Sunday, April 15, 2018

RIP R. Lee Ermey

1944 - 2018

Sadly we have learned today that R. Lee Ermey, the man who played our favorite asshole drill sergeant has passed away due complications due to pneumonia at the age of 74. He never went to classes to be an actor as he was a drill sergeant in real life, he was just that damn good and when the role of Gunner Sergeant Hartman came up, he fought for and won that role from an actor who already had the role. And boy, are we all glad he got that role as clips from YouTube or anywhere can attest, he was made for that role. Monster Crap does remember him for a rather small role in a movie called Up From The Depths.

Just A Guy At The Resort Hotel Who Along With His Friends, Tried To Go After The Monster Fish, But They Blew Their Own Boat Up. 


He will be greatly missed by all who watched him in films.

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