Saturday, November 4, 2017

Impact Implosion for 11/02 - The Final Impact Before BFG 2017

Before we begin, we did record a show last week, but it was lost so it never aired. My opinion about last week's Impact was it sucked and gave it a grade of I for Incomplete as it was more to feature matches from other companies than promote their Wrestlemania which when that show was airing, was in two weeks. Our decision was not to talk about the show for the most part again because it wasn't worth talking about.

Now that we have got that travesty out of the way, this week's show still got a D, which is bad for the go-home show to your biggest ppv of the year, but it was better than last week where they basically put little effort into it. We also got to talk about the multiple people who have jumped off the ship including one of my favorites in Rockstar Spud, which made both myself and Mike sad. This and the LAW radio news really makes me think this may be the last Bound For Glory ever, but I have been wrong before and may be wrong again. Oh and we once again touched upon the horrible Impact pizza with Impact drink. And finally, we do preview what may be the 2nd worst promoted Bound For Glory ever (the first one was the show in Tokyo that they only told us what the matches were on a day before the show). 

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