Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Impact Implosion for 11/30 - The Fourth Impact After BFG 2017

It's another episode of Impact, but this show was actually good. There wasnt a single segment that was really bad and pissed me off, but unfortunately...there was nothing to truly put this episode over the top good so ultimately I gave this show a B. We had an okay triple threat match that was a semifinal in the vacant Knockouts Title tournament (and of course something happens in the middle of our radio show that really made me laugh). We have more American Top Team stuff setting up next week's tag match between Storm & Moose against Franklin & Dan Lambert. We had a pretty fun retro Park, Park, & Park commercial. We had a Defy match that was edited and really showing the shooting of this match was bad. And we had some good X-Division action including a match of the night between Matt Sydal and Tyson Dux. We also skim through last week's Impact as well, which was easy as last week was just a bunch of old matches finished with one new match. 

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