Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Impact Implosion for 10/05 - Life After Victory Road 2017

Well, after that show that got an A from me, how would the next show go. If you guessed another A, WRONG!!! If you guessed maybe a B, WRONG!!!! If you guessed it would go back to C territory, WRONG!!! No, we get D territory where lazy writing takes over to set up matches for Bound For Glory. And when I mean lazy writing, I mean the scheduled matches for BFG are set up so lazily. Knockouts Title? Meh, just send four women out there with three wanting a shot and Karen just giving it to them. X-Division Title? Just have a six man (with guys on both sides being added to the match for shits and giggles) and after the face team wins, have them argue over who gets the shot. World Title? Just have two guys fight and Jim makes a match where one of them gets the world title shot. Hell, I could book this shit in my sleep, if I was feeling extra lazy in my sleep (I would truly book better shit in my sleep). For much more lazy writing from TNA creative this episode,

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