Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seth's Odyssey: Monster Mania 16

I did say I would be at the convention and I was. However, if you were looking for me on Sunday............I left early because besides autographs and vendors, nothing else was happening. I had sadly bought everything I needed to buy at that point so if you didnt see me on Sunday, I am truly sorry because I decided to instead spend my Sunday going to the Maryland Zoo and I had a good time there (I have no pics of myself at the zoo).

The convention was extremely fun and amazing to my family. The people there were extremely nice and caring. My sister in law stated to me that she could not see other type of genre celebrities being as nice as these people were. However the best thing for me was the fans who were there. I expected costumes and I got more than expected. The Charles Band Road Show was fun for all and definately an enjoyment to a person like myself who does not look down on the low budget films. Now I do not have any pics from the Road Show because there are tits shown and I do not wish to subject the younger fans to mature content at this time.

There was also a good story I had that will also not appear in my pictures and during the Robert Englund autograph signing, the person in front of me had a severe case of OCD and her greatest fear was Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. Now I know some people may dismiss this person to say that they were acting, but I will say this. If this person was acting, she would have to be one of the greatest actresses I have ever seen. She was only there because her therapist used this as a form of shock therapy where you must face your greatest fear. She had been in line to see him 4 times before this and 4 times before, she had freaked out and left. How do I know she did this? Well, security can confirm this to be true as I have spoken to some of them. They in fact were more than kind enough to accompany her to meeting with Robert Englund. Robert and his wife (who was helping him with the autographs) were more than kind to her and helped her face this fear. Personally, I hope this helps her in her recovery.

Now I should note that I finally got Robert Englund's autograph in the third try and it had nothing to do with Mr. Englund himself. The first time, I was almost there.........but I realized that I forgot my camera (I do have moments where I am an idiot). The second time, I left because of the long line and I was fatigued from my Multiple Sclerosis so I went back to my hotel room to sit for a bit. I then went to see Friday The 13th Part V and then went for the third try. I got there and that story with the OCD woman happened there.

Now it is time for the pictures.

That is myself getting a picture taken with Kane Hodder, who was Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13 Part VII: The New Blood, Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, & Jason X. Ironically enough, I have inducted two of those films to Monster Crap.

Outside of the Robert Englund autograph signing (2nd time), I saw a small field mouse hanging around the place. I decided to take a picture for my own reasons.

While waiting in line for Robert Englund a second time (there was an extremely long line), I took a picture of a man who is dressed in what is supposed to be a serial killer or victim with all the fake blood dripped on him.

I met Derek McKinnon (who played Kenny Hampson, the killer from Terror Train) outside of the convention and he was nice enough to allow me to take a picture of him outside of the autographing room. This was the guy's first convention and he seemed like he had a good time. He was also extremely nice to alot of people.

I saw a kid outside in this costume and I had to take the picture. I was taking pictures of people with some sort of costume as part of chronicling my experience so I take this picture.

Dude in an awesome Spawn costume............Picture Must Be Taken

Someone built a great model of Freddy Krueger. This is just extremely well done.

In the vendor aisle, there is this picture of the zombie and while I think it looks great, I just did not have enough money to buy this. Plus even if I did, I would have nowhere to put it because there is so much stuff where I live.

I bought a shirt from this guy on Friday and took this picture on Saturday. He was selling for T-Shirt Bordello.com and I might buy more shirts from them because they have some great T shirts.

Two of the three girls who were together in costumes. The third was a nun, but sadly I did not get her picture. But this picture was taken in the vendor room and I liked those costumes the ladies were wearing.

This is something I dont know if it was one sale or not, but I so want this and am sad that I did not end up buying this if it was on sale.

This was on sale, but once again I did not buy it. But seriously, if I did buy this.............I might have caused nightmares for my nephew and I dont want him to end up like the girl who was in front of me at my third attempt to get Robert Englund's autograph. So yeah..............nice item, but I was not going to buy it.

Saw the Pirate lady and took the picture of her.

I have no idea who he is dressed as, but it is really awesome.

Bought this Puppet Masters poster for $20 bucks, but got the autograph from Charles Band..............FOR FREE. Really a cool guy and it is only a shame I do end up ripping on some of his films.

Kane Hodder had this as one of the stills on his table for him to autograph so you are damn right I bought this still. I may be alone, but I love the Uber Jason costume.

I got Derek McKinnon's autograph on Friday and I asked him which mask was his favorite (he wore several masks while he killed people). His answer is none of them as they were all very hard to breath in, but he did say that if that was not an option, his favorite mask was the old man mask.

I got Charles Herbert's autograph (it was the first one I got). He played the kid in the original The Fly (trust me............Vincent Price is long dead). Despite the fact he got my last name wrong by one letter, he is an extremely nice guy who liked the fact I was a huge fan of the older films.

Linda Blair has since become an huge animal rights activist, but she was really a nice lady.

Heather Langenkamp was great to talk to and she also agreed with me that this effect with the phone was great.

Damn Melinda Clarke is still attractive as hell. What I did not know was she was in the film that I enjoyed called Spawn so of course, I got that still of her autographed.

The person who I had no idea would be there at all was WWE Hall of Famer Nickolai Volkoff. Being the pro wrestling fan that I am, I got an autograph of the guy. I would try to get autographs from all four guys, but sadly Freddie Blassie (the guy all the way to the left) passed away a few years ago.

Had a small chat with Thoma Matthews while I got this autograph when he asked if I saw the midnight viewing of Return of the Living Dead, I told him the truth and he understood. The truth was I tried to watch the film, but I had taken my nighttime medicine and I ended up too tired to stay awake during the film.

This was Melanie Kinneman's first convention (very important for a person who had a huge role in one of the Friday The 13th films) and I have to say she is still very attractive. She also loved that I was a huge fan of the chainsaw.

This is Linnea Quigley's autograph. Alot of these stills she had, had her exposing her breasts, but being tame is not the real reason I chose this pic. The real reason I chose this pic is because of the awesome werewolf  at the top of the pic. Ironically enough while I did not stay awake during the entire midnight showing of Revenge of the Living Dead, I did see Linnea Quigley's breasts and dear god, you should see those in HD if you are a hetrosexual male.

This was the T-shirt I bought on Friday from T-Shirt Bordello. I just completely cracked up when I saw that shirt and I must say, this would have been much better than the shit we got with Alien vs. Predator. Fuck you, Paul W.S. Anderson for fucking that film up.

When I was in the third attempt to get Robert England's autograph, I saw this lady in the school girl outfit, I decided to take a picture.

While my family loves it, I do not like the face I made for this shot with Robert Englund picture. Robert Englund is awesome though and very well worth the 30 bucks I spent and the three times it took to finally do this.

This is the autograph I got from Robert Englund and I really like the line he said "Sleep Kills". If you are wondering what film this still is from, it is from Freddy vs. Jason.

I have to be honest, there was a deal we made for the first picture. I could take a picture of the four people if the three masked men got a picture taken with me. Pretty solid deal.

While on the escalator, I attempted to take a pic of Miguel Nunez Jr. who was passing by. He caught me and did this pose so while some may have not had good experiences with the guy, I had a great experience with him. Nice to know that I have the picture of Deejay from the Street Fighter film.

I saw this guy dressed as a zombie skater. I asked to take his picture and he agreed.

Nice picture with the person dressed up as a sexy clown. Ironically enough, I saw her in a bikini going to the pool from my hotel room.

While I was on the path to the Charles Band Road Show, which was at 10pm. When I got to the elevator, I met John Saxon. When I asked for a picture with the guy, he graciously let it happen. He didnt have to and I wouldnt have blamed him if he said no, but he said yes and I got this picture with John Saxon.....who is one of the few guys who was at the convention I kind of regret not getting his autograph.

And the winner for best costume is this guy who had the awesome Ghostface costume which was made from a potato sack and some brown rags. I saw this guy several times and sadly I didnt have a camera during those moments. I was almost ready to write down that I sadly dont have a picture of this guy, when I finally met him on my way to the Road show. This guy has stated that his costume is of Ghostface from the yet to be released Scream 4 where the killer goes to the farmlands. While I dont know if this guy was telling the truth or pulling my leg (most likely the latter), I appreciate the effort and committment to his costume.

While waiting for the Road Show, there was an awesome Reagan from The Exorcist doll that I had to take a picture of. I should also note that while I was taking this picture, there was a Freddy head under the cloth that spouted out catchphrases. I would have also taken a picture of that, but I didnt want to get in trouble for attempting to remove the cloth.

I asked this lady if I could take her picture and she was more than happy that I wanted to do it. She said she felt pretty and while that was not the reason for doing so, I have to admit that she is very good looking. So I am glad to make her feel good about herself.

I had a great conversation with this guy in a Freddy Krueger costume about how great the original Nightmare on Elm Street was (despite the added on ending) and how terrible the remake was.

While waiting in line for the Road Show (The Boondock Saints Q&A went longer than planned), I took a picture of this wolf baby that they apparently were selling in the vendors room earlier on.

The final picture I took was of this lady in this awesome costume. of the zombie girl from Return of the Living Dead 3 (my guess). I accidentally knocked over a sign in an attempt to take this pic (dont worry, the picture didnt break).

And that is all of the pictures I had taken, but there are a few honorable mentions of costumes I sadly did not take a picture of.

* A guy and a girl in Ghostbusters costumes
* A Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees duo.
* A girl in the Freddy Kruger costume and the guy with Freddy's claw coming out of his chest.
If I remember seeing more, I will edit to mention them

I will say however that while I did have a awesome time at this convention (my first convention ever), I probably wont be doing another convention for a while because 1) they are expensive (I spent 275 dollars all in all at the convention) and 2) I got fatigued really easy (you dont know how many times I had to go back to the hotel and rest).

So that is my complete report on my experience at Monster Mania 16 in Hunt Valley, Maryland.


  1. Hey, you must've seen my clown-self hit the jacuzzi one of the two times. I traumatized a jacuzzi full of little children (at least ten of them screaming bloody murder) on my second trek. Great weekend; great write-up. ;]

  2. Thank you very much.

    And yes, it was an awesome weekend. My nephew (who is one) actually was the one who made me realize it from the hotel window.

  3. im glad you liked my costume, i was julie from return of the living dead 3...i had other special fx and different clothes earlier in the day like cuts on my chest and legs and the torn up clothing. its too bad you didn't catch me earlier, ah well at least i still had some special fx on my face lol....thanks again and love the pics

  4. Yeah, I had a feeling that is what it was, but I did not want to screw up by getting it wrong.