Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes, Things Fall Into Place

Well, sometimes you just have to have a good resiliance to personal issues in life and sometimes you need to have that go-getter type attitude. On October 12, all of that has fallen into place because I will be on two different radio shows in the same day. I will be starting this off by joining main host RobTheMany as a co-host in a show called NFL Fan Addict, which you can catch at 7 pm ET every Tuesdays on the Superfriends Universe (the link is there). There will hopefully be a chat going down at the same time in the chat room. On this show, we will talk about the news that is going on in the NFL and our opinions on the games of last week. This should honestly be really fun since I am a big huge fan of professional football.

After that (from 11pm to 12:30 pm), there will be another show I will be on every Tuesdays called Ring The Bell on the AngryMarks page (also on the links). But unlike the other show, I will merely have a call-in segment called TNA Spoilers To The Rescue where I will basically spoil what happens on the week's TNA Impact (they tape) so it will save people the time and effort it takes to watch this wrestling show, which is truly a blight on pro wrestling booking. There will also be a chat to this at their page and I hope to have some fun helping out with two podcasts on the same day.

Hopefully for the forseeable future, my Tuesday Nights are very busy.

Oh and I almost forgot, if you by chance miss these dont have to worry because the good friends at both sites will be archiving each episode.

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