Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Protest

Well, I am officially in protest........of Major League Baseball.

Because of rising scare from politicians (who are pussies in this case) of several baseball games being played very close to the actual summit, the MLB (in their "infinate wisdom") has decided to move the 3 games of the Toronto-Philadelphia series from Toronto to Philadelphia. This basically takes 3 home games from the Toronto Blue Jays and gives 3 extra home games to the Philadelphia Phillies (who by the way are the two time defending National League Champions).

As a Toronto Blue Jays fan (even though I live in the DC area), I wish to emphasize the quote of one New York Mets player David Wright and say "BULL.....................SHIT!!!!!". That is not fair to anyone at all and espescially to Toronto Blue Jays fans like myself. You are giving a team that doesn't need any more help, some extra help. If this was such a huge concern to you and politicians, you would have not put the games in Toronto to begin with. You knew a year before that they were doing this, and you still put the games there.

Philadelphia fans, even you should know that is bullshit. What I want is those games to be moved near Toronto (if you cant keep the games in Toronto). And until then, Major League Baseball will not get a cent of my money nor a second of my viewership. I say people should join me in this fight because if they win, we have basically said fairness means shit to us in sports.

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