Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monster Crap talks about Roger Corman

I know this is a few days late and stuff, but as a fan of bad movies involving monsters....you may be suprised to know that I only care about one award show and one award show only and that is the Academy Awards. Now I dont read the news heading up to the show saying who will win the Honorary Oscars, which are for a lifetime achievement. Now two of the ones given were ones that did not suprise me in the least in Lauren Bacall (a legendary actress) and Gordon Willis (a legendary cinematographer), but the third one floored me and gave me a huge smile as the third one went to legendary filmmaker Roger Corman.

Now who is Roger Corman, you may ask. Well, the guy has made a name for himself by being involved in some of the cheesiest movies of all time. This is Ed Wood if he succeeded. This guy is maybe the biggest reason why I will never run out of movies to induct as long as I live. In fact, I believe that suprisingly, only one of the past inductions to Monster Crap has been marked with the name of Roger Corman.

Yes, my tenth induction known as Chopping Mall. While most of my inductions have been met by people saying that film deserves to be in there. This one film got me more crap from people than you will ever know. That is how much this guys' films have affected people....to the point where I will get crap for pointing out an actual bad movie.

But that was several years ago and I have moved on from that, other than making jokes that Chopping Mall may have been my most contreversal induction ever. I have seen a lot more of Roger's films and there are a bunch of them that are bad. But I will say this in defense of Roger, what would you expect when the guy has producer credits on 388 different titles, whether they be movies or TV. Hell if you go to his IMDB page, look at all the stuff he has been involved with and say you haven't seen or heard of any of them.....I would call you a fucking liar.

Now I am sure everyone is asking, why.....why would they give Roger Corman an Oscar if most of his films were that bad? Here is the answer; despite the fact that he has made a overflowing load of crappy movies.....Roger Corman has another distinction and that is that he has also worked with almost every big movie filmmaker you can find. Don't believe me....here are the people who he has worked with that you may have heard of.....

* Jack Nicholson

* Peter Fonda

* Dennis Hopper

* Robert De Niro

* David Carradine

And that is not all, look at the guys who he was able to get very early in their careers to direct his films.

* Francis Ford Coppola

* James Cameron

* Ron Howard

* Martin Scorsece

* Joe Dante

* Jonathan Demme

* Peter Bogdonavich

* Nicholas Roeg

* Joe Dante

* Jonathan Kaplan

* John Sayles

Like it or not, this guy has seen a ton of talent and has influenced many more. That is why Roger Corman recieves an honorary Academy Award. In honor of this occasion and the fact that I can now proclaim that Roger Corman has an Oscar, in October (the month where I do my special list of nominees) all of the October induction nominees will be films that involve Roger Corman.

Congratulations Roger on this achievement and all of us hear at Monster Crap (which is just me) are proud of you.

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