Saturday, September 23, 2017

Monster Crap October 2017 Poll - Tobe Hooper Month

With the sad passing of Tobe Hooper, I decided to do a month dedicated to movies directed by the late director. Now there are several films of this to be inducted so here are your choices.

Eaten Alive (1976)
Off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, This Was His Follow Up Film And Unfortunately, It Was A Mess As It Basically Felt Like He Was Trying To Recreate His Last Movie With Drugs, But Drugs A Good Film Doesn't A Good Film.

Invaders From Mars (1986)
Not The Last Crappy Remake Tobe Hooper Would Do, But One Nonetheless As This Film Would Get Two Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Visual Effects And For Worst Supporting Actress In Louise Fletcher, Who Won An Oscar For Best Actress At One Point. 

Spontaneous Combustion'(1990)
His First Film Since Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, This One Features Brad Douriff In A Rare Starring Role That Didn't Involve A Killer Doll. Unfortunately This Film Is Extremely Silly With A Man Who Can Set People On Fire With His Mind. 

The Mangler (1995)
Ladies And Gentlemen....A Killer Cleaning Press Starring Robert England And Ted Levine, Based On A Stephen King Short Story. If It Were Only That Simple, That Would Be One Thing. But This Movie Also Involves Virginal Sacrifices As Well. Oh And This Film Also Has Two Sequels If You Can Imagine That.

Crocodile (2000)
Because We Had A Killer Alligator Movie That Was Great, Someone Decided That We Needed A Killer Crocodile, But This Time Let's Have Generic Redneck Characters Talking About How The Crocodile's On A Rampage. Let's Also Oddly Mention That This Was Originally Gonna Be A Sequel To Eaten Alive With The Crocodile Being The Same Crocodile From That Film, Only Bigger.

Toolbox Murders (2004)
The Other Terrible Remake From Tobe Hooper. This Time Though Let's Make A Basic Story Of A Killer Who Kills People With Tools From A Toolbox. Let's Complicate The Story Instead By Having This Guy Be A Monster Who Was Born From His Dead Mom Based On The Occult. 

Mortuary (2005)
Tobe Hooper's Last US-Produced Film Is A Real Chore To Get Through. It Involves A Family Moving To A Mortuary To Start A New Life, But Some Deformed Kid Who Infects People With Strange Ooze And Something About Graveyard Babies.....It's Just A Mess

Djinn (2013)
Tobe Hooper's Actual Last Film That Was Produced In The United Arab Emirates. It Seems Like Killer Djinn (Or Genies) Seems Like It Always Ends Badly And This Film Is No Exception. Although You Can Take Heart In The Idea That I Don't Believe These Djinns Act Like Suicide Bombers (Damn You Clash Of The Titans Remake). 

Poll ends on September 30 at 12 AM ET

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