Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The plans for up to June

Well, the GINO Awards ended and we have another tie between ThanksKilling and New Moon. Well, New Moon is going to have to wait for a while because until it is out on DVD, I am not going to be able to induct to the best of my abilities. I will also have to see the original Twilight because it would not be fair for me to watch New Moon and not see Twilight so that will take me some time. Plus I have movies scheduled from February to May so the induction of New Moon will posted in June at the earliest. Now on ThanksKilling....since that movie is already out on DVD, that movie will be inducted in January. I will leave you clues the inductions from Febuary to May while telling you the exact movies that will be inducted.

January - ThanksKilling
February - (clue) Basketball To The Head Death Scene
March - (clue) Kill This Monster With A Four Leaf Clover
April - (clue) Movie Based On The Novel Year Of The Angry Rabbit
May - (clue) Vegitarian Zombies!!!
June - New Moon (at the earliest)

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