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Monster Crap Inductee: Munchies (1987)

Before the start of this induction, I would like to mention that I say some unkind stuff about the state of New York. I do not have any problem with the people in New York (in fact, most of my family lives there). I do though have a problem with the lawmakers and politicians so if you are a citizen of New York, please don't take what I said about the state personally.

Monster Crap Inductee: Munchies (1987)
Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Watch A Gremlins Rip-Off


Well after the disappointing induction of Monsturd and the induction of Dragonball Evolution that made me raged against the Hollywood establishment, I figured I could relax and watch something goofy from Roger Corman.

No, We Are Not Inducting Sharktopus……………….Yet

Instead, we will be looking at a Roger Corman film that is in the vein of rip-offs of the Gremlin films like Critters & Ghoulies. And you could see by both of the first installments of those series, they could go either way. With Critters, you had an awesome movie that established the main baddies with some good acting by competent actors like Dee Wallace Stone and Terrence Stamp. With Ghoulies, you have a very boring movie which despite the advertising……..the Ghoulies don’t show up until halfway through the movie. You also have bad actors which makes you pine for the Ghoulies even more. However, I will say that both the Critters and Ghoulies films made money and good money at that. Hell at Charles Band’s Horror Road Show, he credits Ghoulies as being his big break and the reason almost every other film from Full Moon Pictures even exists.

You Know, It Is A Wonder Why I Have Not Wanted To Burn My Ghoulies 1&2 DVD In Madness.

But Roger Corman, a man who has made a career of doing rip-offs and doing films based off the latest fad, had to have his own spin on the Gremlins genre. Now for the most part, it seemed like Roger tried to make a good little creatures’ gone wild type film as he hired the editor of the Gremlins film, Tina Hirsch (as Bettina Hirsch) as his director and got Harvey Korman to star in this movies in a double role. Of course most of older folks might remember Mr. Korman from the Carol Burnett Show, but I think younger people like me might remember him from a different role in Blazing Saddles as Hedy…

It’s Not “Hedy”. It’s “Hedley”. Hedley Lamarr

Oh of course. Anyway………It seemed like someone at least tried and of course, with it being an induction………….although that doesn’t mean it is completely unfunny so let’s see what this film has in store for us.

We start our film with our main character, Paul Watterman as he is holding a camera and is basically monologuing like Captain Kirk about how he has been captured by a Klingon overlord. He is then immediately stopped by his dad, Simon who tells him to stop complaining because he will only be out here for six weeks. Simon then tells him that he regrets letting his son bring that camera. You see, Simon is an archeologist who has taken his son camping for a dig he is on.

But of course, Paul has a different dream in life and that is to be a stand-up comedian, a dream that is immediately shot down by his dad who mentions that he isn’t funny. I should note that Simon is being played in one of the duo roles that Harvey Korman is doing so Paul, Harvey Korman is a great comedian and if he thinks you aren’t funny…………….you probably aren’t funny. Simon also refuses to let Paul go to L.A. to become a comic because in his words, “L.A. is like New Jersey with earthquakes”. I would like to add that I spent seven years of my childhood in Tinton Falls, New Jersey…..which is in Monmouth County, right near Red Bank and while I do have some good memories of New Jersey (they had a lot of really good diners there), comparing Los Angeles to New Jersey is an insult……………to Los Angeles.

But At Least New Jersey Is Not New York, Which By The Way It Is Run………..Might As Well Be A Fascist State.

A stereotype Latino worker comes in to tell Simon that they have been able to translate some type of stone. They talk about some crap with “Fire of the Gods” before we do realize that Simon is one of those archeologists who believes aliens caused a lot of help for the ancient civilizations.

Must Have Read Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots Of The Gods

Paul doesn’t want anything to do with this tomb and wants to go home, but Simon wants nothing to do with it. Suddenly they hear tiny footprints and they find a small creature. Simon reveals that he thinks it may be an alien, but Paul makes the joke that he probably is more of an illegal alien than an actual alien. Okay Paul, you seriously are not funny. The small creature knows Spanish and Simon believes that this creature will prove that Machu Picchu was a radio tower for aliens. Wait, they are in South America???? From the previous picture, it looked like they might have been in California. I say this because I know very much that South America doesn’t have a lot of deserts.

The two decide to take the creature with them in a duffel bag that as Paul mentioned, has his underwear. Simon also grabs some green goo with a vial that he says glows in the dark. Simon tells the Latino worker that they need transportation to Lima and for the workers to keep quiet. The worker tells Simon that that second part won’t be necessary because the other workers ran away screaming. Paul continues to attempt jokes while Simon still tells him that it isn’t funny.

We then get……….

Some Of The Laziest Credits Ever…..

I should also mention that all of these credits are being eaten by unknown forces as soon as they disappear. We get to Simon and Paul head home to Point Pleasant from “South America”. They then run into Paul’s girlfriend, Cindy (Nadine Van der Velde, who was the daughter and damsel in distress in the really good Gremlins rip-off known as Critters)……………who attempts to jokingly tell them to disrobe. If you haven’t noticed………she also fails as a comedian.

They Are Perfect For Each Other

While the two kiss though, Simon mentions to the creature inside the duffel bag that he thinks she is very good for him.

Simon then interrupts the conversation between the two lovebirds because he wants to know how the San Francisco Giants did against the Los Angeles Dodgers. She tells them that they won and Simon is very happy to hear. As they drive, Cindy notices that something is in the duffel bag and jokingly asks if Paul brought home a baby llama. As they enter Sweetwater, Cindy decides to speed up so she can be pulled over the local traffic cop, who is an idiot.

Hi Mr. Idiot Cop

The cop, whose name is Eddie, says the reason he stopped her is because he clocked her going over the noise limit with her exhaust. She reveals that it was because she was trying to reduce speed, but he doesn’t care because as he tells her, he has told her a bunch of times to get that engine fixed. He gives her a ticket and she drives off. Eddie then mentions that if she wasn’t so cute, he would mace her.

When they get home, it is apparent they are next door to a rich man who is watching them from his binoculars. It is the other role that Harvey Korman is playing and that is of Simon’s evil twin brother, Cecil. And what does Cecil look like????


Jeez…………… to make Harvey more evil, all they had for the man was a bad wig and fake mustache. Back inside the good Watterman household, we find out that Cindy has become a vegetarian, but only a cold blood vegetarian because she doesn’t like to eat warm blood animals. Um…..wouldn’t that make her a warm blooded vegetarian? Anyway……….another joke that fails.

Back to the movie, Paul tries to teach the little creature how to use a TV and while the TV is on, we see a very bad commercial with Cecil schilling wine coolers.

On A Green Screen And With An Extremely Tacky Shirt On.

As the two feed the creature some snacks, Cindy decides to call him a Munchie so for the rest of the movie, this little creature or any other little creature like him will be called so. Paul decides to give him a name and his name is “Arnold”. Simon then reveals that he will be staying at a hotel because he has to tell a friend about his discovery. Of course Simon also reveals that if he is able to show the little creature to his friend, he might get his book published and there might be loads of money coming his way.

Simon tells Paul that he is not to lose the little creature or they are in deep trouble as he leaves. Paul gets mad until Simon makes his son a bet. He says that if he is able to look after the creature for one day, they will discuss his plans to move to L.A. Not a very good bet, pops because if Paul wins, you lose the bet and if Paul loses, you lose your meal ticket. So yeah, Simon just made a lose-lose bet. Of course as Simon is outside, he is met by Cecil who wants him to sign over his part of the property, Simon refuses by saying he is going to be making money soon so he won’t be signing his part of the property. Oh and as Simon drives off, start waving good-bye because you won’t be seeing Simon until the very end of this film.

Anyway, news that Simon might be making money makes Cecil not happy. Cecil, you don’t have to loan money to the S.O.B. if he is making money. You should be more than happy by this news. Maybe if he makes enough money, he will move out and if you are nice enough, he will give you the property. But this is a Roger Corman film so logic was thrown out the window immediately.

So because he is upset at his brother for making money, he decides he is going to steal his brother’s meal ticket. Back at the house, Paul is teaching Arnold what channels are what. We then see another Cecil commercial where he is this time promoting his steakhouse, Western Beef Land. At Cecil’s house, he decides that he isn’t going to get his hands dirty so he hires his adopted step-son, Dude.

Yes, That Is His Name.

We also see that Cecil has tropical fish as he explains to Dude what he needs to do. Meanwhile, Paul has given Arnold a Playboy because that is appropriate for an alien who doesn’t know much of our world. Meanwhile, Paul and Cindy decide to shirk their responsibilities so they can have sex. When the two start to have sex, Arnold jumps in and attempts to get in on the action. This immediately reminds me of that time Denny interrupted the making out between Johnny and Lisa in The Room.

Thankfully, Because Of No Monsters……I Will Never Have To Induct This Piece Of Crap.

They send Arnold back downstairs to watch TV

Aww…..I Want A Munchie

We then see Arnold go into the cupboard and throw food around.

Wait……..When Was Peanut Butter Stored In A Glass Jar??? I Thought They Were Stored In Plastic Jars.

Afterwards……..what do you know, Arnold is captured by Cecil and Dude. Congratulations Paul, now you will never be able to fulfill your dreams, although it is probably for the best.

The two bring Arnold back to their house as Cecil decides to head out so he has Dude watch the creature. Dude originally doesn’t want to do this because he plans on going to the Berkley tie-dye and hacky sack festival. Hold on a sec while I do some research to see if this nonsense exists.

*looks up on the internet*

Okay while this particular festival doesn’t exist, it does mention that hacky sack is really prevalent in that city. You know, when my dad said that Berkeley, California is full of Liberal pussies, I thought he was joking. Apparently he was not and quite frankly, I am embarrassed for you guys.
Anyway back to the movie, Cecil decides to at threaten Dude with what appears to be a toy gun.

Movies Aren’t Supposed To Have Toy Guns Act Like Real Guns

Dude reluctantly agrees to help Cecil as Cecil goes out to pick up Dude’s mother from the bus station. As Cecil is mad, Dude slaps Arnold in the back of the head out of anger and calls him scum. Dude, you really shouldn’t provoke the unknown creature. Back at the good Watterman household, Paul and Cindy are still playing games. I am going to write a note down that states that I should never let these types of people babysit my kid (when I have one).

At the evil Watterman household, Dude decides to listen to his headphones while Arnold attempts to play pool in the background. Of course, Dude doesn’t appreciate it as he states that it took his mom 4,000 books of green stamps to get that. Arnold then attempts to watch TV, but Dude gets pissed off and throws the creature against the wall while turning off the TV. At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised that Arnold decides to throw a pool ball at Dude’s head. As Dude looks for Arnold, the creature is able to sneak over to his record collection and starts throwing them.

When Dude tells Arnold that he is so dead, Arnold goes past him by surfing on the record.

I Have To Admit This Is Pretty Awesome

Dude is confused by this before continuing to look for Arnold. He is then tripped by the pool cue that Arnold sticks out.

Arnold gets mad once again and grabs the pool cue. He finds Arnold and whacks him with the cue. He then starts poking Arnold in taunting fashion while Arnold get’s pissed off enough that his claws and teeth extend.

Arnold buts the cue in half and starts attack Dude. Dude grabs a rifle and starts shooting Arnold. Arnold lures Dude into another room where he throws a knife at his leg. Dude shoots Arnold and to add insult to injury, uses the knife from his leg wound to cut Arnold up into pieces.

This kills Arnold and while we were promised Munchies instead of a Munchie…..this movie should be over now with a sad end.

But wait, as Dude goes back to listening to his music, the Arnold limbs are still moving. On the road, we get a quick scene where Cecil talks to his wife, Melvis about Dude and she reveals that she adopted Dude out of pity.

I Should Note On The Back Of The Paper She Is Reading, There Is A Picture Of Gizmo With The Headline “Gremlins”.

You know, I understand that you are ripping off Gremlins so you figured that a shout out should be given, but you just reminded me that I could easily be watching a better movie right now.

It seems that Arnold has regeneration powers so instead of one Munchie, there are four.

We immediately learn that one of the Munchies has a Dr. Claw like voice and………..oh please don’t tell me…

*looks up on the internet again*

Yes, one of the two people who did the voices for the Munchies is legendary voice actor Frank Welker, who happened to do voices for Dr. Claw, Megatron (among other Decepticons), Krulos, & Freddy from The Mystery Gang. I should be surprised by this considering as a man who wanted to be a voice actor, I consider Frank to be an idol…but Frank has been in almost everything that requires a voice actor. It seems also that the Munchies have now learned pretty much the full English language as they talk a lot. The Munchies then kill Dude by cranking his older record player all the way up while he has headphones.

Outside, Paul tries to yell for Arnold to come home. My personal opinion, you were too horny enough to leave the priceless creature unattended so it serves you right if Arnold never comes home. They hear gunshots near the evil Watterman household and there they see the Munchies playing target practice with a lawn ornament. Cindy decides to distract the monsters with a gun by pretending to striptease. That is able to work long enough for Paul to put a garbage can over the creature’s head. He then talks like they did a good job, forgetting the fact that the creatures HAVE A GUN!!!!!

The creatures use the gun to blow the trash can off of them as they complain about their ears hurting. Paul and Cindy then decide to be morons and laugh, which the creatures don’t take to kindly too.

Please Kill These Two Poor Excuses For Human Beings.

Paul tries to talk the creatures down as if they are still his pets and of course when you are this moron, you get a warning shot for your troubles. So Paul is a failure as a comedian, a babysitter, and negotiator. Please continue with your failures Paul, while I continue to write down.

The Munchies then drive away by stealing one of the two cars the evil Watterman’s have. A car chase begins that is honestly rather lame, but with zany music. A police car sees Paul and Cindy speeding and he follows. Of course, that police officer is Eddie so we once again are subjected to this actor’s continued failed attempts to be a bumbling cop. Cindy pulls over and once again we get another bad exchange between the two. If you are expecting the two to tell the truth, while Eddie doesn’t buy it. You would be sadly mistaken because this is Munchies so they find something even dumber. Paul tells him that Cindy’s dad is in the CIA and they are chasing a car full of Russkie spies who have stolen secrets from Silicon Valley. They also have reason to belief the spies are planning to blow up Golf Land. And of course, Eddie is such a dumbass that he buys this story. I know I may not be a fan of yours Mike Mizanin, but you can state the following line.


Of course as they drive away, Cindy then asks Paul how he knew her dad was in the CIA, to which Paul replies that his decoder ring gave him away. Back with Cecil and Melvis, Melvis reveals that she is reading one of those tabloid papers called Inside Celebrities.

Meanwhile the Munchies decide to drive while shooting as they shoot down a speed limit sign. They start sideswiping a car with an old lady in it, but as it turns out this isn’t no ordinary old lady.

It’s An Old Lady With Firecrackers For Her To Throw At Bad Drivers

They then partake in a game of chicken and of course the Munchies win and the old lady crashes. They drive up to her and when she insults the driver, they decide to…..

Pull Out A Gun & Shoot The Old Lady’s Car Up

They drive away as Paul & Cindy pull up to ask which way they went. She tells them they went that way and they continue the chase. We then see a scene where Eddie is at Golf Land waiting for the spies he was told about.

Cecil and Melvis come home to see that one of their cars is missing and their house is all messed up. When they go inside, Melvis is horrified to see her son dead while Cecil is horrified as well….

That His Tropical Fish Are Dead

They call the police and Big Ed (Eddie’s father) while we see the Munchies meet some bikers. These bikers decide to be complete assholes by flipping them off and blocking the entire road. The Munchies respond by sideswiping all of them off the road and into a nearby pond.

To add insult to injury of these bikers’ egos, the Munchies flip them off.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With Puppets In This Case

The Munchies drive away as Paul & Cindy pull over once again to ask which way they went. The soaked bikers of course tell them they went that way. You know, this is a small road with no intersections so asking which way they went is redundant.

Eddie meets up with Paul & Cindy to give them shit about the spies blowing up Golf Land nonsense. Of course, Paul continues his terrible lie by saying that the Russians must have an informant. But of course, this lie is stopped when Cecil and Melvis show up to say that there has been a murder at their place. Eddie happily leaves when he learns of his first murder case as Paul tells Cecil this is his fault for kidnapping Arnold. We get an argument about real Americans and snack foods that nobody cares about and the only point is to make Cecil look more like a backstabbing weasel than he already is.

Meanwhile, two ladies are in the pond swimming and having fun when the Munchies pull up and get horny. They enter the pond and attempt to sexually harassing the ladies as they run away in terror. Paul comes in to fend off the Munchies with a bat while Cindy tends to the two damsels who were in distress. The Munchies run away into a really small tunnel to escape Paul who is of course too big to follow. When asked what those things were, Paul lies and says they were tourists from Nevada.

At an ice cream store, we see the kid trying to celebrate the fourth of July by setting of firecrackers. His mother yells at him to quit doing that before he becomes another holiday statistic. You know, it is nonsense like that which made me call New York a fascist state. They have a statewide ban on the selling and buying of fireworks for small parties. That and the gas is so insane that people drive down to New Jersey just to get gas makes me say this: Fuck the state of New York.

Anyway, the kid sees the little Munchies and we almost get a rip-off scene from E.T. before the mother interrupts the boy’s concentration and he gets scratched for his trouble.

The mother is terrified by this and once the father shows up with a gun, he tries to shoot one of the Munchies. This pisses the little creatures off and they break into the shop. They then decide to hide in the cooler as the Munchies tear shit up. These people are definitely not the smartest people because the cooler is the last place you attempt to hide because you will most likely FREEZE TO DEATH!!!!

Outside, Cecil has Melvis fix their flat tire, proving once more how pathetic Cecil is. Paul and Cindy get to the ice cream shop and see that the place has been pretty much trashed. Immediately the shop owner has a gun pointed at Paul and while I would love for this owner to blow Paul away, that sadly doesn’t happen. Instead a Munchie inadvertently saves Paul by jumping on the shop owner’s back. Paul saves the owner by getting the Munchie off of him before the little vandals run back into the pipe from which they came from.

They take the shop owner to the hospital before Paul and Cindy head home. Paul reads a book and figures out that the Munchies might have once been inanimate objects before the ancient high priest turned them into the creatures by using….

And I Quote…..

“The fire of the gods”. Also once the objects were brought to life, they supposedly had regenerative powers and are unable to be destroyed. At the evil Watterman household, Cecil tries to make love to Melvis while she is still sad about her step-son’s death. Suddenly, Eddie’s dad, Big Ed, bursts through the door for no reason whatsoever other than to make an entrance for himself. Cecil then reveals that if those creatures get into the underground caves, they will find out that he has been storing toxic waste down there. Of course, because of this………we learn that Cecil is a bit above the law in the police corruption. Paul tries to tell Cecil not to attempt to destroy the Munchies or there will be more of them, but he doesn’t listen.

We do learn though that Golf Land will be open and Cecil has to give his opening speech since he owns the place. We then go to night where the school band is apparently playing. Look, doesn’t the school band have better things to do than play for the opening of a miniature golf course. Basically Cecil compares himself with huge visionaries because he created a 36-hole miniature golf course. I hate to say this Cecil, but the local Putt-Putt that used to be in the area had 36 holes. You don’t impress me at all.

What nobody knows is the Munchies are at Golf Land now and immediately start to wreck havoc on the place. Meanwhile, some kids attempt to steal candy from the vending machine, but they have already been beaten by the Munchies who scare them off. Cecil is upset by all the people running away and tells our two dopey cops to do their job. The Munchies then start to annoy everyone that is left by throwing golf balls. Cecil is able to cub one of the Munchies up and thinks he has proven Paul wrong, but the Munchie regenerates and now there is three more of them. Paul tries to say he warned Cecil, but Cecil has them arrested. The Munchies of course go to the pipe again and Cecil now fears that they are heading for the underground caves.

Eddie immediately gets hit on by Cindy who convinces him to free them so they can stop the Munchies. Of course, the next place the Munchies attend is actually a video rental store, not the caves yet.

And Once Again, I Am Reminded I Could Be Watching A Better Movie.

Meanwhile Cecil has to make a stop because Big Ed and Melvis are hungry. We get a small scene at the video rental store where Paul, Cindy, and Eddie face off against the Munchies again before the little creatures escape. You know…….while I am thankful for the existence of Netflix so I can rent almost any movie I want, I kind of miss the old “Mom and Pop” video rental places because it always seemed like a journey to find something to watch. Sometimes you would know what you are looking for and sometimes, you wouldn’t know until you saw the movie. I don’t really miss Blockbuster too much because those places are a bit expensive, despite the fact that I used to work at one.

But there is one important scene here and that is where a Munchie tries to jump at them, but Paul bats the Munchie into a TV. The electricity then turns the Munchie back into a stone.

This makes the three of them realize that lightning was the “fire of the gods” and know now they just have to electrify the creatures in order to defeat them.

The rest of the Munchies escape as they break the one statue. Meanwhile back with the other three, Cecil relents and decides to drive at Burger Land so the other two can eat and shut up. We then finally get to the underground caves where Eddie tries to ask Cindy out. Cindy proves that while she has no problem flirting with him, she would rather stay with Paul when it comes to dating. Oh yeah, we learn another thing in this cave.

Eddie Has A Case Of Arachnophobia.
 At Burger Land, we learn that Cecil (who apparently owns everything in the area)…………..

Hires Midgets

And because of this, the midgets are treated like second class citizens. Immediately the Munchies take over the place just as Cecil goes through the drive thru. He tries to order, but no one answers. When they go inside to see what is up, the Munchies attack.

And Cut Up Cecil’s Pants.

Back at the caves, when Eddie hears something, he runs into a wall which knocks him out.

Unless The Wall Is Painted As In A Wile E. Coyote Cartoon, Running Into Walls Is Not Funny.

Since Eddie is knocked out and Paul is in a different area, Cindy is all alone with the Munchies who definitely want to rape her.

Munchies………..Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Not Be Raped By Little Creatures

They chase Cindy a bit into the factory and almost corner her. The Munchies cut the power so Cecil, Melvis, and Big Ed are trapped in the elevator so the only person left to save her is Paul. Not that the other three would have helped her because they closed the elevator on her while she was being chased so the Munchies wouldn’t get in the elevator. The Munchies try to multiply by using the machinery to cut them into pieces, but Paul pulls the electricity to the machines. Paul uses wiring to electrify most of the Munchies, but of course there is one left. The final Munchie appears and attacks Paul. Paul takes advantage and throws the final Munchie into the electricity which turns him back into a statue.

The Munchies are defeated, but there are still a few plot points in this film that need to end so here is what happens. Cecil, Melvis, & Big Ed are able to get out of the elevator by using an emergency switch. Eddie wakes up from being knocked out by a wall to meet everyone. Cindy has a paper that reveals both Cecil and Melvis knowingly put toxins in their food. This ticks off Big Ed (he wasn’t told about them poisoning the food) enough that he decides to turn on the bad guys and arrest the two, with the help of Eddie.

Eddie takes Paul and Cindy home where Simon comes home with his friend.

Who Was Mr. Bland In Chopping Mall

They show him that statue and the statue is worth a lot of money. Simon also reveals that the goo he found earlier turns out to be toxic waste of some unknown origin so he reveals that his new book has Machu Picchu as an alien dump site.

Probably Where The Great Gazoo Came From

Simon then decides that despite Paul losing the bet, he doesn’t have to go to community college and can try comedy in California. Oh great………I bet this loser fails so much so that he is yanked off the stage. The movie ends with the friend taking the statue away while a storm cloud forms which sets up for a sequel.
Funny thing is that this movie had actually two sequels, but neither had to do with the original plot. Instead Munchie and Munchie Strikes Back deals with one Munchie who is now able to grant wishes and were both directed by Jim Wynorski, who was one of Roger Corman’s go-to directors when he needed to make one of his terrible films. Hell, Jim Wynorski is the SOB who gave us Chopping Mall. But of course none of those films were Jim’s worst film. Jim’s worst film would come in 2001 (under the name Jay Andrews) and it is a film that will not be inducted to this site for probably a very long time.

Because I Don’t Wish To Subject Myself To The Crap Known As Raptor Again Anytime Soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvey Korman would sadly be in more pieces of crap, but would have rather smaller roles in most of those films. That would be until May 29, 2008 when sadly, Harvey died at the age of 83 from complications from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Funny enough, one of these actors would act in a very good film in the same year. That would be Jon Stafford (who played Dude) as he went on to play Doc Jay in Full Metal Jacket. Wendy Schaal (the mother at the ice cream shop) actually does voice work now and does the voice of Francine in American Dad. Finally, we get to Nadine Van der Velde (who played Cindy). She has actually since retired from acting and has done well for herself as a writer for children’s TV shows. Currently, she is writing for a cartoon she developed based on children’s books by David Kirk called Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends, which airs on Nick Jr. So yes, while Roger Corman’s films may be known as bad……..they are at least in most cases a way into the film and TV industry.

Now my opinion on this little film, you ask? Well………….I really didn’t care much for this film. However, I can say that this was better the Ghoulies (not Ghoulies 2 though) and Hobgoblins (& Hobgoblins 2). This is actually intended to be family entertainment and it succeeds as being mindless fun that I wouldn’t mind letting a child watch. It is by no means terrible and I actually like this film more than Chopping Mall and at least it wasn’t the film or TV show that I was most embarrassed that Harvey Korman was in.

No, He Had Already Done That By Being In The 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.

Now that Thanksgiving is coming, I should do a movie that kind of deals with the holiday

Not Right Now Although There Is Potential
 Maybe something that could deal with food. No……let’s do something on fast food. Yes, I know it is a big stretch for me to use fast food with Thanksgiving, but I don’t care……..

Just As Long As I Get To Do This Film

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