Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Political jokes

I got an anonymous email a day ago asking me since I made a few George W. Bush jokes a while ago while he was still president, why have I yet made any Barack Obama jokes.

I feel this is a good enough question that I can answer because there are two reasons for this.

1) It honestly has not come off the top of my head and I don't feel like forcing a joke that I myself don't even find funny.

2) Most of the political mess going on depresses me.

Let me explain further on that second point. Despite my past jokes on Bush and no joke yet on Obama, I am actually a Republican. And right now, both sides are run by a bunch of nutjobs who don't know what the fuck they are doing. Right now, our country is being run by politicians instead of leaders.

For now, Obama has done a completely unsatisfactory job as president of the United States. The biggest problem for me is though that the other side is just as bad. It depresses me that despite the change that this country had promised, President Obama has basically done everything that President Bush did, besides the health care bill.

* A Crisis that the president says he will take care of, but has yet to really do anything about besides point the fingers at others - check

* The president doing everything from rendition to keeping prisoners in Guotonimo Bay without habeas corpues - check

* Dealing with issues in sports rather than dealing with the economy and Gulf issues - check

* Being the most divisive president of all time - check

* Being the lesser of two evils right now - check

Like it or not people, I am starting to think that President Obama is starting to become the Democrats version of George W. Bush. So yeah.....the political atmosphere is no fun whatsoever and until I find something that I can make a joke out of because it is so stupid, there wont be any political jokes.

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