, this match went longer than 2 times the length what it should have gone. We were supposed to believe that Jerry "The King" Lawler won, but that computer known as the Anonymous Raw GM reversed the decision and said that Michael Cole wins. So not only did this match go on way longer than it should, but they gave the match to Michael Fucking Cole. Fans even shouted BORING in the middle of this match so way to go WWE on screwing this one up.
* After that crap, we had The Undertaker vs Triple H. After the incredible entrances, we got what was an awesome awesome match and they told a great story here. Basically it was Triple H doing whatever he could to beat Undertaker with no luck whatsoever. Triple H hit three pedigrees, a Tombstone, and hit him several times with a steel chair, but could not win. Undertaker needed a Last Ride, a chokeslam, and a tombstone before he was finally able to make HHH tap to Hell's Gates after several minutes of having it applied. The real story is HHH was able to walk to the back while the Undertaker needed to be carted to the back.
* I could not get full enjoyment of that last match however because a fucking kid kept kicking the back of my seat. Four times...........FOUR TIMES............I had to tell this stupid 8 year old to knock it off. Poor parenting I say, POOR PARENTING.
* Next we had the piss break match that was John Morrison, Trish Stratus, & Jersey Shore's Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Laycool. I didnt see any of this match because I decided to actually take a piss. Apparently I wasnt the only one who thought this as there was a line to the bathroom. Apparently the team with Snooki won as you could here her music after the match.
* I missed the Miz's opening because I got some food, but I saw Cena's opening and that was some boring BORING crap.
* The main event was not really good and a lot of people could tell. It originally ended in a Double Countout and a lot of people were pissed. Rock came out and had the match restarted and immediately took Cena out with a Rock Bottom. Miz pinned Cena to retain the WWE Title. Rock then came back to give Miz the People's Elbow and we were left with the awesomeness that was the Rock to close out the show.

Me and my friend got lost so it took us an hour and a half to get back to the hotel after the show was over.  The show really didn't feel like a Wrestlemania and strangely for the first time ever, no title changed hands at a Wrestlemania. It was a fun experience even though the show was completely underwhelming.

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